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Back then, they subconsciously remembered each other’s preferences, thinking that they should keep quiet as they carefully probed each other’s minds.


Thinking of this, Ye Zhi couldn’t help but pursed her lips and smiled.


Gu Ren seemed to have thought of something along with Ye Zhi, so when he saw her smiling, he was able to guess what she was thinking about.


After Gu Ren parked the car, they walked into the hot pot restaurant together.

It wasn’t a typical time to have a meal, so there weren’t many people inside the restaurant.


Seeing that there were guests coming in, a waitress stepped forward.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi both wore masks so only their eyes were visible, but their temperament remained undiminished.


Gu Ren looked at the waitress and asked, “Is the private room still empty”


Just as the waitress was about to answer, she looked at Gu Ren’s eyes in a daze.

She slowly looked away from his eyes and looked at Ye Zhi again.


Oh my god, did Ye Zhi and Gu Ren come to our store


Seeing that the waitress didn’t answer, Ye Zhi asked again warmly, “Are there any places left in the private room”


The waitress who was relieved then tried her best to suppress her excitement, “Yes, I will lead you there.”


Gu Ren’s temperament was outstanding, so he couldn’t help but attract a few more glances.

Coupled with the strange reaction of the waitress, the staff in the store frequently looked over.


But they kept in mind that they were still working and did not approach them for an autograph.


After Ye Zhi entered the room, she took off her mask, as did Gu Ren.

This way, their true appearances were revealed.

The waitress was extremely glad that Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were served by her as she smiled at both of them.


Even though the two of them weren’t even holding hands, why did the air smell sweet


The hot pot was served up soon and the steaming aroma wafted around the room, making Ye Zhi’s vision blur when she felt the heat.


In the pot, the dark red soup was boiling and bubbling, spreading the strong aroma.

The spicy smell combined with the salty fragrance suddenly stimulated Ye Zhi’s appetite.


Gu Ren had already dished out Ye Zhi’s favourite ingredients into the hot pot one by one.

He placed them in at the exact time, took them out, and scooped them into Ye Zhi’s bowl.


Ye Zhi knew Gu Ren too well.

She knew that he would only start eating once he finished cooking and dishing out her food.


Ye Zhi didn’t want Gu Ren to be hungry just because he was worried.


After Ye Zhi took a bite of her meal, she immediately fed Gu Ren’s favourite food into his mouth, “Gu Ren, can you let me feed you this time”


Ye Zhi had never fed Gu Ren with her own hands before, so it was kind of fun to do so now.


Gu Ren’s movements didn’t stop as Ye Zhi found that the bowl in front of her was getting higher and higher.

The pile of food was practically a tower and it was almost spilling from the sides.


Ye Zhi immediately grabbed onto Gu Ren’s hand and stopped him.


“Do you still know that I am a female artist”


Gu Ren also put down his chopsticks and turned his head to look at Ye Zhi.

He smiled suddenly as sparks lit up in the bottomless darkness of his eyes.


“I only know that you are now my wife.”


Ye Zhi originally liked to have a good serving of hot pot, but in order to maintain her figure, she would restrain herself a little.

But now, under the persistence and kindness of Gu Ren, she ate it wholeheartedly.


When Ye Zhi and Gu Ren finished eating and were about to leave, the waitress took the opportunity, came up to them and took out a paper and pen from her pocket.


“I wonder if you can give me a couple-style autograph”


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