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At the request of fans, Ye Zhi went shopping today when she went out.

Ye Zhi got into the car and the vehicle drove forward.

Netizens were very curious as to where she was going next.

At this moment, Ye Zhi turned her head.

She looked at the camera and said with a smile, “I’m going to buy some things.

How about you guys guess where I’m going”

Everyone started to speculate.

“Are you going to buy some jewellery To buy a dress To buy some lady’s cosmetics Ah, I really can’t predict anything about the life of the rich.”

“Am I the only one who thinks that Ye Zhi’s makeup today looks especially good Oh no, I was wrong; Ye Zhi is just too refined.”

“Zhizhi, you’ve turned bad.

You’re actually making us so curious, but I like your mysterious appearance.”

No matter what the netizens guessed, Ye Zhi just smiled and didn’t speak, looking very mysterious.

The car continued to drive forward, and after a while, it stopped.

The lights illuminated the name of the store and netizens widened their eyes in shock.


Netizens were astonished and started to bombard the comments section immediately.

“I did think about Hermès bags, but I didn’t expect Ye Zhi to fulfil my wish.”

“I read it right, didn’t I This turned out to be a Hermès store I can actually see Ye Zhi buying a Hermès bag in this life of mine.

Someone tell me this is not a dream!”

Ye Zhi walked into the Hermès store and a clerk greeted her politely as she was an important customer.

When she saw Ye Zhi coming, she had a smile on her face.

When the clerk noticed that Ye Zhi was broadcasting live, she was about to close the store and serve the female star alone.

“Serving Ye Zhi alone My knowledge is broadened.

Watching Ye Zhi’s vlog is indeed a pleasure.”

“This treatment is simply amazing.

Who else would still have this treatment”

“This is the real epitome of Baifumei— there’s both confidence and temperament!”

After that, Ye Zhi began to pick out some bags.

The bags that she had selected were very good-looking and netizens praised Ye Zhi’s taste in fashion.

In the end, Ye Zhi paid some money to the clerk, picked up the bag and prepared to leave.

Amidst the live comments, many fans said that they still wanted to see Ye Zhi buy a bag in the future.

Compared to others, this was the real daily life of a lady.

When Ye Zhi was broadcasting live, some fans came over because they had no other chance of meeting their idol.

They had to find out where the video was filmed and wanted to have a chance to encounter her.

Even if they were to merely glance at her from a distance, they would be content.

After coming out of the store, Ye Zhi was about to get in the car and go home, but before she got in the car, she glanced to the side.

Seven or eight girls were standing in the corner.

They didn’t look very old and should still be students.

Originally, they had been looking in the direction of Ye Zhi and did not come forward, but when she looked over, they quickly lowered their heads.

These girls were from the same school and they were on a holiday outing together.

They just didn’t expect that the place they had chosen to spend their free time was very close to Ye Zhi’s live broadcast location.

They didn’t even care about the itinerary they had planned for today as they came here to see if they could catch a glimpse of Ye Zhi.

Those schoolgirls were excited to see their idol.

They did manage to see her, but Ye Zhi, too, might have also already spotted them.

Within the next second, a pair of high-heeled shoes stopped in front of them and when the girls looked up, Ye Zhi stood before them, smiling.

“Are you looking for me”


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