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At this time, the voices of her fans suddenly sounded from behind, “We support Ye Zhi and Gu Ren being together!”


“You are the best couple in the entertainment industry, I wish you happiness!”


Ye Zhi looked over.

The reporters were surrounded by fans.

Some of the signs they held had Gu Ren’s name written on them, while some had Ye Zhi’s name written on them.


There are also some signs with both their names.


When fans saw Ye Zhi surrounded by reporters, they shouted loudly on purpose, interrupting the reporters’ questions.


Ye Zhi felt a hint of warmth surge within her heart as she nodded to the fans, the corners of her lips curving into a smile.


The reporters were interrupted, so they immediately asked Ye Zhi their questions again.


Ye Zhi didn’t say anything.

At this moment, she raised her hand gently with the back of her hand facing the crowd.

Her hand was slender and beautiful as it was like a work of art.


On her slender ring finger, she wore a dazzling diamond ring.

With the intricately carved jewel facing the sun, it exuded a blinding shimmer.


The reporters could clearly see that the wedding ring that Ye Zhi was wearing was the same as the one that Gu Ren was wearing.


The corners of Ye Zhi’s lips curled up; this was their wedding ring.

In the face of doubts from the outside world, this was their best proof, so nothing else really needed to be said.


The reporters dispersed as Ye Zhi brought a lot of snacks and drinks before going into the filming set.

She distributed them to the fans and told them not to stay outside for too long.


The fans were moved as they exclaimed words of praise towards Ye Zhi, stating that she was such a good person and they were going to support her forever no matter what happens.


When Ye Zhi was filming, the crew sometimes came to ask about the relationship between her and Gu Ren.

They were just curious, so Ye Zhi answered them politely.


By the time Ye Zhi had finished filming for the day, it was already night.


Ye Zhi stood at the door and looked outside; Gu Ren hadn’t arrived yet.

The assistant glanced at Ye Zhi and asked her, “Should I take you home now”


Ye Zhi thought of what Gu Ren said to her, so she shook her head with a smile and continued to look outside.


After a while, a sound of tires scraping the ground could be heard.

Ye Zhi followed the direction of the sound and looked over.


When the reporters saw Ye Zhi looking in that direction, they also turned to look.


Not far away, a car approached them.

Crossing the silently long street, the car drove to the front and stopped.


The car was jet black.

Just like the owner of the car, this car had a low-key vibe but was equipped with a price that could not be ignored.


The door opened and a pair of long legs slowly stepped on the ground.

As he got up, the straight black suit on his body gradually revealed its full appearance— a well-designed suit with an excellent texture and no wrinkles.


Gu Ren stood up straight and it became more and more obvious that he was extremely tall.

When he lowered his eyes lightly, the bottom of his eyes seemed to resemble a bottomless color of ink.


A beam of light slanted from the headlights, covering Gu Ren’s tall silhouette.

The light illuminated the ground beneath his feet, slowly lengthening his shadow silently and gracefully.


The light stretched upwards, accentuating Gu Ren’s face.

His facial expressions were a bit cold and a bit nonchalant. 


The intersection between the effects of dark and light were completely different, but exceptionally harmonious.


When the fans found out that it was Gu Ren, there was a burst of excited cries around them and they frantically called Gu Ren’s name.


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