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Ye Zhi was still asleep but that night, Gu Ren made a post on Weibo with a simple sentence, “We got married.”


A photo was attached below.


In the photo, there was a pair of interlocked hands with ten fingers tightly intertwined, conveying a very close relationship between the couple.


One hand was slender and distinct, carved with well-proportioned muscles and bones.

That cold jade-like skin had a noble aura and it was more than evident that it was Gu Ren’s hand.


Gu Ren wore a wedding ring on his ring finger.


The person who interlocked Gu Ren’s fingers had slender yet pale skin and beautiful fingers.

She also wore the same wedding ring on her ring finger.


As soon as this Weibo came out, the Internet exploded again.


Netizens haven’t reacted to the shock from the fact that Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were lovers, so they were even more surprised that he dropped a bombshell on them again!


What Gu Ren and Ye Zhi actually… got married!!!


They wore the same wedding ring and posed in an intimate gesture.

Moreover, this statement was personally certified by Gu Ren’s Weibo account, which meant that there was absolutely no chance of faking it— Ye Zhi was indeed married to Gu Ren!


“I’m still trying to process the fact that the two of them were lovers, so why did they get married in a blink of an eye! This marriage was even announced by the god himself!!”


“Gu Ren is a top-notch figure— for him to announce his marriage directly, he must have really fallen for Ye Zhi.”


“Gu God is too handsome, ahhhh! He’s such a husband material! I really envy Ye Zhi.”


“He’s already married, huh Seems like they were a couple long ago.

Looks like the netizens were right all along.”


The fans were not ready to sleep tonight as their spirits were strongly impacted.

Their eyes were coloured red with excitement as they frantically searched for various topics concerning Gu Ren and Ye Zhi.


After the topic of their relationship broke out in the trending searches a while ago, #Gu Ren Ye Zhi marriage# also airborne itself to the first place in the search.

This time the search volume was much larger and the popularity was even higher.


Eight of the top ten trending searches were all discussing the marriage of Gu Ren and Ye Zhi.


Someone once mentioned that nothing would be as exciting and popular as the possibility of Gu Ren and Ye Zhi announcing their relationship as lovers.


As a result, something even more explosive happened tonight.

The miracle of the once-imaginary discussion, created by Gu Ren himself, was once again broken by him tonight.


The top star did not bother to announce the romantic relationship between the two of them and yet, directly announced their marriage.

It was assumed that no one would be able to pull this sort of stunt off besides him.


This kind of news directly flooded the major entertainment forums, post bars, etc.

All the posts were discussed and even if it was a sensation, it was not enough to describe such a grand occasion.


Because of this historic sensational news, Weibo was once again jammed!


At this time, some netizens began to mention the fortune-telling variety show some time ago.


Master Zhou had once mentioned a male star with a very fierce fate on the show, but he also mentioned that a noble person would be able to bring him luck.

Once the show was broadcasted at that time, many netizens made their speculation and all the clues pointed to one person.


Gu Ren.


Gu Ren nearly met all the requirements to be the said person.

However, at that time, netizens searched the entire entertainment industry and yet, could not find the noble person who belonged to Gu Ren.


Now that someone was bringing it up again, they automatically gave the title to Ye Zhi.


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