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The first vlog was of Ye Zhi, shot from Gu Rens perspective, in the garden at home.

Next to the rose bush was a swing.

As Ye Zhi sat on the swing, her eyes drifted towards Gu Ren.

Gu Ren was extremely patient as he used a photographers tone of speaking after being exposed to that very industry from long ago, “Look at the camera.”

He stood there, stained with a layer of gold by the sunlight.

He still maintained his cold features, but he was extremely meticulous and gentle towards her.

However, whenever Ye Zhis eyes fell on the camera, she would unconsciously stare at Gu Ren who was behind it.

Then, her face would always curl into a smile.

Ye Zhi couldnt help laughing and Gu Ren followed suit, making the camera shake in his hands as he laughed.

Under the sun, Gu Ren was tall and slender.

Carrying a noble temperament, his fingers were like the coldest jades and were extremely slender.

Holding a micro-sheet in his hand, he had become Ye Zhis exclusive photographer.

Ye Zhi was slightly stunned as she stared at Gu Ren for a moment.

Then, she said with a slight smirk, “Director Gu.”

Gu Ren stopped the movements in his hand as his thin lips curled slightly.

He then smiled silently.

Ye Zhi, “Do you think that was passable”

Gu Ren lowered his head to look at the camera as he sported a smile on the corner of his lips, purposely mixing a bit of nonchalance to his expression.

He raised his dark eyes, looked at Ye Zhi and shook his head regretfully, “Lets redo it.”

Ye Zhi was stunned for a moment before she trotted over and saw herself captured on the camera.

Only then did she realise that the video they had just taken was truly invalid.

It was not due to the poor photography technique of Director Gu, but it was because the lens of the camera was too unsteady for it to even focus.

Ye Zhi knew that the reason why Gu Ren couldnt hold the camera steadily was because of her.

As long as they made eye contact with each other, like they did just now, they would laugh.

Gu Ren leaned over as his warm breath hit her earlobe.

His clear voice entered her ears, “Maybe its because you are too good-looking, so much so that the camera blurs when trying to focus on you.”

Now that their first vlog attempt failed, Ye Zhi covered her face with her hands and was very distressed, “No, no, no.”

“Whats the matter” Gu Rens dark eyes stared at her for a moment, softly spitting out a few words, “Whats making you sayno so much”

Ye Zhis voice came from between her fingers, “Its not because of you; its because of me.

I cant do it.”

Gu Rens lips twitched as he looked at Ye Zhi with a half-smile.

The words he spoke were sultry, having a slightly unclear tone to it, “Oh, is that so”

Ye Zhis body froze and she quickly realised that what she said just now was very ambiguous.

The more she tried to explain things, the more she was unable to give a proper explanation.

Ye Zhi removed her hand and opened her eyes, revealing her clear orbs, “In short, whenever I look at you, I cant focus on the camera.”

Gu Rens eyes dropped as his arms crossed his chest.

Leaning back, he raised his eyebrows to look at her, “So”

“Lets make a call and ask the photographer to come over” Ye Zhi asked tentatively.

Gu Ren didnt give any reply to that.

His eyes were clearly indifferent, but they gave Ye Zhi a lot of pressure.

Ye Zhi immediately changed her words, “I dont need a photographer; I want my husband to shoot for me.”

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