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Gu Ren’s eyes darted slightly and when he saw that Sheng Lian’s car was still following them, he didn’t want Sheng Lian to notice Ye Zhi.


He squinted slightly before he suddenly raised his hand and his slender fingers gently rested on the brim of Ye Zhi’s hat.

Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren, not knowing what he was trying to do.


Gu Ren lowered his fingers and applied the slightest bit of force.

At the next second, Ye Zhi’s hat was lowered slightly, covering her beautiful face.


The moment her hat was faced down, the light dimmed and everything before her sunk into a sky of darkness.

She then felt a pair of slender hands gently touching the side of her ear.


The movement was extremely gentle, gently pulling the strands of her stray hair behind her ears.

Gu Ren’s hand flicked them abruptly but retreated slowly, which made the slightly cold touch still seem to linger.


Ye Zhi raised her eyes only to see Gu Ren’s thin lower jaw.

His skin was extremely fair and the lines of his lips were drawn into a cold arc.


Ye Zhi;s thoughts started to cloud her mind.

At this time, there was a car chasing behind her and the atmosphere was extremely tense.

In such an environment with such imminent danger, even if everything was planned beforehand, the outcome ahead was still uncertain.


Inevitably, she was slightly uneasy.


But when she saw Gu Ren, the anxiety and nervous factors seemed to have left her.


In the dim darkness, Ye Zhi heard Gu Ren’s low voice echoing, “I won’t let him hurt you.”


With a low voice, he vowed with a tone that was extremely determined; this was his promise.


Gu Ren placed his hand on Ye Zhi’s hand, covering it with his slightly cold touch.

He only held it lightly and quickly let go.


Others would say that Gu Ren was cold and uncaring; no matter what happend, his heart would not be disturbed.

But Gu Ren clearly knew that it wasn’t that he didn’t care.

He knew that he wasn’t as emotionally strong or stoic as others spoke of him either.


He just gave all his joy, anger, sorrows and love to Ye Zhi alone.


Ye Zhi’s thoughts were surging like crashing waves in her heart.

She looked at Gu Ren steadily and all her thoughts morphed into one sentence, “Both of us have to be careful.”


After that, the two did not speak again as silence engulfed the car.


They all knew that the most dangerous moment was coming— the police had already set up an ambush.

As long as Sheng Lian made a move, the police would surround him immediately.


After a while, the car stopped.


When Sheng Lian saw the car stop, he clenched the gun in his hand.

He wanted to kidnap Ye Zhi quickly, which would in turn bring the benefits that the Sheng family would bestow upon him sooner or later.

With that thought in mind, Sheng Lian’s expressions were filled with excitement.


Sheng Lian got out of the car and motioned a few people to follow him.

A few disguised police officers looked at each other before they followed.


When Sheng Lian arrived at Ye Zhi’s car, he opened the door with a powerful force.

Pointing his gun inside, he said fiercely, “Ye Zhi, get the hell out of there!”


The voice was loud but the car was extremely silent as no one responded to him.


Sheng Lian was suspicious as his eyes looked closer into the car.

Upon seeing the frame of a man, he was stunned. What about Ye Zhi Why wasn’t she in the car


The moment Sheng Lian’s voice resounded, the man in the car turned his head.

His chin shifted a little bit outwards and his black eyes stared at Sheng Lian very coldly.


When Gu Ren heard what Sheng Lian just said, flowers of anger bloomed in his heart.

If he hadn’t been here, Ye Zhi would have been the one being pointed at by the gun.


Out of anger, Gu Ren unconsciously clenched his hands.

His fingernails pressed against his palms and clear veins appeared on the back of his pale hands.


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