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Once Ye Zhi mentioned this, they all realised that the female character of the movie had anorexia nervosa.

Ye Zhi’s trailer photos for the movie were also taken while she was in a very malnutritioned state.


They were all heartbroken.


“Ye Zhi had sacrificed too much for this line of work, boohoo.

She’s already very thin, so if she gets even skinnier, I’m worried that she will faint.”


“Zhizhi is too dedicated to her work.

When she plays a character, she will completely embody that character into her being.

Where else can I find such an idol”


On the screen, Ye Zhi’s voice continued to sound, “Now, I’m currently recovering, so there is no need to worry.”


She sincerely said, “Once again, I would like to apologise.

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been absent.”


When Ye Zhi said this, her fans felt even more distressed.


“What do you have to be sorry for It’s you who lost weight, it’s you who worked hard, and you’re the one who’s apologising My tears are going to flow.”


“As long as you recover, we will forgive you.

Give us back our healthy Ye Zhi!”


At the end of the video, Ye Zhi said, “After a week, I will start working again, so thank you all for your support.”


“I’m so excited! Can I finally see my idol I’m so happy that I’m going to roll in place!”


“Although I really want to see Ye Zhi, I just want her to become healthy.

If her body doesn’t fully recover, she should just continue to rest.”


In a few days, ‘Slim’ will be released.


The movie had not yet been officially released, but the pre-sale box office of the movie had already exceeded 100 million! Countless people said that this was the movie that they wanted to watch the most.


On the first day of the movie’s release, everyone went into the movie theatre to watch it with much anticipation.


The lights dimmed and the movie started to play.

The character that Ye Zhi was playing would go through a major change, eventually developing the anorexia nervosa syndrome(1).


(T/N: This syndrome is scientifically classified as a disorder.

Someone who has anorexia would often try their hardest to lose weight by not eating or vomiting etc.

Ultimately, people who have anorexia fear weight gain even though they might already be abnormally thin.)


In the show, Ye Zhi began to eat less and less.

When any form of food was placed in front of her, her face was always blank.


Soon, one third of the film was already broadcasted, but the audience could clearly see that Ye Zhi was much thinner than she was in the beginning of the film.


Ye Zhi raised her hand slightly, her exposed arm being unnaturally slim.


Ye Zhi still looked beautiful, but there was no source of life under this skin of hers.

She merely resembled a pale and lifeless soul.


The girl who was as gorgeous as a flower was merely in her initial blooming stages.

However, when she was supposed to reach her peak beauty, it seemed to the world that she had started to wither.


The video continued to play, showing that Ye Zhi had been suffering from anorexia for a long time.

Ye Zhi put on her old clothes as she turned her body and looked back at herself in the mirror.


The light shone down and it showed off the two prominent shoulder blades on her slenderly fair back.

However, this was no longer her graceful-looking shoulder blades.


The originally beautiful and small shoulder blades were now like two long ravines spreading across her back, accentuating her bones for the world to see.


She looked like a dying butterfly.


When the audience saw Ye Zhi in this state, many people covered their mouths and couldn’t help but cry.

They felt that the pain she went through was unbearable and a few of the people from the audience even felt their hearts clench out of hurt.


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