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The netizens in the live broadcast room had the sharpest eyes.

When they saw that Gu Ren took the initiative to hold Ye Zhi’s hand, they were about to order some firecrackers to celebrate.


Thanks to the program team for providing such a good opportunity, it seemed logical for Gu Ren to hold hands in order to protect Ye Zhi, who was a girl.


At this time, Ye Zhi couldn’t think of any other things because the scene that caught her eye was already making her nervous.


The moment they entered the hospital, the lights in the corridor began to flicker on and off at random moments.

The lights seemed to be malfunctioning, making a static-like sound.


The scenes in the typical horror movies seemed to morph into reality, appearing as if the two worlds were connected.


There was dead silence in the corridor.

Occasionally, the curtains would be blown by the night wind.

After they made a rustling sound, the silence was restored around the atmosphere once again.


Ye Zhi followed Gu Ren silently.

Her heartbeat quickened its pace and her palms began to sweat.


Gu Ren sensed Ye Zhi’s fear and held her hand even tighter.


Thanks to Gu Ren’s actions, Ye Zhi’s heart calmed down slightly.

They walked through the long corridor and when they turned a corner, the front desk appeared.


There was not a single patient in the hospital as only a single nurse, who was presumably on a night shift, was sitting at the front desk.


But she was definitely not an ordinary nurse.

Never would there be a nurse with blood all over her body and scars all over her face be ‘normal’.

The moment she saw Ye Zhi and Gu Ren, she raised her head faintly.


The nurse on duty plastered a weird smile on her face, “If you want to visit the patient, please sign here.”


Ye Zhi was glad that Gu Ren was by her side at this time.

Otherwise, there was a high probability of her giving up on completing this task.


Gu Ren was as calm as ever when he led Ye Zhi to the front desk.

There was a list that was placed on the desk and the guests who came in before them had also signed on it.


Ye Zhi glanced at it and couldn’t help but purse her lips and smile— the signatures were all signed in a crooked and seemingly jittering manner.

She guessed that the guests who came in before them should have suffered a psychological impact from the appearance of this task.


Gu Ren’s slender hand held the pen.

Under the bright light, his pupils that were extremely deep and jet black sometimes lit up and occasionally darkened like a flickering light amidst the gloomy sky.


Gu Ren looked as if he didn’t come here to experience terror, but rather, he appearred calm and relaxed like he was on vacation.


Gu Ren signed both their names on it and was able to find time to ask the nurse.


“Can you tell us where we should go next”


Facing Gu Ren’s appearance, the nurse’s heart skipped a beat and she almost lost her mind, but then she remembered her mission.

She quickly came back to her senses and played her role dutifully as she replied blankly, “Please take the elevator in the middle of the corridor; your destination is the third floor.”


After speaking, the nurse lowered her head blankly and stopped talking.


When the nurse lowered her head, her gaze fell on the hands that Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were still holding.


Her eyes lit up at that as she was a fan of both of them.

She didn’t expect that she would be able to see Ye Zhi and Gu Ren holding hands up close— her life’s wishes were really complete.


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