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At this time, the air in the living room is quiet, so quiet that ye Zhi subconsciously slows down her breath.

She feels that the breath becomes a little tight, but she is reluctant to leave the sight on Gu Ninh.

Ye Zhi breathed a little breath.

When she saw Gu Ren\'s eyes, her heart was unexpectedly quiet.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t know what she thinks.

She just feels happy suddenly, mixed with a little excitement that she doesn\'t know the reason, which fills her whole thinking instantly.

Gu Ren\'s calm but firm eyes let the last trace of tension in her heart disperse.

Ye Zhi is difficult to control her rising corners of the mouth.

By this time, she has been able to calmly analyze the mastermind behind the exposure of her and song lie\'s affairs.

Ye Zhi pressed down her emotions: I think it\'s probably done by my former brokerage company.

Only sister Zhu knows about me and song lie.

Gu Ren then laughed with a meaningful smile: it was your original brokerage company, but...

After a pause for half a second, Gu Ren said, they should also be punished.

Gu Ren has his own ideas, but he didn\'t say to Ye Zhi that he only needs to ensure Ye Zhi\'s emotional stability.

Gu Ren thinks that when ye Zhi attends the activity in the daytime, the news about her and song lie suddenly burst out on the Internet.

The activity is more or less affected by twists and turns, and it is easy to affect Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren thought about it and put forward a proposal.

During this time, if you don\'t want to participate, stay at home.

But Gu Ren will not directly ask Ye Zhi how to do, everything depends on Ye Zhi\'s idea first.

Ye Zhi wants to avoid temporarily, so he will help Ye Zhi block the rumors outside.

If ye Zhi wants to face it, he will accompany her.

Ye Zhi shook his head: I can\'t hide.

Ye Zhi\'s answer in Gu Ren\'s expectation, ye Zhi\'s temperament is like this, even if encounter again big problem, she won\'t flinch.

Compared with Gu Ren\'s worry, ye Zhi\'s mood is not so bad.

All her discomfort just now is related to Gu Ren.

Before she got Gu Ren\'s affirmative answer, she was in a tense state.

Now ye Zhi\'s most afraid thing has been solved, she has nothing to worry about.

Ye Zhi deliberately restrained a smile and pretended to be serious.

She seemed to believe that she depended on Gu Ren.


Gu, didn\'t you just say that you would protect me

Gu Ren hears some ridicule in Ye Zhi\'s words.

He knows that ye Zhi\'s mood has not been affected at all, and half of his heart is also relieved.

Gu Ren\'s radian deepened: then Mrs.

Gu, I will certainly protect you.

They looked at each other and laughed at each other.

It seemed that the rumors on the Internet were not difficult for them.

And the other end of the Zhu sister is also doing her last beautiful dream, all the news about ye Zhi and song lie is released by her secretly.

As ye Zhi\'s former agent, sister Zhu has always been in control.

For her artists, everything is up to her.

But ye Zhi beat her face hard, ye Zhi not only took out 10 million compensation, but also looked for someone to investigate her company and seized her handle.

Although Ye Zhi has successfully terminated the contract, which is not her artist, the more she thinks about it, the more angry she gets, so she deliberately releases the engagement between Ye Zhi and song lie when she gets a little red.

Sister Zhu knows the relationship between Ye Zhi and song lie like the palm of her hand.

She never thought song lie would fulfill her engagement, but this did not prevent her from taking advantage of this.

I wish sister sitting in front of the computer, looking at the news of scolding Ye Zhi on the Internet, the smile on her face became more and more thick.

Just when Zhu Jie is complacent, her mobile phone rings suddenly.

This is her private number, few people will know.

Zhu looked at the anonymous number on the screen, frowned, and then pressed the answer button.

Hello, who is it

There was a strange man\'s voice on the other end of the mobile phone, not the person that Zhu Jie knew.

It seems that the previous warning is nothing to you.

Zhu Jie was stunned, she immediately thought of the day before ye Zhi terminated the contract, the black car parked downstairs.

At that time, there were several people in black in the car.

It seemed that they had a great future.

When she refused to terminate her contract, she was warned by them.

Who are you she said

The man did not answer Zhu Jie at all, but began to list the illegal projects of this agency one by one, and many hidden things were clearly said by him.

Zhu elder sister suddenly flustered, before the arrogant and domineering force collected completely, the tone of speech also took a cautious please.

At this time, sister Zhu also wanted to make peace with the slime: everything is easy to discuss, we don\'t need to get so rigid.

Zhu Jie thought of the reason for this phone call tonight is because ye Zhi, so she turned the topic to Ye Zhi and kept asking for love.If the company went bankrupt, she would not want to muddle along.

Now the most important thing is not to let the other party reveal their weaknesses.

We will help Ye Zhi clarify immediately and remove the news on the Internet.

The man seemed to sneer, the cold laughter seemed to laugh at Zhu elder sister\'s over capacity.

But public opinion has been fermented, and now it has reached an irreparable level.

It\'s time for you to do more today.

Sister Zhu thinks that what they do is very confidential, but I didn\'t expect to be discovered by others.

The man on the other end of the mobile phone said this sentence, then hung up, let sister Zhu how to retain, all useless.

Zhu Jie\'s body suddenly soft in the chair, she knew she was finished, if she had known Ye Zhi\'s backstage, she would never want the whole leaf gardenia.

The next day, hot search was occupied by a piece of news.

Because ye Zhi\'s former brokerage company involved in a number of illegal projects, the company\'s boss has run away with money, and ye Zhi\'s former agent, sister Zhu, is also involved.

This news topic degree is originally high, because relates with Ye Zhi, the discussion degree has ascended several steps.

Ye Zhi used to be an artist in this agency.

Now she has become a popular star, but the company collapsed overnight.

No one knows who is involved.

After dealing with this matter, ye Zhi stayed at home to rest.

She didn\'t expect that the matter had been solved so smoothly.

Don\'t think much, ye Zhi knows Gu Ren must have helped.

Ye Zhi is comfortable doing beauty at home, a Maybach drove to her original residential area.

Compared with the old buildings in the neighborhood, this Maybach is quite out of place.

When the car drove into the community and finally stopped in front of a low floor, the car has been baptized by many eyes.

The idle residents in the community are guessing which rich relatives came here.

After the car stopped steadily, song lie sat in the car.

He was wearing sunglasses, a mask and a hat.

She wrapped herself tightly.

Song lie didn\'t want others to know he was here, but he had to come again.

Since the news of his engagement to Ye Zhi was reported, he has been in a state of anxiety and tension.

Song lie, on the one hand, is afraid that fans will take off powder when they know that he is tough to retire, and on the other hand, he will be completely ignored by Sheng man.

Because of the fake bag last time, Sheng man was already angry with him.

Even if he was careful to please Shengman to participate in the perfect partner, he couldn\'t get rid of her anger.

Song lie took a look at the big bags on the back seat of the car.

There were some new clothes and some jewelry.

Song lie bought so many things to send Ye Zhi, is to let her accept things, personally clarify the relationship between the two people to the netizens, do not give him a tough retirement to the public.

Song lie looked around carefully, and when the onlookers scattered around, he opened the door and walked down.

Song lie will be on the back seat of the car to carry the bag to the hand, walked to the stairs.

This is song lie\'s first visit to Ye Zhi\'s house.

It turns out that she lives in such a place.

The paint on the handrail of the stairs had almost fallen off, and countless small advertisements were pasted on the wall on the side.

The steps on the stairs are gray, even though they have been swept clean, but in Song lie\'s eyes, he still feels dirty.

Although this place makes song lie feel extremely uncomfortable, but he did not forget his business here, he came to find Ye Zhi to plead.

Song lie walked up the stairs and stopped in front of a room on the fourth floor.

Song lie moved all things to the same hand, and then knocked on the door of Ye Zhi.

Before the door was opened, song lie had already thought about it.

During this period, ye Zhi\'s character changed a lot.

Even if ye Zhi didn\'t give him a good face, he would endure it.

Dong Dong -

Song lie knocked three times, responding to him is a quiet.

Song lie did not give up and knocked a few times: open the door, I have something to talk to you about.

Because song lie was afraid that others would know his identity and did not dare to call ye Zhi\'s name, he continued to knock: I have something to give you, you first open the door to let me in.

Song lie knocked again for a long time, but there was still silence inside.

There was no sound of footsteps or TV.

It seemed that there was no one inside.

Song lie knows Ye Zhi\'s financial situation.

With Ye Zhi\'s ability, she can\'t leave this residence and move to other places.

There is only one possibility.

Ye Zhi knows that the person outside is him and the purpose of his coming, so he doesn\'t want to open the door.

Song lie is also clear about the idiom of perseverance.

Instead of giving up, he knocked on the door and said it in a soft voice.

Did not wait for song lie to knock for long, the opposite door suddenly opened, the sudden movement scared song lie almost the thing on the handle to fall out.

Out came an old man in his sixties, he said impatiently.Knock what knock, this family has been empty for a long time.

Song lie\'s first reaction is to feel impossible, he asked suspiciously: where are the people living here

The old man waved his hand: I don\'t know.

No one has been here for a long time.

I moved away early.

So don\'t knock.

You can\'t take a nap

The grandfather looked up and down at Song lie suspiciously, as if he were exploring who the man with the big bag and the small bag was in front of him.

How can he come to such an old neighborhood with a suit and a suit.

Song lie also thought that the grandfather found him to be a star, immediately put his head down low, but also want to cover up to wear sunglasses tight.

However, song lie is sentimental.

After his grandfather looked at him, he slammed the door and left song lie alone on the stairs.

Song lie looked at the closed door, and was at a loss for a moment.

And the next second, a strong sense of shame spread from the bottom of his heart.

Today, he put a low profile, bought so many things, want to please Ye Zhi, unexpectedly hit a nail.

I don\'t know where ye Zhiren is.

He is carrying so many things, standing at her door, like a joke.

Song lie pressure pressure anger, carrying things downstairs, he can not find Ye Zhi, can only drive the car away from the community.

After this time, song lie still did not give up, because in his impression, ye Zhi or that can be at his mercy of the orphan daughter.

As long as ye Zhi comes forward to clarify the rumors between the two people, and then he sells again miserably, can change public opinion.

After many inquiries, song lie knows the address of Ye Zhi\'s studio.

He thinks Ye Zhi is really lucky.

Otherwise, how can he sign under the banner of gold medal agent Zhou Pingyu.

Song lie in the past, ye Zhigang no longer, the staff let song lie come again next time, but he insisted on giving the gift to Ye Zhi.

Song lie also specially and ye Zhi\'s agent team account, let Ye Zhi contact him as soon as possible, he can help Ye Zhi solve the latest online news.

When song lie left the gift, he left contentedly.

As long as ye Zhi sees these famous brand clothes and bags, he will definitely accept them.

By then, what he wants to do will be half successful.

The studio staff see song lie so difficult to do, his impression is inevitably a lot worse.

Song lie dropped the gift and left quickly.

As soon as he left, the staff made a phone call to Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi received the call, Gu ningang good presence, ye Zhi sitting in the co driver\'s seat, she listened to the voice of the phone, eyebrows subconsciously wrinkled up.

Gu endure to capture the mood of Ye Zhi instantly, pretend to have no intention to open a mouth to ask a way.

What\'s the matter

Ye Zhi\'s face sank a few minutes: the people in the studio said that song lie bought a lot of things for me, and now all of them are stacked in the studio.

Gu Ren naturally wants to follow the past: I am free today, I will accompany you to the past.

Ye Zhi nodded.

She didn\'t recognize Gu Ren\'s voice.

In an instant, she thought Gu Ren was just on the way, so she gave her a ride.

Ye Zhiyi to the studio, the staff led her to the past, ye Zhi saw a bag on the ground, are all kinds of big brands.

Furla, balischia, Gucci, Swarovski, Louis Vuitton

Ye Zhi doesn\'t want to tear it down.

She just looks at the sign on the bag and recognizes these big brands.

She is so angry that she laughs: does song lie come to disgusting people specially

Ye Zhi has seen so many high-end brands, Gu nineng can buy more and better things for her.

Where can I see the things song lie sent.

Song lie really thinks that everyone and he are the same, so low vision.

Ye Zhi is amused to see this scene in front of him, but Gu Ren is silent.

His eyes are as deep as dusk.

Originally, Gu Ren felt cold.

At this time, he was more like walking through the snow, even the air around him was cold.

leaves Zhi Zhi back to Gu Nong, she only cares about Tucao Song Li, and does not make complaints about the change of Gu\'s tolerance.

However, other people in the studio are aware of Gu Ren\'s displeasure.

The staff around Ye Zhi are trustworthy, and they also know the truth of Ye Zhi\'s and Gu ninyin\'s marriage.

From the moment song lie brought these big and small bags of things, they bet one after another, Gu Ren will be angry.

Song lie, this is Ming Huang to pry the corner of the wall.

They are all human beings.

You can see what song lie is thinking.

With song lie\'s character, will he come forward to clarify the scandal himself He must want Ye Zhi to carry the pot and buy Ye Zhi with these petty profits.

I didn\'t expect that Gu Ninh would be so angry.

Before he looked cold, he didn\'t look so strange now.

leaves Zhi Zhi Tucao after Song Li, turn around to make complaints about Gu Ren.

Gu Ren\'s cold face scattered some, face color as usual, in the moment Ye Zhi turned around, he recovered to the appearance when he just came in.Ye Zhi and Gu Ren looked at each other, and she turned her lips toward Gu Ren, clearly showing her speechlessness.

Gu Ren Ming didn\'t say a word on his face, but at the same time he sneered in his heart.

Song lie thought that sending these things could move Ye Zhi

Gu Ren looked at the other people in the studio: don\'t dump the garbage here in the future.

All the staff members took a subconscious look at the famous brands.

These gifts are worth a lot of money at home.

In Gu Ren\'s words, they are just a piece of rubbish.

It can be seen that Gu Ren is angry and in a bad mood.

Gu Ren opens his mouth again, and his voice is slightly cold.

Send them all back.


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