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As Ye Zhi blushed, though she was also shocked by Gu Ren’s boldness, her eyes were completely unable to leave his own.


Ye Zhi tried her best to calm herself down and her expression never wavered.

No one noticed anything different between them, but that was because she suppressed those chaotic emotions in her eyes.


In the next second, Gu Ren lowered his sharp expression as if his actions just now were just inadvertently made.

However, his black eyes were still amazingly bright.


Gu Ren’s brows and eyes were slightly raised as the corners of his eyes stretched into a beautiful arc.

He opened his thin lips lightly before spitting out a few words meaningfully.


His tone was slow and inadvertently seductive, “I just remembered now that the last two numbers…should be two and five.”


Gu Ren’s behaviour made the fans scream and countless ‘barrages’ appeared one after another.


“Are they sure that they’re not filming an idol drama No, even idol dramas are not that eye-catching!I strongly urge Gu Ren and Ye Zhi to be casted in TV dramas!”


“I smelled a little bit of adult content going on, this pair of CPs I will sincerely fangirl over.”


Ye Zhi didn’t dare to look at Gu Ren as she quickly hummed in response before turning around to enter the password.


Gu Ren glanced at Ye Zhi’s reaction.

He raised his eyebrows, picked up the towel that was on the side and walked out of the water.

Gu Ren draped the towel over his body at will and slowly stepped on the pavement.


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi and at this moment, he suddenly leaned down.


Gu Ren looked at the task box with dark eyes, seemingly watching Ye Zhi enter the password.

However, out of the corner of his eye, he was actually paying attention to Ye Zhi’s reaction.


Gu Ren’s voice was cold but his tone towards the end rose slightly, “Is the password correct”


Ye Zhi was entering the password, so when she heard Gu Ren’s voice, her heart jumped again in shock and she almost entered the wrong password.

She suppressed her emotions even further and continued to enter the password.

After entering the code, she pressed it and the lock was unlocked.


Ye Zhi nodded, “The password is correct.”


Gu Ren stopped teasing Ye Zhi as his eyes fell on the box.

Ye Zhi opened the box and found a piece of paper with a few words written on it.


“In these few episodes, what was the most memorable project for you Give the challengers two minutes to think.

If the two speak of the same situation, they will pass the test.”


At this time, a staff member came over and he pressed the stopwatch, “The two-minute countdown starts now.”


When Gu Ren and Ye Zhi saw this question, they were both startled.

Most memorable project


Ye Zhi immediately thought of the words that Gu Ren spoke in her ear when they were bungee jumping.


At that time, he told her that he liked her.


Ye Zhi stared at Gu Ren.

When she first heard this sentence, her heart was practically beating for him.

But even when she thought about it again, she still became quite agitated.


Gu Ren also thought of that time where he looked at Ye Zhi and said the words that he stored deep in his heart.


That confession revealed his true intentions and depicted the magnitude of his love for her.


From the moment he made sure of the fact, he knew.

He knew that he would spend his life striving to keep her and persisting to love her.

He knew that she would always remain in his heart.


Gu Ren’s love for her, Ye Zhi’s fumbling state in response to his teasing and their flurry of emotions were drawn in by each other at the same time.


The staff said, “The time is up! Please answer the question: what was the most memorable project”


Amidst the silence, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi looked at each other as they spoke almost simultaneously, “Bungee jumping.”


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