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Zhou Pingyu was very satisfied with the nude dress Ye Zhi bought when she wanted to participate in a TV drama show.

He has been able to predict what effect Ye Zhi will have when she puts on this dress.

Next, ye Zhi\'s agent team designed makeup and jewelry according to Ye Zhi\'s dress style.

The price of jewelry is not high, but it has great texture.

When the time comes to walk on the red carpet, ye Zhi and Gu Ren go separately.

After dressing up, ye Zhi gets on another car and drives forward.

At this time, it was already night, the night was full of air, and all around fell into a quiet.

Ye Zhi sat in the car, her heart a little uneasy.

It was her first time on the red carpet, and although she went there as a minor supporting role, she was still nervous.

Ye Zhi\'s heart is there, at this time, her mobile phone suddenly vibrates, she received Gu Ninfa\'s message: still nervous

Even if ye Zhi didn\'t see Gu Ren, she could imagine that Gu Ren lifted her mobile phone and casually touched the screen.

Ye Zhi returned a sentence: a little bit.

After ye Zhi returns the information, she has been staring at the screen, as if to do so, her tension will dissipate some.

Soon, the mobile phone vibrated again, Gu Ren returned a message: don\'t be nervous, I\'ll walk along the red carpet with you.

Ye Zhimou color micro motion: well.

When walking on the red carpet, the director will take Gu Ren and Sheng man in front and others in the back.

So Gu Ninh and his party got on the same car.

Shengman sees Gu Ren.

She wants to talk to him, but she hasn\'t opened her mouth.

Gu Ren has opened one door and got on the car without looking at her.

Sheng man took a deep breath and she got into the car.

As the car moved forward slowly, Gu ninhe and director would sometimes say a few words.

But from the beginning to the end, Gu Ren and Sheng man have no communication.

Sheng man thought, aristocratic family is the main actor, although she is the heroine, but the role is not heavy.

However, she still entered the aristocratic family crew for Gu ninja.

She felt that the entire entertainment industry could not find such a perfect person as Gu Ren.

Sheng man wanted to take this opportunity to pull Gu Nina closer, but she didn\'t expect that after so many days, Gu Ren didn\'t mean anything to her.

Gu ninhe and she met at most nodded, and her expression and attitude were as indifferent as ever.

Sheng man really does not know what kind of person will be liked by Gu Ren.

Think of here, Sheng man looked at Gu Jiu, she was slightly stunned.

Gu Ren looks down at the mobile phone that moment, his expression unexpectedly becomes soft.

Shengman is surprised.

Who does Gu Ren send a message to Why does he look different when he looks peaceful

There is no ordinary trace of indifference, like the condensation of frost, suddenly melted.

When Sheng man looked at the past again, Gu held down his eyes, and his slender fingers randomly pointed on the screen.

Then the screen went dark.

He put away his mobile phone, his head was back, his eyes were closed, his jaw was clear and cold, and he was back to his lonely appearance thousands of miles away.

Sheng man thought that she was wrong.

How could Gu Ren show a soft look to anyone.

The car continued to move forward, the more forward, the more you can see the bright lights in the distance.

The TV drama festival has begun.

The air is noisy and the lights are as bright as day.

After a while, the car stopped, the door opened, and Sheng man and the director got out of the car.

The other side of the door also opened, the line of sight first saw is a pair of black leather shoes.

The vamp slowly treads on the ground, the line of sight extends upward, the reflection is the slender leg, and does not have the trace wrinkle stiff suit.

Gu Ren got out of the car.

He closed the door with one hand and buttoned it slowly with the other hand on his suit.

Gu Ren turns around and walks back with his long legs.

There was no expression on his face.

It was as cold as a painting without dust.

At this time, Gu ninyu Guang caught sight of a car driving slowly behind him.

He stopped and looked sideways.

If he remembers correctly, ye Zhi is sitting in that car.

Gu Ren stopped and his black eyes looked at the past slowly.

He squinted, his thin lips pursed slightly.

The car was moving very slowly.

Seeing a man standing in front of him, the car slowed down even more.

A bunch of lights came, breaking the darkness of the night and illuminating the ground.

Ye Zhi just raised her head, in this brief bright moment, she saw Gu Ren.

Gu Ren stood not far ahead, looking in her direction.

His tall and straight figure is the most distinctive scenery in the cold night.

They looked at each other for a few seconds in the dark.

Ye Zhi can\'t help but grip the mobile phone, and the cold touch comes from the palm.

She looked at Gu Ren, only to feel that the tension that had been around her had been dispersed.

The director got out of the car and waited for Gu to walk on the red carpet with them.

He called out, Gu Ren.

Gu Ren then withdrew his sight.

He raised his hand, loosened his tie with one hand, and said in a low voice, here we are.Gu Ren and they left, ye Zhi\'s car also stopped.

No one noticed this little episode, and they were about to walk on the red carpet.

The host\'s voice came: Gu Ninh came here with his new work aristocratic family.

The director walks in the middle, Gu Ren and Sheng man walk on both sides of him.

Ye Zhi and the man No.

2 in the movie walked behind, and they walked on the red carpet.

This time, the red carpet was broadcast live.

Netizens stood in front of the screen.

at the moment when Gu Ren stepped onto the red carpet, the voice of netizens reached the peak, and the barrage sprang up crazily, almost covering the whole screen.

Gu ninshuai makes me faint.

Ah, how can there be such a cold and ascetic person!

Taste the beauty and legs of Gu Yingdi.

When God created him, he must have used 200% of his energy.

Sheng man is very beautiful.

The red dress matches her skin color.

When Sheng man knew Ye Zhi would come to the red carpet, she was ready to press Ye Zhi on the red carpet.

She and ye Zhi did not deal with, whether before the double event, or after the fake bag incident, her aversion to Ye Zhi, growing day by day.

Sheng man also can not say why, she only knows that ye Zhi is her enemy.

She did not realize that if ye Zhi won her, she would be afraid, she would be upset, and she would not be able to control her panic.

As long as ye Zhi appears, she will compete with Ye Zhi to the end.

Moreover, she must win, with the advantage of complete crushing, completely overshadow Ye Zhi\'s popularity.

Like this time, the most beautiful red carpet must be her.

Shengman team has customized the most expensive dress for Shengman, with exquisite and complicated patterns.

And she chose a red dress, very real red.

When people see her for the first time, they will attract all the attention.

Sheng man raised her chin.

The dress on her body, with big brand and color, is still a unique custom-made dress.

Ye Zhi is doomed to lose!

She is wearing the most expensive and beautiful dress.

How can ye Zhi compare with her

Sheng man mouth showed a faint smile, she can\'t help thinking, what dress is Ye Zhi wearing today Ye Zhi doesn\'t have money.

Can\'t she wear Shanzhai goods

Perhaps, ye Zhi even compared with her qualifications are not.

Thinking of this, Sheng man glanced back triumphantly and wanted to see what inferior dress Ye Zhi was wearing.

Results Sheng man Leng there, she opened her eyes, who is that good-looking person No It\'s Yezhi.

When Sheng man was shocked, some people also noticed Ye Zhi.

When most netizens were commenting on Gu Ren and Sheng man, a bullet screen appeared weakly.

Who\'s that beauty in the back I dare not speak.

My God, it is Ye Zhi

Netizens have to look at the people behind Sheng man.

leaves Gardenia\'s makeup is very light, her skin color is cold and white, the foundation coating is very thin, only at the end of the eye to pick up the pale earth eye shadow.

The color is not so warm, but it is full of faint charm.

Cold white skin, small clavicle, very thin waist, not moving.

She was wearing a nude dress, even monotonous in color.

But if you look closely, you will find that there are many exquisite embroidery on the dress.

The embroidery vines are winding up and intertwined, forming delicate flowers on the top of the clothes.

The petals are stacked and the stamens are dotted with a few tiny diamonds.

The hem of the dress is made of gauze, which slowly falls down, but there is a gap in the middle.

Ye Zhi walks around, a pair of slender legs looming, this charm is hidden under the gauze.

Half the temptation of peeping, and half the beauty of hiding.

It is not clear whether the diamond is too bright, or the appearance of Ye Zhi is too prosperous.

The ultimate beauty slowly unfolds.

Give the night a charming smell.

At this moment, the barrage suddenly stopped, and there was a lot less comment.

They were all looking at the woman walking slowly on the red carpet.

In a few minutes later, the barrage appeared crazily, and countless netizens left messages.

Is this really Yezhi Isn\'t this a fairy My eyes are totally inseparable from her face!

it\'s hard to wear a nude skirt.

How many stars kicked iron plates here, but I didn\'t expect Ye Zhi could hold up.

It\'s so fierce!

Sheng man seems to have been compared.

Is her red dress a little tacky

Single knock face, I may really become Ye Zhi\'s brain powder, this face is so good that I can\'t bear to blacken her.

Sheng man saw Ye Zhi and the dress on her body.

She couldn\'t believe that the good-looking person in front of her was Ye Zhi.

She specially chose a red skirt, and didn\'t press Yezhi down.

She couldn\'t convince herself that ye Zhi was wearing a Shanzhai dress.

Can Shanzhai goods be so beautiful

Even she didn\'t dare to try a nude dress.

How dare Ye Zhi wear it! And Ye Zhi didn\'t miss.Seaman clenched her hand with jealousy, but she couldn\'t show it.

She took a deep breath and turned her head stiffly.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t know what netizens think of her, so she moves forward slowly.

Ye Zhi knows Gu Ren is walking in front of her.

But she can\'t look at Gu Nina.

How many pairs of eyes are staring at them.

If she looks at Gu Ren, the netizens will definitely blacken her to the end.

The aristocratic family crew has come to the front, and now it\'s time to start standing.

Gu Ren stands in the middle.

The director takes a look at Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi understands the director\'s meaning.

Ye Zhi went to the side, she was very conscious of standing on the edge, the perfect interpretation of what is low-key not to be a demon.

The director nodded with satisfaction.

He gave Ye Zhi a chance to walk on the red carpet.

Ye Zhi didn\'t dominate the party and chose a nude dress.

But now it seems that ye Zhi is more beautiful than Sheng man.

Ye Zhi has been standing on the edge, very low-key, but when she drooped her eyes, netizens saw her white and beautiful side face, and poured out a lot of bullet screen.

Gu Ren knows Ye Zhi will stand on the edge, and he also knows that she is wearing a nude dress of his choice.

At this time, Gu Ren slightly tilts his head, if his vision seems to have no ground to look at the direction of Ye Zhi, the bottom of his eyes is hidden with a very shallow mood.

Sharp eyed netizens saw Gu Ren\'s action, and the barrage exploded.

Am I wrong Who did Gu Ren look at just now

There are two girls in the right direction of Gu Yingdi, one is Sheng man, the other is Ye Zhi.

He will not be looking at one of these two people.

The brain in front of me is too much.

Can Gu Yingdi look up to these two people What\'s the matter with his eyes moving after standing for a long time

In netizens have guessed, the next second, Gu Ren slightly bent down, he said a few words in the director\'s ear.

The director nodded and chatted with Gu Ren.

They seemed to be talking about some work.

The truth is, Gu Ren is watching the director.

Ha ha ha ha!

Don\'t slander my idol.

The person who can be worthy of Gu Yingdi in this life has not been born yet.

Before the end of the red carpet, Shengman\'s team had already published a full draft on the Internet.

As long as Shengman is on the red carpet, the team must be marketing online.

Shengman is the most beautiful red carpet.

This time, there will be no exception.

#Sheng Manyan pressed Ye Zhichen to become the number one microblog topic.

The team also bought water army to bring rhythm under the microblog.

There are many fans of Shengman.

They praise how beautiful Shengman is.

But things began to get out of control.

Some commentators mentioned that ye Zhi is the most beautiful woman on the red carpet tonight.

She wore a long dress in nude color, which forcefully pressed the head of Sheng man wearing the red dress.

Sheng man chose to wear red.

Everyone thought that the red dress was very amazing.

Unexpectedly, ye Zhi didn\'t need such a warm color to attract everyone\'s attention.

Netizens from ye Zhi\'s make-up, to Ye Zhi\'s dress, and from dress to Ye Zhi\'s face, almost all around Ye Zhi.

Only a few people mentioned that Sheng man is more beautiful than ye Zhi.

Shengman team was extremely angry.

They immediately asked people to post, saying that the dress Ye Zhi was wearing was likely to be fake, without grade or any texture.

Even if this dress is true, but ye Zhi, a person without any background, how did she get this dress Does she have an outside boyfriend

The reason is thought-provoking.

Sheng man team rumors Ye Zhi, want to transfer the attention of netizens to this.

At first, netizens were really guided, and gradually some people put forward their own ideas.

Some people stand ye Zhi, others oppose Ye Zhi.

I\'ve never seen this dress before.

I haven\'t heard of any famous brand with such a design feeling.

Is it really fake

Even if ye Zhi really wore a brand dress, where did she get the money It won\'t be her boyfriend who paid for it.

No matter whether the dress is a fake, ye Zhi is more beautiful than Shengman.

Do you have any questions

This dress is very picky.

Ordinary people can\'t afford it.

Even if she really wears fake clothes, it\'s her ability to turn fake goods into real ones.

When more and more people were talking about it, the official of the dress brand micro posted a micro blog: thank you for showing the characteristics of the dress incisively and vividly.

The key is, return ye Zhi.

Although the micro blog did not say that ye Zhi bought the dress or lent it to her, the rumor has been clarified.

The latest brand of Gardenia has been announced.

As we all know, this brand is very low-key, but it is very picky.

If ye Zhi can\'t control their dress, the brand will never give it to her.

Therefore, even if ye Zhi has a background, she can\'t wear this dress if she can\'t get the brand recognition.

Now ye Zhi not only wore this dress, but also put on such a difficult dress, wearing a bit of immortal spirit, very rare.

Netizens realize for the first time that ye Zhi is so beautiful.We have to say that ye Zhian is quiet and does not look like a demon.

It\'s really pretty.

On the contrary, Sheng man has always been relying on the most expensive high set dress on her body to pressure others.

Who would have expected that ye Zhi used a dress whose price was far less than Shengman\'s and pressed her.

Sheng man, who has been making a brilliant press release, has been pressed by others this time.

Even if Shengman bought the water army, even if Shengman team black leaf gardenia, but praise ye Zhi\'s speech, still like a tide of water, stop all stop.

Shengman team simply did not expect, they carefully arranged Sheng Manyan press release, the first time overturned!


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