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In order to help Gu Ren spend money to prevent disaster, the money must be spent properly.

Ye Zhizheng is in order to spend money, when she saw a car show advertisement outside the window, her eyes a bright, an idea jumped into the mind.

Since this ten million yuan will be spent on Gu Ren, it is better to buy a sports car in his name.

Fortunately, ye Zhi is prepared in advance, and asks Gu nineng for his ID card when he goes out in the morning.

Gu Ren did not ask, but on his dark eyes, ye Zhi unconsciously opened his mouth to explain.

This is the first day of their cooperation.

Everything she buys will be registered in his name.

Ye Zhi originally prepared to continue to explain, but Gu Ren gave her the ID card directly.

Although Ye Zhi and Gu Ren live under the same roof, they are only strangers who are more familiar.

However, Gu Ren\'s way of completely trusting her is really pleasant.

Ye Zhi also began to understand that Gu Ren\'s loyal powder was not only Gu Ren\'s appearance, but also him.

Gu Ren\'s every move as long as appear in the camera, should be able to attract many fans.

Ye Zhi is sitting in the coffee shop.

Behind her comes Gu Ren fan\'s voice.

She lowers the brim of her hat, confirms that the mask and sunglasses are covered tightly, and then gets up to leave.

To the scene of the auto show, ye Zhi went around, looked at the price of the sports car, and chose a Lamborghini.

Ye Zhi paid the full amount on the spot.

In a flash, seven million was spent.

After a whole day of twists and turns, ye Zhi finally spent a large amount of money, and she began to feel at ease.

In this way, she would never fail Gu Ren\'s trust in her.

The sales staff didn\'t expect Ye Zhi to be so generous and paid directly without saying a word.

Ye Zhi was mysterious with sunglasses and masks, but these were not considered by the staff.

After all, as an 18 line star, only Gu Ren\'s fans will pay attention to Ye Zhi.

In the eyes of the staff, rich people have some hobbies.

She bought Lamborghini with a large sum of money.

She covered her face all the time.

Maybe she just didn\'t want to attract too much attention.

After paying, the staff told ye Zhi with a smile that he could pick up the car within a week.

When ye Zhi left the auto show, Cary had three million left.

After finishing the task, ye Zhi went back home directly.

As soon as ye Zhi was ready for slippers, the sound of the car came from the yard.

Ye Zhi looked at it with a probe, and it was Gu Ren who came back.

Gu Ren stops a good car.

As soon as he enters the living room, he sees Ye Zhi sitting on the sofa, smiling at him.

Just entered the door, Gu Ren noticed Ye Zhi\'s shoes, he knew Ye Zhi had gone home.

Ye Zhichao Gu ninzhao waved: I have something to say with you.

Gu Ren sat opposite Ye Zhi, and saw Ye Zhi\'s body leaning forward.

Her tone was full of joy that she didn\'t notice.

She opened her mouth like a treasure.

I bought you a Lamborghini. Ye Zhi added, use your money.

And, and so on. Ye Zhi took out a piece of paper from the bag beside her and handed it to Gu Ren on the opposite side.

Gu Ren takes the paper in Ye Zhi\'s hand, picks up the list with his fingers and takes a casual look at it.

I\'ve rented a yacht for you.

When you\'re done, you can just relax.

A super yacht, very luxurious.

It costs three million a week to rent.

Ye Zhihua seven million, the heart has the strength, the remaining three million also quickly spent out, ten million so easily spent.

Ye Zhi now found that he had the potential to be a loser.

Fortunately, he had a lot of money and could stand such a lot of trouble.

All the money has been spent, and all of it has been spent on Gu Ninh.

Ye Zhi seems to have finished a big task.

The whole person is relaxed.

She breathes a sigh of relief and leans lazily on the sofa.

Gu Ren raised his eyebrows.

He looked at Ye Zhi with a smile in his dark eyes.

Ye Zhi really let him surprise, he gave Ye Zhi ten million unexpectedly all spend on his body, and ye Zhi but feel for granted.

After a long time, a clear and low voice line fell quietly: you have done well, thank you very much.

Ye Zhi did not expect Gu Ren to thank her for spending money.

She immediately sat up straight and laughed at Gu Ren: happy cooperation.


the Lamborghini bought by Ye Zhi has arrived, and now it has been delivered to Gu Jia.

As soon as Mr.

Gu heard that ye Zhi bought Gu Ren a Lamborghini, he couldn\'t sit still.

Gu Laozi knows Gu Nino has brought Ye Zhi home.

He wants to come over and see what kind of person Ye Zhi is.

After listening to Zhao Tianshi\'s words, master Gu knew that only Ye Zhi could help Gu endure the disaster, so he took him to his home.

Ye Zhi did not know that so many people had come downstairs.

She was stunned when she went downstairs.

There were three people sitting on the sofa, Gu Ren, Gu Laozi and a middle-aged man.

Ye Zhi\'s line of sight falls on Gu Jiu, Gu Ren is half reclining on the sofa.

At this time, his eyes are closed, and he seems very tired.Even if Gu Ren just sat there, his long legs were very eye-catching.

The halo swept over Gu Ren\'s face, slightly diluted the awe inspiring between his eyebrows and eyes.

At this time, Gu opened his mouth: you are ye Zhi.

Hearing Gu Laozi\'s voice, Gu nincai slowly opened his eyes and fixed his cool eyes on Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi nodded and said politely, Hello, grandfather Gu. I don\'t know why Mr.

Gu suddenly came here.

Old man Gu looked at Ye Zhi, and he thought that ye Zhi looked and Gu Ren were really well matched.


Gu pointed to the man beside him and said, this is Zhao Tianshi. Ye Zhi looked at the past, Zhao Tianshi in Daofu, thin figure, still with a long beard on his face.

It looks quite immortal.

Ye Zhi knows that some rich people are superstitious.

The more wealth they have, the more they believe in geomantic omen.

Ye Zhi nodded to Zhao Tianshi.

Zhao Tianshi went to Ye Zhi and asked, Miss ye, do you mind if I take a look at your hand

Ye Zhi: of course.

Ye Zhi stretched out his hand.

After seeing it for a while, master Zhao touched his long beard and nodded: not bad.

Miss Ye\'s life is very good.

The master looked at Gu Ren and asked, master Gu

Gu Ren\'s eyes were heavy.

He did not raise his hand or speak.

Obviously, he didn\'t believe these things.

Gu said helplessly, Gu Ren, you know how much I care about this matter.

Gu endure thin lips tightly, a few seconds later, he sighed slightly.

Although he is not superstitious, he cares about the feelings of his family.

Gu Ren slowly reached out his hand.

The lines on his palm were clear and his skin was cold and white.

After seeing it for a while, Zhao nodded with satisfaction.

He turned his head to look at Mr.

Gu and said firmly, master, this miss Ye is the nobleman whom master Gu hit.


Gu laughed.

Ye Zhi doubts: what noble person

Zhao Tianshi said seriously: you two were connected by marriage in previous lives.

The reason why Miss ye can help master Gu eliminate disasters in this life is that master Gu owes you a lot in his previous life.

Therefore, you can only spend money to pass the disaster.

Ye Zhi listen to muddle, what previous life What marriage line Why is it more and more ridiculous.

She turned her head and looked at Gu Ren, whose face was dim and the corners of her mouth sank slightly.

He is obviously a prodigy when Zhao Tianshi.

Gu added: master Zhao has done a lot of things for Gu\'s family.

His words are very convincing.

Before he left, master Zhao looked at Ye Zhi and said something meaningful: Miss ye, please remember that this money must be spent on the right place.

Otherwise it would be counterproductive.

Ye Zhi didn\'t want to understand Zhao Tianshi\'s words.

Gu and Zhao left Gu\'s home.

After that, Mr.

Gu called Gu Ren and told him, when you go out, you will drive the Lamborghini sent by Ye Zhi.


Gu thinks it\'s very beautiful.

Since ye Zhi can help Gu endure the disaster, Gu Nino driving the car sent by Ye Zhi must also protect Gu Ren\'s safety.

Gu Ren was not superstitious.

After hearing this, he did not say anything.

Gu told Gu Ren to drive this car for a long time.

Gu Ren was going to leave for the company in the afternoon.

He walked out of the door and thought of Mr.

Gu\'s words.

Gu Ren felt some dull pain in his temples.

He raised his hand and gently pressed his brow.

Gu Ren was going to drive his usual car, but somehow he stopped, turned around and walked to the silver Lamborghini with long legs.

His eyes drooped and he couldn\'t see clearly.

When the housekeeper saw Gu Ren go out, he looked at him carelessly.

He found that Gu Ren did not leave and stood outside, his eyes still fixed on Lamborghini.

The housekeeper did not know, so he went to Gu Ren and asked, what can I do for you, young master

Gu Ren didn\'t open his mouth, and his mood surged.

He gave Ye Zhi 10 million yuan and asked her to help her spend money.

But he didn\'t expect Ye Zhi to send him a car.

Gu endure thin lips light open, he suddenly asked: what is she doing

The housekeeper did not respond for a moment, and asked in a daze, who is she It\'s no wonder the housekeeper didn\'t respond, because there was no other woman in Gu\'s house.

Gu Ren looked at the housekeeper coolly.

He didn\'t speak, and his lips pursed into a sharp line.

As soon as the housekeeper was shocked, he realized that the young master\'s mouth was referring to Ye Zhi who had just received the certificate with master Gu.

The housekeeper said quickly, the young lady is in the room.

Gu Ren no longer asked.

He turned his head, and his eyes continued to fall on the silver Lamborghini, with no expression on his face.

The housekeeper asked: young master, don\'t you drive that car at ordinary times

Gu has many expensive cars, but he usually drives only a few.

Gu endure to ponder, since Ye Zhi has bought this car, the old man Gu has been urging him all the time.

It\'s nothing for him to have a try.Gu Ren didn\'t look back.

He pulled open the door of Lamborghini and said, no, I\'m tired of it.

Gu Ren leaned over and sat on the car.

Gu Ren\'s hand was on the steering wheel.

He stepped on the accelerator and the car drove forward.

The housekeeper looked at Lamborghini, who was far away.

He thought silently that the young master had too many things in this year.

He really hoped that the young lady could change the rough fate of the young master and let him live safely.

Firmly do not believe in ghosts and gods Gu Ren, so open the leaf Gardenia sent Lamborghini out of the door.

When Gu Ren goes out, ye Zhi stays at home.

Ye Zhi looks at the mobile phone, trying to understand the world, a prompt tone suddenly rings, a news pops up at the top of the screen.

[Gu Ren, the film emperor, was in a car accident, but fortunately he was not in any serious trouble]

Ye Zhi was surprised and immediately opened the news.

When he saw Gu Ren safe, he was relieved.

She remembered that master Zhao vowed that as long as she helped Gu Ren spend money to prevent the disaster, he would be able to survive the disaster safely.

Why did Gu Ren have an accident again What a coincidence, Gu Ren\'s car was the Lamborghini she bought for Gu Ren.

Gardenia leaves suddenly feel cool.

She clearly helped Gu Ren spend money, but also spent nearly 10 million.

Is her Lamborghini so hot Gu nincai had an accident at the first time.

What is the problem


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