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Gu Ren led Ye Zhi to the elevator, but the nurse thought she was no longer in the range of the camera and immediately took out a cell phone from her blood-covered pocket.


She turned her phone towards their intertwined hands to commemorate this meaningful moment.

Unexpectedly, the nurse’s movements were reflected by a mirror in the corridor, which was still being recorded by the cameras.


“Ehhh, isn’t that ghost-like nurse at the front desk a little unprofessional Don’t think that we won’t see it as long as the camera doesn’t film you.”


“Director, director, we caught a CP fan alive here.

She’s remaining unprofessional at work, I think that’s a good reason to fire her.”


“Jealousy is making my eyes sting; I’ll do that a hundred times even when I’m fired.

How else could such a good opportunity arise”


Ye Zhi and Gu Ren already stood in front of the elevator as they pressed the button.


A ‘ding’ sound echoed and the elevator door opened slowly.

Ye Zhi’s pupils had shrank when she saw a woman in a long white dress standing in the corner of the elevator.


The woman’s long hair was let loose and her head was lowered, so she couldn’t see her face clearly.


Gu Ren just stood beside the female ghost and separated Ye Zhi from her.

Ye Zhi immediately reached out and dragged Gu Ren towards her.


Ye Zhi walked along the edge of the elevator towards the innermost corner and pressed the button on the third floor with trembling fingers.

When the elevator door slowly closed, only the three of them were left in the elevator.


At this moment, the female ghost began to turn her head slowly, staring at them with her terrifyingly calm eyes.


Wherever the duo went, her gaze would follow— and that was making Ye Zhi nervous.


Gu Ren sensed Ye Zhi’s fear, so he took a step forward.

Blocking Ye Zhi’s line of sight, he shielded her in the small corner of the elevator.


Just when the female ghost was about to take a step forward, Gu Ren suddenly opened his mouth.


“Ye Zhi, look.”


Ye Zhi originally closed her eyes tightly, but because of her trust in Gu Ren, she still opened her eyes and followed his lead.


What was there to see


“Look, do you think her makeup was done right”


Ye Zhi was stunned, but she looked at the female ghost in front of her according to the point raised by Gu Ren.


In order to create an atmosphere of fear, the makeup artist did not evenly apply the powder on the female ghost’s face, accentuating the appearance of decay and fragility.


Ye Zhi also raised her eyes to look at Gu Ren and saw him frowning slightly, as if he was really thinking about this issue.


Perhaps influenced by Gu Ren, Ye Zhi also began to treat the female ghost in front of her with a normal attitude as she nodded in cooperation.


“It doesn’t seem to be done well, I think.”


Female ghost,”…”


No offence, but this makeup style is meant to show a decaying female ghost, do you understand The female ghost thought to herself.


Ye Zhi and Gu Ren’s carefully scrutinising attitude made the female ghost staff, who loved maintaining her beauty in reality, almost pull out a small mirror from under her white clothes to see what was wrong with her makeup.


Another ding sounded, signalling their arrival on the third floor.


Before stepping out of the elevator, Ye Zhi patted the female ghost on the shoulder with a heavy heart, “After we go out, put on your shoes; it’s a little cold tonight.”


Facing the extremely terrifying-looking female ghost in front of her, Ye Zhi praised the staff’s professionalism.


They walked away, leaving the female ghost to stare blankly at her bare feet— a pair of feet full of glass shards.


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