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Sheng Lian vaguely thought that something went wrong.

Although he was still holding a gun, his hands were the ones that were shaking.


That cold and hard gun pointed directly at Gu Ren.


However, Gu Ren didn’t even lift his brows as he continued to stare at Sheng Lian with a heavy gaze.

His eyes held no trace of fear and didn’t have the intention of  looking away in the slightest.


Gu Ren completely blocked Ye Zhi that was behind him with his tall and straight figure that was like a high wall.

The wall formed layers of shadows that were capable of covering and protecting Ye Zhi.


Sheng Lian didn’t notice Ye Zhi hiding behind Gu Ren, so he didn’t know what went wrong.

At this time, his temples pulsed suddenly and a huge panic surged in his heart.


Sheng Lian looked at Gu Ren—the man in front of him hadn’t spoken yet as his face sank in between the starking light and contrasting shadows.

The sky was clear and bright at the moment, but Gu Ren’s eyes were darker than the night, layered and masked with an unbearably cold aura.


It was bone-chilling.


In the empty silence, Gu Ren slowly raised his eyes and looked at Sheng Lian expressionlessly.

Those dark eyes were filled with a chilly aura and there was no trace of warmth in those eyes.


Facing Sheng Lian who was equipped with a gun, Gu Ren’s expression did not faze at all.

In the brief silence, he even curved his thin lips slightly, pulling the corners of his lips very slowly.


That smile was extremely shallow with only a slight curvature.

The smile didn’t reach his eyes at all because it came off as cold as heaps of frost and snow while the exuded aura of his was chilly and sarcastic.


As the development of the situation did not go according to Sheng Lian’s plan, the moment he saw Gu Ren, he panicked for a moment.


Very quickly, Sheng Lian tried his best to calm himself down.

Originally, he wanted to arrest Ye Zhi, threaten the Sheng family and keep the matter quiet.

Although Gu Ren’s appearance added a little twist to his plan, since things have turned out this way, he didn’t mind tying up an extra person.


He just didn’t know when Ye Zhi got involved with Gu Ren.

For him at this time, as long as the result was what he wanted, the process was not important.


Sheng Lian’s finger was already on the trigger and the bullet had already been loaded.

As long as Gu Ren resisted, he would pull the trigger.


“Gu Ren, you’d better do as I said and get out of the car immediately.”


Sheng Lian also specially positioned the muzzle of the gun to Gu Ren’s head and the threat was obvious.

But Sheng Lian was wrong.

Not only did Gu Ren refuse to be obedient, on the contrary, he wore a calm look as he still sat on the seat without any fear.


The moonlight that resembled frost and snow of a sombre dark night reflected in Gu Ren’s eyes from a distance.

Perhaps the surroundings were too dark and that made his expression unpredictable, but Sheng Lian definitely felt the chills.


Compared with Gu Ren’s complacent expression, Sheng Lian looked much more embarrassed.


Although the person holding the gun was Sheng Lian, his palms were sweating and there was a vague feeling in his heart that things wouldn’t be going as smoothly as he thought.


Sheng Lian also realised that he was in a weak position in terms of aura and dominance.

His whole body was extremely tense and it seemed like he would completely collapse if there was a slight oddity to anyone’s movements.




Before he could finish speaking, the next second, Sheng Lian’s frantic voice was halted abruptly as if it had been ripped off from his throat.


Sheng Lian felt a cold touch on the back of his head and he knew exactly what it was.


“Sheng Lian, you are under arrest.”


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