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The man beside her was tall and slender.

His side-profile was facing her and the light shadows outlined his beautiful silhouette.

The clothes he wore were simple, but they were clearly very stylish.


It was Gu Ren.

At this moment, he was dressed in the attire of an assistant.


Gu Ren tilted his head and his dark eyes fell silently on Ye Zhi’s face.

He was wearing a black hat that had its brim slightly lowered, hiding the cold eyes that bore so much depth.


But he couldn’t suppress his noble aura that burned like a flower in full bloom under a starry night.


When Gu Ren glanced at her lightly.

Even though the clouds were still light and windy, it resembled a dark night void of stars and a moon, accompanied by a meticulous and melodious tune drifting through the wind.


Ye Zhi said in a daze, “Why are you…” Why is Gu Ren dressed like this


Gu Ren’s gaze was unclear and he did not answer her question.

His tall body bent slightly as he raised his hand and placed it over the handle of the car door.

Exerting a little bit of force, he pulled the door open.


At the same time, Gu Ren lowered his eyes and looked down at Ye Zhi as he spoke in a deep voice, “Get in the car.”


Ye Zhi and Gu Ren got into the car.

Then, he looked at Ye Zhi, “From now on, I will always be by your side.”


I won’t even be an inch apart from you.


Ye Zhi understood Gu Ren’s concern, “Okay.”


The car was moving forward and the driver was a police officer in disguise.

He held a walkie-talkie to remain in contact with the other police officers.

After a while, the police found a car following behind.


He picked up the walkie-talkie and said, “Attention, a car is following.”


When Sheng Lian saw Ye Zhi get into the car, he immediately drove after her as Liu Cang sat beside him.


Sheng Lian asked Liu Cang to bring some helpers along with them.

He didn’t know that these helpers were actually his police disguised as his ‘henchmen’ as he didn’t notice anything amiss.


As soon as Sheng Lian’s car started, several cars that were seated by police officers slowly trailed behind Sheng Lian’s car.  While driving the car, Sheng Lian glanced at the gun next to him, nervousness and excitement flashing in his eyes.


Ye Zhi sat in the car as it drove forward.

The police officer that was driving the car used the walkie-talkie to communicate with other police officers along the way to ensure that any sort of information could be transmitted smoothly.


Everything was ready; they were just waiting for the fish to take the bait.


After a while, Ye Zhi looked around and said softly, “We’re almost there,” They were about to arrive at the place where the police had instructed the plan to trap Sheng Lian.


After a while, the car would stop, and that meant that Sheng Lian would approach the car.

They were all aware that Sheng Lian had a gun in his hand.


Gu Ren stared at Ye Zhi and replied in a low voice, “I know.”


Amidst the silence, Gu Ren looked straight at Ye Zhi.

His thin lips parted slightly and he repeated in a very low tone that was laced with a tinge of poorly-masked worry, “Of course I know.”


Neither Gu Ren nor Ye Zhi said anything else.

They both knew that the police had been deployed and were tasked to handle the case, but once Ye Zhi was involved in the matter, Gu Ren would always think about every single detail.


He looked at Ye Zhi.

She was wearing a black sweater today, which made her skin appear fairer, more conspicuous and seemed a lot more dazzling.


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