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The director and the staff looked at each other with their expressions mirroring each other, extremely shocked.

Was this still the Gu Ren that they knew


The rumours that Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were in love were completely true!


These days, there have been rumours circulating on the Internet, but the scandals that have become more and more intense were not as shocking as the intimate moment that they witnessed with their own eyes!


Gu Ren really had a relationship with Ye Zhi and their relationship was very unusual.


He didn’t even look at anyone else around him as he hugged Ye Zhi and walked straight forward.


Gu Ren walked beside Cheng Qi and his footsteps did not stop, but his voice tightened slightly, ” We’re going to the hospital immediately.”


There were many reporters outside the studio.

After they knew that Gu Ren came to visit Ye Zhi, they all squatted at the door to take some pictures.

As a result, they were surprised to see him carrying her in his arms.


The reporters watched in disbelief as their jaws dropped; some were so shocked to the point where they almost forgot to press the shutter.


This, this… what’s going on Their eyes were not mistaken— Gu Ren was actually hugging Ye Zhi and they got into the car together! His attitude towards her was also very intimate!


A relationship between the top star of the industry and the blooming female artist was true— this was the largest scoop in history to have ever surfaced!


The reporters pressed the shutter frantically and the ‘clicks’ of the shutters sounded one after another.

Gu Ren didn’t even frown as he just placed his hand in front of Ye Zhi, worried that those people would disturb her.


Gu Ren’s car drove forward and the reporters quickly followed behind, their vehicles closely following behind.

Typical of the paparazzi behaviour, they wanted to have a good grasp of the news.


Cheng Qi looked towards the back and saw that many cars were following behind them, “The reporters are following us.”


Gu Ren didn’t have any sort of annoyance in his heart.

He looked at Ye Zhi and stroked her face gently, indifferently stating, “Let them be.”


The reporters had already posted the photos on the Internet.

The photos showed Gu Ren carrying Ye Zhi into the car and carefully protecting her with his hands… Every single photo was a clear shot; there were no chances of mistaking it at all.


In just a few minutes, Weibo had exceeded tens of thousands of comments!


“Oh my god, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi are really a couple.

Gu Ren has visited Ye Zhi many times without concealing his whereabouts, too— perhaps he already planned to make it public”


“Boohoo, although I’m sad that Gu God has a girlfriend, seeing that the person in question is Ye Zhi, I’m inexplicably less angry.”


“Why did Ye Zhi faint though Seeing Gu Ren’s distressed appearance, the two of them seem to have a good relationship.”


“I am so sad that my Gu God is not single anymore.

Even if his partner is Ye Zhi, I am going to be crying for a hundred years.”


Just a few minutes later, the comments broke into hundreds of thousands! This phenomenon-level discussion of frenzy had never occurred in the past decade or so.


Both Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were highly popular figures.

The possibility of the two of them being an actual couple doubled the engagements of the comments.


#Gu Ren carried Ye Zhi# had become the No.

1 trending search on Weibo.

And because there were so many people searching for more news about it, Weibo started to lag due to the large traffic!


While there was a lot of discussion on the Internet, Gu Ren had already sent Ye Zhi to the hospital.

She was still unconscious when the doctor checked on her.


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