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During the examination, Gu Ren sat in the hospital corridor as he waited for the results.

His elbows rested on his knees and his palms rested on his chin.

He remained silent as his black eyes flashed with deep worry.


After a while, when the doctor came out, Gu Ren walked up immediately and asked anxiously, “Is she all right”


Doctor, “Miss Ye is currently very weak.

Although there’s no major problem with her condition, her body is too weak and she is too tired, so she really needs to rest well.”


“If she doesn’t start to take care of her body, it might affect her health in the future.”


Gu Ren was relieved, and after the doctor left, he immediately walked into the ward.


Ye Zhi was now equipped with an IV drip and her face was extremely pale.

Besides, her exposed arm was also very thin.

Gu Ren sat on the edge of the bed before he took Ye Zhi’s other hand in distress and placed it on his lips, kissing it gently.


Gu Ren stared at Ye Zhi until his eyes jerked slightly, making a decision.


When Gu Ren stood up and walked to the door, Cheng Qi walked in.

Gu Ren then looked at him, “Help me bring something from home.”


Cheng Qi, “What would you like me to take”


Gu Ren’s voice was calm and could clearly be heard, “Both our wedding rings.”


After saying this, Gu Ren turned around and walked towards Ye Zhi.


Cheng Qi was shocked and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this”


Now that the media was already turning the world upside down for both of them, if Gu Ren were to disclose the news of their marriage as well, things would get messy.

Cheng Qi couldn’t begin to fathom how much chaos would be involved by then.


Gu Ren’s footsteps didn’t stop as he walked forward without looking back.


He tilted his head and opened his mouth lightly, speaking in his cold yet firm voice, “I was ready to do this a long time ago.”


Cheng Qi could already imagine the frenzy of heated discussions that were going to surface on the internet.

Even so, he took a deep breath, “I see.”


Gu Ren told Cheng Qi where the wedding rings were placed before he went to the Gu mansion.

Cheng Qi found the wedding rings of the couple and drove back to  the hospital.


Outside the hospital, there were still many reporters and even more people crowding the building.

The security guards had no choice but to attempt to maintain order outside the hospital.


Cheng Qi handed the wedding ring to Gu Ren and the man opened the box, looking down.

Inside the box were two beautifully crafted wedding rings.


They exchanged wedding rings when they first made a marriage contract.

At that time, they were still a pair of strangers and she only got involved because she intended to help him go through a hard time.


Much time has passed since they have known each other and they have experienced so much together.


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi with a deep gaze and the corners of his lips curved slightly.

He had made a decision and was ready to face everything that came with it.


He was going to protect her.


Cheng Qi asked again, “You really thought this through”


Gu Ren didn’t answer as he gently picked up Ye Zhi’s hand and carefully s;lipped the wedding ring on her ring finger.


Gu Ren’s behaviour had already explained his thoughts loud and clear.


Cheng Qi understood and stopped talking.


Ye Zhi was still asleep but that night, Gu Ren made a post on Weibo with a simple sentence, “We got married.”


A photo was attached below.


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