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Any form of subtle expression of Gu Ren was shown on the big screen as the fans also noticed Gu Ren’s strangeness for the first time.


In the next second, Gu Ren’s voice fell.

When he called Ye Chu’s name, it seemed that he had exhausted all his strength as the end of his words came out in a tremble.


“Ye Chu, are you here”


Ye Zhi, who was under the stage, clenched her hands all of a sudden.

Because she clenched them too hard, her nails were embedded in her palms.

However, she didn’t even realise it.


For a moment, Ye Zhi’s vision was completely blurred as across the stage, Gu Ren called out her name.


Gu Ren’s eyes fell on the auditorium.

The light in the auditorium was dim and his Ye Zhi was in a small corner, waiting for him to find her.


All the things he did before had actually caused him a deep sense of unease because he couldn’t be sure whether Ye Zhi had also come here.


He didn’t know if everything he did was just in vain.

He wasn’t sure if anyone listened to what he said, if anyone understood.


At this moment, when Gu Ren called out Ye Zhi’s name, he clearly realised that Ye Zhi would definitely hear it under the stage.


“Ye Chu…”


Gu Ren called Ye Zhi’s name over and over again.

The silent snow was reflected in his eyes, but it was as if a spark had ignited amidst his dark orbs.


The name Ye Chu was spread throughout the concert through the speakers.

Besides, Gu Ren’s low and magnetic voice was extremely firm.


Fans also began to imitate their idol and began to call for Ye Chu.


“Ye Chu, Ye Chu, Ye Chu…”


For a while, only two words resounded throughout the concert as the cacophony of voices continued.


Gu Ren looked down at the stage, but there were too many light signs under the stage, so he couldn’t see anything that clearly.

Gu Ren picked up the microphone and said solemnly, “Sorry everyone, but can you turn off all the lights”


As he said those words, the audience fell into silence.


After a while, the light signs in the upper left corner dimmed and that space fell into darkness.

After a few seconds, the light signs in the middle also dimmed.


Countless fans switched off their light signs one after another, causing the brightness to dim alternately.

Now, the whole place had plunged into darkness.


Seeing that the surroundings were surrounded by darkness, Ye Zhi had an idea in her heart.

She picked up her phone and turned on the flashlight.


Gu Ren stared at the audience for a moment as he was feeling extremely anxious. Ye Zhi, where are you


At this moment, amidst the silent darkness, a beacon of light suddenly lit up.

The light stood by itself, alone, and Gu Ren glanced towards it.


There was a faint shadow there.


Gu Ren’s eyes suddenly lit up with a very deep glimmer and his heart started to beat a little faster.

He immediately turned around and walked down the stage.


Towards the person he held precious in his heart.


The fans who were in the front row saw Gu Ren’s actions and there was an audible form of exclamation in the air.

Gu Ren didn’t look anywhere else at all as his black eyes just looked at Ye Zhi for a moment.


At this time, a spotlight suddenly lit up above him quietly.

Following Gu Ren’s footsteps, the light illuminated the darkness that stretched forward along the way.


Gu Ren walked slowly and every step of his was extremely light.

However, with every step Gu Ren took, an inextinguishable fire in his heart started to burn brighter.


It was as if a bright flower had bloomed in the white snow and it seemed as if a scorching dim light had fallen amidst the starry night.


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