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When Ye Zhi checked the Weibo that Gu Ren had just posted, a piece of her heart felt like it suddenly collapsed entirely on its own.

Especially when she saw the picture attached by Gu Ren and the three simple words, the corners of her lips twitched and a smile appeared in her eyes.


Ye Zhi then went to her own Weibo page, finding that many netizens had flocked to her page and were discussing this incident. 


Since Ye Zhi hadn’t made any comment even though Gu Ren had posted the announcement a while ago, the topic gradually morphed from gossip to genuine concern as they assumed that she was still in an unconscious state.


Ye Zhi tapped her fingers and forwarded Gu Ren’s Weibo post along with her own.

She didn’t say much and only wrote one sentence.


“Gu Ren and I are doing really well.”


Almost all of the netizens were waiting for Ye Zhi’s response.

As soon as Ye Zhi made that post on Weibo, countless fans frantically commented below.


“Ahhhhh, Ye Zhi responded! Why am I so happy that my idol is getting married Probably because his wife is so beautiful!”


“Dear sister-in-law, you should have a good rest.

Take care of your body and don’t disappoint our great God.”


“Gu God’s fans are so receptive— did they start calling you their sister-in-law so soon As a passer-by, I want to see the wedding photos and the show of affection!”


After Ye Zhi posted on her Weibo page, she put her phone aside and turned her head to look at Gu Ren, “Can you explain it now”


Nie Jiqing’s eyes circled between the two of them before she covered up her smile.

She glanced at Gu Ren and stood up.


“I still have something to do; you two can keep talking.”


Nie Jiqing left the remaining time to the two of them as she closed the door and left the ward.


Gu Ren strided his long legs and walked to Ye Zhi’s hospital bed in a few steps.

He sat on Ye Zhi’s side in a position so close that they were almost touching each other.


Gu Ren narrowed his eyes slightly as he glanced at Ye Zhi’s hand that was equipped with the IV drips from the corner of his eye.

He avoided the tubes easily, placing his palm beside her legs.


This way, Ye Zhi seemed to be surrounded by Gu Ren in an intimate posture.


Ye Zhi was the one who was being teased by Gu Ren.

He was the one who made the news public without discussing it with her before, yet he was the one who was now inching closer.


She wasn’t even angry from the start, but now, she couldn’t hold back her laughter.


At this time, Gu Ren turned his head slightly and looked down.

His eyes showed a trait of obvious fragility and he even lowered his tone, the slightly hoarse voice resonating within the ward.



Gu, you mentioned that you would grant me the blessing of calling you that.” 


Gu Ren’s tone sounded extremely pitiful and it was as if he was the one who had been bullied while Ye Zhi was the irresponsible and heartless man.


“Everyone already knows about it, you wouldn’t regret this marriage, would you”


Ye Zhi stretched out her hand and put it between Gu Ren’s neck before she hugged him lightly.

She moved closer to his direction and the distance between them was instantly pulled closer.


“Then what’s your plan”


As soon as Gu Ren heard Ye Zhi’s words, he quickly let her know of a few selected days, reciting them fluently as if he had been preparing for this for a long time.


“There are several auspicious days in that list, so choose one.”


Ye Zhi hadn’t reacted yet as she looked at him blankly, “What”


Gu Ren’s other hand wrapped around Ye Zhi’s waist.

His fingers tapped on her lightly and a few words were softly spoken from his thin lips.


“We’re having a wedding.”


Gu Ren’s voice was deep as his gaze met Ye Zhi’s, almost like the dark night had enveloped her, gently surrounding her in layers of shadows.


Gu Ren was the only light available in the darkness, attracting Ye Zhi and making her approach him.


Ye Zhi raised her lips and couldn’t hide the smile reflected in her eyes, “Which day do you think is a good day”


Without even a second of hesitation, Gu Ren said the answer that he had thought about countless times.


“The closer it is, the better.”


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