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In a dazed state, Ye Zhi felt that she had come to a pitch-black world.

Ye Zhi stood there blankly without a single trace of light around.


At this moment, a long staircase suddenly appeared in front of her and the steps extended upwards.

Winding to the end, there was a closed door.


Ye Zhi held her breath as she climbed the steps.

She walked step by step, and finally, her feet carried her to the top floor.


Ye Zhi put her hand on the door and pushed it gently.


The door opened as light suddenly poured in, waking Ye Zhi up.


Ye Zhi opened her eyes, noting that the sun was a little harsh.

Ye Zhi used her hand and covered her eyes slightly.

After a while, she reopened her eyes and looked around.


Ye Zhi was stunned as the surrounding environment was both unfamiliar and familiar.


The strange thing was that this was not her and Gu Ren’s marriage room.

Plus, every furnishings were different from what it was in the Gu mansion.


However, it was familiar because she had a deep impression of this place.

After all, every piece of furniture here was hand-picked and arranged by her.


Ye Zhi widened her eyes in disbelief.

If she remembered correctly, she was now in the rental house where she lived before she transmigrated into a book!


Ye Zhi trembled and looked to the side.

Sure enough, Gu Ren was not beside her.

Ye Zhi didn’t give up as she stood up immediately, ready to find out if Gu Ren would be here.


Ye Zhi searched her house but found no trace of Gu Ren as her heart sank suddenly.


Ye Zhi returned to the room in despair before her eyes glanced at the mobile phone beside her.

She then picked up the phone and swept her gaze over its contents desperately.


The light shone brightly and illuminated the screen as the time was clearly displayed.

Ye Zhi’s heart fell into a pit of disappointment again.


The time stated was completely different from the time displayed in the world of the book.


Ye Zhi fell and sat there as her eyes were full of anxiousness and worry.

She was now sure that she had returned to the world she had once belonged to before transmigration.


However, Gu Ren disappeared.


Ye Zhi thought blankly, if she came to this world, where would Gu Ren be now


The wedding between Gu Ren and Ye Zhi was solemn and grand, so many netizens kept up with the recent situation in real time.

The next morning, everyone got up early to go to work to discuss the wedding that occured the night before.


The discussion outside was very lively, but no one knew that great changes had taken place here.


The first person who noticed that something was wrong was the housekeeper.


As the days leading up to the wedding were very busy, the housekeeper took this into consideration and didn’t wake the newlyweds in the morning.

Instead, he merely made them some brunch.


It was a little after 10 o’clock that the housekeeper went upstairs and knocked on the door since there were no signs of movement anywhere from his masters.


The housekeeper knocked on the bedroom door for a while but no one responded.

After a while, he frowned slightly and called Gu Ren’s number.


The familiar ringtone of Gu Ren’s mobile phone could be heard from the room.

The ringtone looped over and over again, but no one picked up the phone.


The housekeeper was  very nervous as he made a decision.

He opened the door, looked inside and was shocked as he immediately summoned a personal doctor to examine both Gu Ren and Ye Zhi.


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