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Ye Zhi wanted to laugh, but she carefully lowered the corners of her lips.

When the blanket was covering her legs, the warmth spreaded and she no longer felt that cold anymore.




Gu Ren just curled the corners of his lips and replied with a short sentence.


“You’re welcome.”


Gu Ren’s actions seemed to come off as if he was merely a caring partner, but it also revealed a bit of his ambiguous manner.


Sheng Man and Song Lie had already walked in when the timer started.


While the guests were waiting, a shrill scream suddenly echoed from the building behind them.

Everyone could hear that the scream came from Sheng Man’s mouth, so it was more than obvious that this mission was not so easy to pass.


After one scream, several more screams sounded from the hospital, adding layers of fear to the already anxious guests.


Two full hours later, Sheng Man and Song Lie came out, but this time, the two weren’t disliking each other as they stuck to each other.


Pools of sweat were already gathering around her forehead and a few strands of long hair stuck to the side of her face.

They were already out the door, trotting out as fast as they could go, as if someone was chasing them from behind.


What Sheng Man and Song Lie found was a mandala flower floating on the water.

The flower wasn’t real, but it was convincing enough to trick the two.


After Sheng Man and the others came out, Xiong Ting’s two groups also went in one after another.


What Xiong Ting and Shan Qian brought out when they came out of the building turned out to be a little bear with a fan.

The contrasting image made the fans squeal out of cuteness.


What Yue Ling and Liu Cong found were the water chestnuts that were hidden in the bushes.


Each group seemed to have suffered some form of psychological torture when they came out, so the videos of them being inside the building would not be released on site.


The only people who could witness the embarrassment of the guests were the netizens in the live broadcast room.


The last group to enter was Ye Zhi and Gu Ren.


Before it started, the live broadcast room began to refresh the screen frantically.


“Hold hands, hold hands, hold hands!”


“Gu God, let me have a discussion with you— Ye Zhi will be afraid, so just hold her hand.”


When they got to the door, there were incandescent lights over the ceiling, but Ye Zhi could vaguely see what was going on in the hospital.


The light seemed to be a little dim, so Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren worriedly.

He had night blindness and she wondered if it would affect him.


In the past, when Ye Zhi was in front of the camera, she would restrain her true emotions, but now her emotions of worry was gaining the upper hand.

She just wanted nothing more but to call out Gu Ren’s name.


Within the next second, Gu Ren’s hand that was swaying by his side moved a few inches back slightly and he held Ye Zhi’s cold hand accurately.


Ye Zhi was startled as she immediately turned her head to look at him, but Gu Ren didn’t even turn his head— his subconscious action was more like a move made out of instinct.


From Ye Zhi’s point of view, only Gu Ren’s side profile could be seen.

The light projected from behind reflected a hazy halo, which made Gu Ren’s once distinct facial features not clearly discernible.


The warmth of Gu Ren’s palm surrounded her palm in an instant as it quietly remained in its position.


At this time, there was no cameraman by their side, so in the silent night, no matter how far they tried to gaze across, it looked as if the two of them were the only ones left.


Ye Zhi did not break free to avoid suspicion.

Instead, she clenched onto Gu Ren’s hand calmly as the two walked into the building together.


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