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Ye Zhi has terminated the contract with the former brokerage company, but former agent Zhu Jie has been paying close attention to Ye Zhi\'s trend.

She did this because she wanted to see what kind of situation Ye Zhi would get after she left her control.

I firmly believe that ye Zhi will lead a worse life.

But to Zhu Jie\'s surprise, ye Zhi is developing better and better.

She no longer meets porcelain and Gu Ren, and passers-by feel much better.

The two variety shows that ye Zhi participated in also gave her a lot of powder, but what made Zhu Jie most angry was that ye Zhi had recently become the spokesman of Shangmei Paris!

Shangmei Paris is a first-line jewelry brand, blue blood noble jewelry, how can ye Zhi get such good resources!

Why leaves Gardenia leaves her, can arrive such a height!

I wish sister sneer, at the beginning Ye Zhi is his own hand out, there are a lot of things he knows.

Ye Zhi is too smooth, she may forget that she has a handle in her own hands.

That is the relationship between Ye Zhi and song lie.

Zhu elder sister knows, song lie is Ye Zhi\'s fiance, two people have engagement, this matter the outside world does not know completely.

What if she made it public

If other people know, ye Zhi has been hiding from everyone and flow Xiaosheng has an engagement, and at the same time is still touching porcelain Gu Ren

Zhu elder sister complacent smile, this time, she must let Ye Zhi\'s reputation fall to the ground, can\'t get up again.

Zhu Jie has some marketing numbers under her, and they immediately set out to issue a general draft.

Soon, some manuscripts appeared on the Internet, from the title to the content, the words directly pointed to Ye Zhi and song lie, and the relationship was not general.

[ye Zhi and song lie have an engagement.

During this period, they also meet porcelain and Gu Ren.

Their moral character is worrying! 】

[powerful! Ye Zhi is engaged and binds Gu Ren without shame! 】

[the fiance of xiaohuayezhi is song lie, a student of traffic.

She has been cheating fans! 】

the content of the draft is roughly as follows: ye Zhi and song lie had an engagement a long time ago.

They agreed to dress up and not know each other, and continue to make money as a single image in the entertainment industry.

Ye Zhiming knew that he had a fiance, but he did not shame to touch the porcelain to bind Gu Ren, and repeatedly used Gu Ren to stir up his enthusiasm.

Ye Zhi\'s heart is deep, desperate to climb up, in vain fans love and trust.

The manuscript even maliciously fabricates, since Ye Zhi has a fiance, she will meet Gu Ren.

Who knows if she has any involvement with other male stars

In a word, ye Zhi doesn\'t deserve to be a newcomer.

She cheated fans from beginning to end!

Every word and every sentence in the draft is extremely serious, pointing to Ye Zhi\'s bad character and intending to destroy Ye Zhi\'s image directly.

Because it mentioned three people, ye Zhi, Gu Ren, song lie.

One is a new floret, one is a national idol, the other is a flow of small students.

These three people are very well-known, ye Zhi is still in the rising stage of her career, is in the stage of accumulating a large number of fans, but such a thing broke out, which is shocking!

Netizens heard the news came, shocked at the same time, some of Ye Zhi\'s fans are very rational.

I haven\'t heard that ye Zhi and song lie have something to do with it.

Isn\'t song lie and Sheng man a national CP What\'s the matter with Ye Zhi

As soon as ye Zhizhi won the endorsement of Shangmei Paris, she published her black manuscript and strongly doubted the authenticity of this matter!

What about the photos and the evidence Ye Zhi and song lie didn\'t even have a photo taken together.

Did they frame Ye Zhi so plainly

Fans are right.

Although every word in the manuscript said that ye Zhi and song lie were related, there was no convincing picture.

But Zhu Jie has already bought the water army.

As soon as ye Zhi\'s fans speak, the water army immediately takes rhythm below and scolds Ye Zhi and song lie at the same time.

There is no fire without wind.

Why is song lie mentioned in the manuscript without mentioning other male stars It is obviously related to song lie.

Ye Zhi, get out of the entertainment circle! At the same time, she is involved in the male God and the flow of Xiaosheng, ye Zhi is very resourceful

Song lie is disgusting enough.

He has a engagement and sells any single idol\'s equipment.

Now even the bottom has been picked out.

I think ye Zhi and song lie just match a pair, they are very annoying.

Under the guidance of the Navy, many netizens have been biased, the perception of Ye Zhi is getting worse and worse.

The key to this matter is that ye Zhi not only has an engagement, but also has an engagement.

Gu Ren\'s fans can\'t bear it.

I\'ve already turned the powder to Ye Zhi.

How could this happen Ye Zhi must give us an explanation

I almost want to hold high the CP flag of Gu Ren Ye Zhi, so give me a heavy blow.

I\'m too disappointed with Ye Zhi.

A small number of fans still have some sense.

They think that if ye Zhi really has an engagement with song lie, when did their engagement begin

Does the engagement still exist Moreover, what is the reason for their engagement

but the public opinion almost scolds Ye Zhi and song lie, and no one is willing to consider the truth behind this.How difficult is it for a person\'s word-of-mouth to turn from bad to good It\'s hard to make every effort to turn the situation around.

Fortunately, ye Zhizhi had already done it before the incident broke out.

In the variety show, ye Zhi won\'t fight for it.

In the competition, ye Zhi worked hard.

Her strength and attitude are obvious to all.

But in the rapidly changing entertainment industry, a star\'s image from good to bad, only a fatal thing.

Now, ye Zhi\'s hard-earned popularity is likely to be completely subverted overnight.

Before ye Zhi comes out to clarify, fans really have a pimple in their hearts.

Now ye Zhi, is it really worth your trust

When things burst out, ye Zhi was taking part in the activities of Shangmei Paris, without knowing about it.

Now, she\'s showing a piece of jewelry.

Ye Zhi elbow bending, she gently raised the hand, the hand moved to his ear side.

Her white fingers spread slowly, and looking down, it was her slender wrists, with pearly hues.

Ye Zhi wears the latest Paris bracelet on her wrist.

The bracelet is exquisite and unique, shining in the light.

Ye Zhi side of the face, chin toward the direction of the bracelet to go low, but the corner of the eye gently raised, cool eyes staring at the front, calm and noble temperament.

It not only shows the jewelry perfectly, but also reflects her outstanding temperament.

The audience was impressed by Ye Zhi, and the director of Shangmei Paris was also watching from below.

His eyes showed approval.

It was not wrong to choose Ye Zhi as the brand spokesman.

At this time, a few people\'s mobile phone vibration, they look down to see the mobile phone, mobile phone push a Ye Zhi news.

Ye Zhi and song lie have an engagement, but they still touch porcelain Gu Ren!

They couldn\'t believe to look up to Ye Zhi, and their eyes gradually showed disappointment.

Later, more and more people saw this piece of information, they looked at Ye Zhi with strange eyes, the air gradually sounded a whisper.

Ye Zhi is very sensitive, her intuition is not right, but she suppressed the mood in the heart, continue to show jewelry.

After a while, someone came to the director and said a few words quietly.

The director looked at Ye Zhi in shock, his eyes were very dignified.

Ye Zhi is clear, should have happened some things she does not know.

It has something to do with her, and the situation is very serious.

Ye Zhi\'s heart suddenly appeared a little uneasy, but she was soon pressed down.

She\'s still on stage now, and she has to show off the jewelry.

So far, she must not mess around.

Her accomplishment and sense of responsibility also require her to finish this work conscientiously.

Therefore, ye Zhi\'s eyes are slightly tight, but the smile on the lips has not changed from beginning to end.

Those who can come to Shangmei Paris are either rich or expensive.

Even though they know the news on the Internet, they just look at Ye Zhi frequently, and the meaning of their eyes is not clear.

The news on the Internet is well founded, and the credibility of this news seems to be very high.

Ye Zhi can also how to explain, in the premise of his fiance, also want to meet other male stars, take the opportunity to go up.

They like the jewelry of Shangmei Paris, so they don\'t want to let Ye Zhi, who is full of black material, to speak for what they like.

In their eyes, ye Zhi\'s mind is quite deep, in order to be popular, you can pretend that you don\'t even know your fiance.

Now ye Zhi has become the brand ambassador of Shangmei Paris, just like dust the jewelry.

Other people behaved fairly well and didn\'t deliberately do some obnoxious behavior.

But one of them, Hu Xiao, a white Fu Mei, became depressed after knowing the news.

When ye Zhi finished the activity and came to the backstage, Hu Xiao chuckled in front of Ye Zhi, without hesitation, showing his dislike for ye Zhi.

Hu Xiao is also a guest invited to the event.

She has bought jewelry from Shangmei Paris for many times.

At the event site, she stands close to Ye Zhi.

Hu Xiao has always been fond of chasing all kinds of male stars.

Fortunately, song lie and Gu Ninggang are her favorite idols recently.

Did not expect song lie burst out and leaf Gardenia have a marriage, is also likely to be in contact.

Gu Ren was hyped by a man who already had a fiance.

No matter from which point of view, ye Zhi\'s behavior has touched her scale.

Hu Xiaogen can\'t think of, ye Zhi such a person should be entangled with two of her idols at the same time, she directly believes that it is Ye Zhi\'s mind that will be so heavy in her heart.

In the face of Hu Xiao\'s almost provocative attitude, ye Zhi just looked at her lightly, and then withdrew her sight, as if she had not been in the eye.

Hu Xiao thought Ye Zhi would be angry, but ye Zhi was calm, but ye Zhi ignored her appearance, which made her angry and felt that she was despised.

Hu Xiao suddenly more angry: who do you think you are, still want to pedal two boats, careful not to drown.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t know what happened, but from Hu Xiao\'s ambiguous words, he can\'t hear clearly for a while.Ye Zhi has a premonition in her heart, but she is not sure.

Anyway, she never did anything that she missed.

She shouldn\'t be pointed at her nose.

To now, ye Zhizhi really put his eyes on Hu Xiao\'s body, ye Zhi\'s tall body, but also wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes about 78 cm, when looking at Hu Xiao, he must slightly lower his head.

When ye Zhi looks down at Hu Xiao, Hu Xiao feels that her momentum has been completely suppressed by a large section.

She moved her mouth, but forgot to say the remaining sarcastic words.

Ye Zhi said every word very clearly, also let Hu Xiao understand.

I know in my heart if I have done something wrong, I don\'t need you to judge.

Hu Xiao is stunned for a moment.

Under Ye Zhi\'s strength, she doesn\'t know how to respond.

Ye Zhi\'s tone is firm, as if all the news she saw just now is fake.

Hu Xiao found that ye Zhi has wantonly publicized bright and beautiful facial features, at this time ye Zhi\'s eyebrows and eyes with a trace of cold, but her eyes are very good, it is difficult to move people\'s eyes.

If ye Zhi and song lie made an engagement, it seems that it is not impossible.

Ye Zhi\'s agent Zhou Pingyu soon appeared in the backstage, and when Hu Xiao came back to God, Zhou Pingyu had already taken Ye Zhi away.

Zhou Pingyu also brought a bodyguard, because of the emergency just now, there were many people outside the event, waiting for ye Zhi to come out and let her explain to everyone.

Ye Zhi didn\'t know what had happened.

Zhou Pingyu comforted him: now let\'s leave first.

I\'ll tell you the reason later.

Several bodyguards escorted Ye Zhi all the way back to the nanny car.

When ye Zhi got into the car, Zhou Pingyu talked about the news online with her.

I don\'t know who released you and song lie\'s engagement on the Internet.

Don\'t worry, we are already investigating.

So I need you to tell me the specific things now, so that I can arrange the follow-up for you.

Ye Zhi briefly summarizes the things her adoptive father once helped song lie\'s father, as well as her engagement with song lie.

Song lie likes Sheng man, so she forced herself to repent.

I directly agreed.

Before that, we had never really been together for a day, let alone submitted to.

Zhou Pingyu listened to Ye Zhi\'s story, and his eyes brightened.

Maybe this is a chance for ye Zhi to turn over.

Nanny car all the way back to Gu Ninh\'s home, Zhou Pingyu comforted a few words: I will see the next development of the situation, and then make a decision.

When ye Zhi came back home and saw the familiar furnishings, she immediately relaxed.

The chaos in the event just now had been isolated from the outside.

At this time, the living room is empty, Gu Ren has not come home, the original feeling of a person in the home will be so lonely.

Especially at such a time, ye Zhi wants to talk to Gu Ren very much.

She even wants to call Gu Ren directly.

But she is afraid that it will affect Gu Ren\'s work, so she suppresses her mind.

Ye Zhi\'s heart is a little chaotic, she knows Gu Ren must have seen her and song lie\'s news, do not know what Gu Ninh will think.

Ye Zhi wants to tell Gu Ren quickly that she has nothing to do with song lie.

Ye Zhi closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the sofa.

She opened her eyes and looked at the high ceiling, thinking in a daze.

If only Gu Ren could be here now.

The next second, the door there suddenly came a sound, ye Zhi subconsciously looked at the past, the door opened, Gu Ren appeared in the door.

It\'s like coming out of Ye Zhi\'s mind, just right.

Gu Ren seems to be dusty, but he is still as tall and straight as before.

His familiar clear and meaningful eyebrows, cold facial features, and even he just stood there, as if he could instantly soothe the uneasiness in her heart.

At this moment, ye Zhi seemed to see the fireworks blooming in the sky, and finally gathered into a light point, and Gu Ren stood in the center of the light.

Ye Zhi on Gu Ren\'s eyes, she suddenly felt that the heartbeat became rapid, as if Gu Ren knew what she had just thought.

Ye Zhi immediately opened his sight and looked down at the remote control in front of him.

As for ye Zhi\'s appearance at home, Gu Ren was not surprised.

He knew the news on the Internet.

It was because of this that he finished his work ahead of time and rushed home.

Gu Ren takes a long leg and walks quickly.

Gu Ren looks at Ye Zhi\'s low head and immediately calls out her name.

Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi has calmed down at this time.

She just wants to explain clearly with Gu Ren, but her voice is still a little uneasy.

I had an engagement with song lie, which was made by my elders, but I never had anything to do with him.

Gu Ren\'s reaction is unexpected to Ye Zhi.

He is strangely calm.

His dark pupils are deep like night.

His low voice falls.

I knew that for a long time.

Ye Zhi was stunned, did not answer for the first time, and did not know how to answer.

Gu Ren stares at Ye Zhi quietly.

His clear eyes make ye Zhi\'s nervous heart calm down.Gu Ren\'s lips if there seems to be no hook, the line of sight falls on Ye Zhi\'s body.

Gu Ren\'s voice is light at this time.

When it falls into Ye Zhi\'s ear, he has some other feelings, like a clean and mellow cold wine in the sun.

It\'s cold, but it\'s a little tender in the sun.

You are my wife now.

Don\'t worry.

I\'ll protect you.

They are clearly contract husband and wife, but from Gu Ren\'s words, ye Zhi has not heard half of this meaning.


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