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“They have a month.

If they can come back within a month, they will have a smooth life in the future despite going through a catastrophe,” Zhao Tianshi paused, “If not…”


He did not continue to speak the following words.

Even so, everyone around him could guess what the contents were.


Zhao Tianshi had already given a deadline.

Gu Ren and Ye Zhi’s life and death scenario would depend on whether or not they could survive this one-month period.


According to the physical conditions of the two, there must be a team on standby at any given time.


The hospital was crowded with people, so the Gu family hired a top-level medical team and prepared a full set of medical facilities at home to ensure that their lives were not at risk.


During this month, they must take good care of Gu Ren and Ye Zhi.

Then, they must patiently wait for the day they return.


When Gu Ren opened his eyes, he still remembered his final moments before he fell unconscious.

He instinctively remembered that Ye Zhi was lying on the wedding bed with him.


Gu Ren sat up from the bed and looked around.

The furnishings in the room were unfamiliar but also slightly familiar.


There was a shelf in the corner of the room that was full of albums he once released, which meant that he was now back in his original world.


Gu Ren immediately checked his mobile phone.

The date on the screen indicated that he was still several years away from the day of the accident.


He didn’t become blind, he didn’t live in that sanatorium and he also didn’t meet Ye Zhi who became a volunteer.


So, since he was here, where was Ye Zhi


Gu Ren immediately thought of a place— the nursing home.


He and Ye Zhi met in the sanatorium— that was the only thing he knew about Ye Zhi in this world.

He didn’t know the address of Ye Zhi’s house and he hadn’t even seen her face before.


If Ye Zhi was still working as a volunteer in the nursing home, then as long as he went there, he would still be able to find her.


Gu Ren rolled over, got out of bed and sped out of the room.

Just as he was going downstairs, the door opened, and Du Heng, his manager in this world, opened the door and walked in.


When he saw Du Heng again, Gu Ren was stunned for a few seconds.


It turned out that a long time had passed for him, but to Du Heng, the world seemed to have been flowing along like normal.


Du Heng rarely ever saw Gu Ren’s distracted expression and felt that it was a little strange.

He walked to the sofa in front of him and sat down, “Gu Yue, what are you thinking about”


Gu Yue was Gu Ren’s name in this world.

He hadn’t heard anyone call him that for a very long time.


Gu Ren came back to his senses and stopped the revolving memories in his mind.

The memories he thought would be vague became clear little by little.


Gu Ren suppressed his temper and listened to Du Heng’s words, “I’m a little tired, so I’m still blanking out a bit.

Do you need something since you’re here”


Du Heng approached Gu Ren because he wanted to discuss the concert with him, “I want to discuss some of the details with you.

The stage will be…”


Gu Ren listened to Du Heng’s words, but his mind was not here.


If Ye Zhi came here and he didn’t find her the first time, what would happen to Ye Zhi As long as Gu Ren thought of this, his patience was running out.


Gu Ren stood up from the sofa, “Sorry, I’m in a hurry, I’ll talk to you when I come back.”


Gu Ren didn’t even take his coat as he took the car keys and went out immediately.


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