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Since it was the first time they saw a photo of an artist at One Hyde Park, netizens completely blew up the chats.


“Holy cow, Ye Zhi actually lives in the penthouse of One Hyde Park— this time I’m really jealous!”


“I checked the price of Hyde Park online and I feel like I’m going to become inhumane!”


“Can someone write a blood letter(1) to beg for Ye Zhi to shoot a daily variety show  there I just want to experience and see how the truly rich spend their lives there!”


(T/N: Blood letters are used in the ancient times when China was under the rule of Emperors.

One can slice their finger to use their blood as ‘ink’ and write a letter, usually to beg or plead for justice.

Out of respect for the dedication, the higher nobles must entertain the letter and at least, acknowledge the problems written)


Ye Zhi had been busy the entire day, so when she finally changed out of her stylish attire, she immediately fell asleep on the bed after washing up.


It was already 10 o’clock when she woke up the next morning, Ye Zhi opened her eyes, only to find that Gu Ren was nowhere to be found.


Probably not wanting to disturb her sleep, Gu Ren had actually left the room long ago.

Ye Zhi sat at the dining table and noted that breakfast was ready.


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel was nearby, so the residents of One Hyde Park could enjoy the treatment of a five-star hotel every day.


As they weren’t aware of Ye Zhi’s habits, the breakfast sent by the hotel included a variety of meals.

There were all kinds of dishes and nothing was left out.


Ye Zhi lowered her head and took a sip of milk before she clicked on Weibo as she was met with many notifications.


Ye Zhi looked through the comments on the Internet and her fans kept saying that they had not seen Ye Zhi for a long time and wanted to see her now.

She, who was known as an artist that pampered her fans, started a live broadcast at everyone’s request.


Last night, the news of Ye Zhi’s participation in the Rothschild banquet had already gained her a lot of popularity.

Coupled with the fact that she now lived at One Hyde Park, it had attracted even more attention.


As soon as the live broadcast started, thousands of netizens rushed into the live broadcast room frantically.


The sun fell on Ye Zhi’s fair face, outlining her slender facial structure.

She slightly bent her lips and smiled at the camera, “Hello everyone, I’m Ye Zhi.”


“Wuwuwu, I’ve waited for several days for your news.

Please talk about it; can you live stream more in the future”


“Finally I can see the interior of the apartment! The rich lady Ye Zhi, who is benevolent and kind-hearted, should definitely be taken care of!”


Seeing the barrage of comments, Ye Zhi couldn’t help laughing, “I just got up and I’m still having breakfast.

I’ll be back to see you all in a few days.”


Ye Zhi picked up a piece of croissant, but before she started eating, there were footsteps sounding from not far away.


A low and hoarse voice was clearly transmitted into the live broadcast, “What are you doing”


Ye Zhi was stunned for a while.

As the camera flicked, Gu Ren, who was standing on the other side, entered the frame.

Netizens have never heard such a gentle voice coming from Gu Ren.

It turned out that the cold and clear man could also show a soft side in front of his lover.


Ye Zhi waved at Gu Ren, “Look here.”


She teased the netizens, “This is my husband, Gu Ren.”


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