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Without any warning, this photo was uploaded to the Internet and posted on Gu Ren’s Weibo.

He and Ye Zhi didn’t even say a word as a follow-up.


In a few seconds, the fans were all blowing up the Weibo site.


In order to catch wind of the new married couple, fans would constantly monitor their Weibo pages just to wait for any sort of news.


“Ahhhh, can someone hit me I’m really not dreaming! Gu God actually posted on Weibo! Long time no see, but we can see that this couple is still immortal!”


“Goodness, they finally appeared.

There was no news for so long, so I thought they were going to retire and go back to inheriting their family businesses.

Please shoot more movies for a couple of years longer and don’t leave the entertainment circle, okay”


“Everyone who had spread rumours, come out this instant and let me scold you! Who in the world decided to speak of such nonsense when the two of them are completely fine”


“When will they resume work The new movie is about to be released.

I hope to see Gu Ren and his wife at the press conference.

I have my pocket money ready and I will definitely visit the theatre two or three times.”




Gu Ren only posted a Weibo, but it had already aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Perhaps it was because everyone was desperate for some sort of information about the couple’s trip, so the search engines of Weibo once again faced technical difficulties.


No matter how the outside world talked, it had nothing to do with the two of them.


At this time, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were recovering from their illness.

Under the supervision of the Gu family and the Sheng family, they gradually recovered.


They had just woken up and their bodies were still very weak, so they couldn’t handle having too much at one go either.


Because of the doctor’s request, the dietitian at home made a menu for them.

All three meals were different and they provided different nutrients, but it wouldn’t affect their appetite.


For the first few days, the most important thing for them every day was to make sure that the other party was eating carefully.


They couldn’t be picky eaters and weren’t allowed to eat any less.

The two of them also had to measure and record their weight every morning.


Ye Zhi had a wedding not long after filming the movie ‘Slim’.

Her bones were weaker and her health was not as good as before because of the diet she had to take for the film.


Now that he had been locked in the gates of hell again, Ye Zhi’s health was not looking good.

She often felt that every step she took gave her a floating sensation and even if she had enough sleep, she couldn’t wear off the lethargic feeling that seemed to consume.


After lunch, with the sun hanging at a perfect angle, the couple would take a walk as a routine.


Ye Zhi was still trying her best to get used to this weak body.

She took a few steps and sighed.


Gu Ren stopped and turned to look at her, “What’s wrong”


“It just feels…” Ye Zhi thought for a while, “That my limbs don’t seem to belong to me anymore.”


Gu Ren’s black eyes stared at Ye Zhi.

He stretched out his hand and handed it to her as Ye Zhi put her hand in his palm, dragged forward by him.


She temporarily stopped her work now.

She retired to bed early and woke up early every day at home, resuming her normal and healthy diet and lifestyle.

Her daily life no longer required her to do anything as her only responsibility was taking care of her body.


She also felt like she entered her retirement age fairly early.


“Gu Ren, one day when I get old and my body doesn’t listen to me anymore, what’s going to happen”


“I’ll still hold on to you like this.”


“What if I can’t walk anymore”


“Then I’ll carry you on my back.”




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