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Gu Ren’s voice was low and deep whereas Ye Zhi’s voice was cold and clear.

Overlapping together, it indicated their tacit feelings for each other.

Gu Ren and Ye Zhi heard each others’ answers, so they looked at each other and smiled softly.


The crowd was once again stunned by the tacit understanding between Gu Ren and Ye Zhi.

They even said the same thing on the first try, which was way too coincidental to pass off.


“These pink bubbles(1) are really cringey but I like them.

Scatter more sweetness over here!!”


(T/N: Refers to a romantic scene or a scene where someone perceives a potential love story happening)


“Even if this CP is real, I’m still going to support it.

Ye Zhi is probably the only person in the entertainment industry who is worthy of Idol Gu.”


Some people were very curious— why would Gu Ren and Ye Zhi think that bungee jumping was the most unforgettable project Could it be that something happened that the fans weren’t aware about when they were bungee jumping


But no matter how much they tried to guess, it was unlikely for them to know the answer.


When it came to the last game, the host merely revealed, “You will know the rules of the next game when you arrive at the venue.”


When all the guests stood in front of a dilapidated building, they understood the routine of the program group.


They actually had to go into a suspiciously abandoned hospital in the middle of the night!


They wouldn’t even know that it was a hospital if it weren’t for the faded banner hanging on the hospital sign that was being blown up by the wind.

The dark branches were hiding the grey building.

When the wind blew, the shadow of the leafy branches moved as if they were alive.


For a while, even the wind stopped blowing and the air was stagnant.


The cooling temperature of the night quietly cast a faint sliver of fear over the hearts of the guests.


There was a row of benches at the entrance of the hospital.

While a particular group was inside, the remaining guests waited in line here.


The host, who knew about the competition, saw the reluctant yet terrified expressions of the guests.

Ignoring them completely, he then began to announce the rules of the competition.


“The final score will be sorted according to the ranking of the three projects today and the scores will be counted according to the total accumulation.

Each group needs to enter the building to find something related to their own name, so just take it out and you will succeed.”


As a result, the time spent in the hospital would become longer, which would undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the task.


No group offered to volunteer to enter the venue, but the program group also expected this to happen, so a lottery was held.


Unfortunately, Sheng Man and Song Lie were the first to enter the hospital.


Xiong Ting’s group and Yue Ling’s group were situated in the middle whereas Ye Zhi and the others brought up the rear.


The lottery was carried out in an absolutely fair manner.

Song Lie didn’t say anything, but he began to complain about Sheng Man in his heart.

He thought that Sheng Man’s luck had been bad recently, so it must have rubbed off on him and brought him down as well.


Sheng Man also had a dark expression.

Originally, partners could encourage each other to go in, especially in such a terrifying place.

However, Sheng Man and Song Lie were standing far apart as they didn’t want to look at each other at all, let alone cooperate properly.


Ye Zhi and Gu Ren sat on one side of the bench.

The wind in the spring night was slightly cool and she shivered subconsciously.


Ye Zhi only saw Gu Ren stand up and say something to the staff, but soon, he had an extra blanket in his hand.


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