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The fans were so shocked that they couldn’t even speak.

It took a while for them to calm down, but one of the girls spoke up, despite her voice stuttering, “I…we…we will always support you.”

They were still embarrassed in front of their idol to the point where their tongues wouldn’t even function normally.

The female student who took the lead in speaking received intense attention from the others.

It was such an opportunity to see her idol in person, so she wondered why couldn’t she just speak properly.

Ye Zhi raised the corners of her lips and a shallow smile spread across her eyes, “You are very cute.”

The female student was still annoyed at first, but when Ye Zhi praised her, her face flushed nervously.

As she looked to the sides, she realised that her friends were looking at her in envy.

Ye Zhi looked around, then looked at the fans, “Do you girls want to have lunch together You can tell me what you want to eat.”

Being able to have a meal with their idol was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

No matter what they were going to eat, they were going to inhale it even if it was a stone.

This time, everyone said in unison, “Anything is fine.”

Ye Zhi was amused by their adorable reaction, “Then, I’ll choose.”

Ye Zhi chose a high-end Japanese food store.

The last time Gu Ren took her here was when she was on a diet and couldn’t eat some high-calorie foods.

In order to get Ye Zhi to eat more, Gu Ren chose several gourmet restaurants that served food with low calories.

Thinking of this, Ye Zhi quickly decided on said place for lunch.

The Japanese food store was very close.

Ye Zhi walked over with the fans and the videographer was still following them throughout the whole process.

Ye Zhi originally wanted to end the live broadcast, but the netizens wanted to continue watching.

From the time Ye Zhi invited fans to have lunch to the point where they had already arrived at the restaurant, the live comments section was about to erupt.

“We’re so lucky to be fans of Ye Zhi.

Why do I have to work overtime today If I’m free now, I would just fly over there.”

“Ah, ah, I should stop comparing other people’s lives with mine.

I’m completely jealous right now, don’t stop me from doing what I need to do.”

“My idol is really spoiling her fans, but unfortunately I’m in another city now, so I can’t even think about it.”

The Japanese food restaurant chosen by Ye Zhi would strictly control the ingredients and only use the seasonal ingredients, all of which were delivered by air on the same day, to provide customers with the freshest food possible.

And this shop never used ice cubes to keep the food fresh— all of their sashimi were served in cold-processed plates as they wanted to retain the most delicious taste of the ingredients.

The environment of the store was quiet and was, in one way, full of a high-class temperament.

The decoration was also very unique, making others immerse themselves completely in the atmosphere.

There was no menu at this restaurant as everything was all up to the chef to decide based on the ingredients of the day.

Jade eggplant with live sea urchin, Kyoto wagyu beef with white truffle, tofu ice cream and a variety of fresh sashimi would be served today.

It was as if Ye Zhi was part of her fan’s friend group from the start as she sat in the middle.

The lights in the store were not bright but a sliver of luminance shone on Ye Zhi’s side face, highlighting her fair skin and delicate facial features.

Fans discovered that under such a surprisingly dim light, their idol could still be so beautiful.

Of course, unparalleled beauty would never be blocked.

It was the first time they were sitting at such close proximity with their idol, and it was obvious that it was slightly cramped.

Even so, the girls were so tense to the point where they nearly forgot that they came here to eat.

Ye Zhi saw their nervousness and wanted to ease it, so she opened her mouth.

“Do you have any questions for me Feel free to ask.”


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