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This matter has a great impact on Song lie.

His agent has called him many times, but song lie has not answered.

The team knew nothing about him and ye Zhi, and song lie didn\'t know how to respond.

He prepared to deal with the matter after unifying the caliber with Ye Zhi.

Song lie pushed off today\'s activities and has been waiting for ye Zhi\'s news at home.

He paced back and forth, holding his cell phone tightly.

He was impatient to wait for ye Zhi\'s call, while paying close attention to the news on the Internet.

Today\'s top ten hot microblogs have been changed many times, but Song lie Ye Zhi has a engagement has always occupied the first place.

Even if the team makes efforts to remove the hot search, there will be new hot search.

This day, all netizens are discussing this news.

Until the phone\'s power is about to run out, song lie did not wait for ye Zhi\'s phone.

In the eyes of the audience, song lie, a big sunny boy, was holding his cell phone in despair at this time.

His face was as gray as death, but he didn\'t know what to do.

Just then the doorbell rang.

Song lie quickly walked to the door, he opened the door, thought that standing at the door would be ye Zhi, but it was Ye Zhi who came from the studio.

A few people get out of the car, with bags in their hands, Prada, balenci, gucci

Song lie to Ye Zhi there every gift, are completely sent back, even the package has not been opened.

The men left their things at the door, didn\'t want to stay for another moment, and immediately got on the bus and left.

Looking at the big brands on the ground, song lie suddenly fell into a trance.

He knew that ye Zhi had been poor since he was a little boy.

After his debut, he saved money and bought big brands to support the scene.

But now, in the face of his humble flattery, ye Zhi did not move, in the face of these valuable gifts, ye Zhi was indifferent.

At the beginning, song lie once regarded Ye Zhi as a dispensable joke in the home.

I don\'t know why, ye Zhi\'s behavior now makes song lie feel as if he was the joke.

Song lie is really aware that ye Zhi, who once had an engagement with him and resolutely rescinded the engagement, has already completely changed.

After calming down, song lie drove to the studio.

Along the way, his ideas gradually became clear.

Ye Zhi is not ready to talk with him about the conditions, so don\'t blame him for neglecting the friendship of the previous generation.

Yes, they have nothing to do with each other for a long time.

Song lie and the team discussed, decided to preempt.

That night, Songlie studio issued a statement in a serious tone.

First, he denied the rumors about ye Zhi.

His engagement with Ye Zhi was fake.

They only met once on the program.

Secondly, false rumors are rampant on the Internet.

The studio will take legal measures to send lawyer letters to netizens spreading rumors.

Soong\'s group then forwarded a statement to prove its innocence.

The more guilty they are, the more confident they will be.

After all, it is only a verbal engagement.

Ye Zhi has no real evidence in his hand.

The netizens who had been waiting for a day helped to forward the microblog, and the public opinion began to pour to song lie.

I thought it was too much nonsense when I went on the hot search before.

These two people must have nothing to do with each other.

Except for perfect partner , I haven\'t seen them cooperate.

Where did this kind of news come from.

Our brother is now on the rise.

Does Ye Zhi want to find a new person to bind him

It seems that ye Zhi and Gu Ren have a good relationship.

If you want to speculate, you should also look for Gu Ren.

What\'s the advantage of bundling song lie\'s speculation Tell me about it.

Does song lie believe what he says Intuition told me that things should not be so simple, or wait for ye Zhi\'s response.

The whole network is concerned about this matter, song lie studio statement is added a fire, the heat suddenly soared.

Song lie\'s move is good.

Under the instigation of the Navy, the audience has a preconceived concept.

Ye Zhi has been smeared more and more black in their mouth.

Ye Zhi did not respond.

Netizens frantically click on Ye Zhi\'s microblog, ye Zhi\'s studio microblog, and even the staff of her brokerage team paid attention to it.

On this day, ye Zhi\'s Micro blog fans increased by several million.

Although she swore a lot, her attention really became the highest value of female stars in recent years.

When netizens were satirizing Ye Zhi, her studio suddenly posted a micro blog.

Strangely, the studio didn\'t make a statement or admit that there was not a single word on the microblog, only a few photos.

These photos have been looking for years, and the background is a little fuzzy, but the facial features can still be seen clearly.

A group photo of two men, and a picture of the two men and a little girl.

The little girl was about three or four years old.

Her facial features were extremely delicate.

Her eyes were bright and moving.

However, the innocent temperament of the child just softened her aggressive beauty.

Calculate the age, and ye Zhi almost.

The netizens who heard the news were all stunned when they saw these photos.

They waited for this one nightThis is Ye Zhi when she was a child.

She is very beautiful.

Who has blackened her nose before She should put out the picture earlier.

But why does she want to clarify the matter now

Can someone tell me what these pictures mean Who wants to know if ye Zhi has cosmetic surgery Can\'t you avoid the heavy ones and respond quickly

I don\'t like guessing and I hate to make mysteries.

What is Ye Zhi\'s team doing

News has been out for so long, song lie has long clarified that he has nothing to do with Ye Zhi.

Song lie\'s statement is enough to prove that his words and deeds are candid and pure.

As another party, ye Zhi didn\'t respond at all.

Ye Zhi\'s studio even betrayed friends and came out to clarify the rumors of cosmetic surgery.

This has to let everyone have reason to think that ye Zhi\'s team is taking advantage of the opportunity to hype.

Recently, the heat of Ye Zhi continues to rise, so that many netizens know her name.

This engagement, whether true or false, is an excellent opportunity to hype.

It\'s too clever.

Netizens immediately occupied Ye Zhi\'s microblog and called on her to come out and return song lie a green white.

At this time, several comments suddenly appeared, and finally someone found the clue.

Everybody don\'t scold, quickly go to the net to search song lie father, will have the surprise!

as like as two peas in the picture, there is a song in his photo.

His father is Song Li, and the chairman of song\'s family has attended many activities, which are exactly the same as the news on the Internet.

Why did song lie\'s father take a picture with Ye Zhi when he was a child I strongly suspect that the other man in the photo is Ye Zhi\'s father, so they have known each other before

It\'s so interesting.

Isn\'t song lie saying that he and ye Zhi only met once In this way, the engagement is true.

How can song lie\'s fans wash now

When the time comes, the Navy will tell you that the photo is synthetic, manual dog head.jpg.

The witty netizens didn\'t give song lie\'s team a chance to fight back.

They collected all the news photos on the Internet, and after sorting out, they found that the photos on the microblog never appeared.

The boss in the song\'s press release is serious, but he is smiling in the photos of Ye Zhi\'s studio.

Even PS can\'t change his posture and actions.

We come to a conclusion that ye Zhi may have more photos of the Song family in her hand.

Ye Zhi\'s stone hammer gives song lie a hard blow.

His seemingly true statement is just a lie fabricated to cover up the truth.

Song lie\'s father not only knew Ye Zhi\'s father, but also had a good relationship with Ye Zhi when he was a child.

Song\'s group also forwarded song lie\'s Micro blog today to help him cover up.

The fact that they have joined hands to lie has led netizens to turn to Ye Zhi.

Hot search one after another on the ground, after several bursts, ye Zhi suddenly sent a new micro blog.

Ye Zhi begins to live! The number of people in the live broadcasting room exceeded one million in one minute and ten million in fifteen minutes.

Screen crazy brush screen, but ye Zhi did not answer any one\'s question.

When the number of people exceeded 30 million, ye Zhi on the mobile phone screen bowed to everyone: Hello, I\'m Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi\'s face is a little pale.

I don\'t know whether it is because of no makeup or because of the influence of this matter.

Under the filter of everyone\'s sympathy, every move of Ye Zhi will be over interpreted.

Ah, ah, ye Zhi, don\'t be sad.

We certainly believe you.

I hope you can give us an explanation.

What kind of fairy beauty is this Do you look so good when you feel sad

I\'m sorry, ye Zhi, I shouldn\'t have done plastic surgery on you before.

You are really beautiful, probably because I don\'t believe that there are such beautiful people in the world.

Ye Zhi is very frank, said that because of the relationship of the previous generation, she and song lie from a small age set oral baby pro.

The two men in the micro blog photo of the studio are song lie and ye Zhi\'s father when they were young.

However, the gap between the two families is getting bigger and bigger.

She doesn\'t think that the engagement will come true, so she has already taken the initiative to cancel the engagement.

What happened today is unexpected for both sides.

Now, after sorting out her thoughts, ye Zhi decides to tell the whole story to netizens.

Ye Zhi\'s expression is light, but there is a firm light in his eyes: Song lie and I have never been in contact, and their engagement is only an oral agreement made by the elders many years ago.

My family is no longer here.

I have already made it clear to the Song family and have drawn a clear line with them.

Finally, ye Zhi spoke decisively.

Her voice was cold and stubborn, which moved everyone.

Ye Zhi now has nothing to do with the Song family.

Ye Zhi has evidence in her hand.

She clearly can use it to hype her reputation, but she doesn\'t.

Ye Zhi clearly can sell these photos to paparazzi, earn a million exclusive disclosure fee, but she did not.Ye Zhi chose the public live broadcast, so that every netizen can see it.

She clarified her relationship with song lie simply and clearly, and did not belittle the Song family in her words.

After ye Zhi\'s clarification, she immediately shut down the live broadcast.

This video has been forwarded to the whole network, and careful netizens have arranged the text version.

[ye Zhi clarifies] the first direct airborne hot search, with a search volume of 40 million , followed by a hot red word.

Ye Zhi\'s video is so sincere.

By contrast, song lie\'s statement is that there is no silver 300 Liang here.

If it wasn\'t for ye Zhi\'s live broadcast today, no one knew that she was the only one in her family.

Song lie\'s water army will guide the netizens who don\'t know the truth, so ye Zhi can\'t turn over again.

His heart is really black!

Ye Zhi is so handsome tonight! I want to turn powder, no one stop me, from now on, this beautiful and handsome little sister is I love beans

Although the engagement between Ye Zhi and song lie is only an oral agreement, after the incident broke out, the attitude of song lie and Song family makes people feel strange.

An orphan girl with nothing, and a well-known group in China.

Who bullies whom The answer is clear at a glance.

After ye Zhi\'s family passed away, the Song family obviously didn\'t want to marry someone without background like her.

Ye Zhi became an abandoned son and their goal turned to Sheng man.

This point or a period of time before Song lie and Sheng man stir fried CP this thing to associate.

Sheng man is the only daughter of the Sheng family.

The rich family of the Sheng family has a great cause.

If you can climb up to the Sheng family, it will be of great help to the Song family.

Even if song lie and Sheng man were commercial CP before, the probability of two people speculating together is very large, but the Song family inevitably moved the greed of climbing.

Sheng man is a beautiful girl of heaven.

She was born in a plutocracy and grew up in splendor and wealth.

She has everything that countless people dream of.

A 1000 square meter mansion, a red Ferrari sports car, a room of Hermes

At that time, ye Zhi didn\'t have any water when she came out.

Gu Ren was ridiculed by the whole network.

She bought a lot of famous brands for her clothes on the airport street.

However, she was photographed with tens of thousands of Diors on her back, which made her stomach sour.

Sheng man was born within reach of things, ye Zhi earned a lifetime of money can not touch the edge.

The cold-blooded song Jiayan quickly and ruthlessly abandons Ye Zhi, who has no one to rely on to terminate her engagement.

She fought her way in the entertainment industry with her own strength

The stories of netizens\' brain tonic are becoming more and more abundant.

You can say a word and I will say a word, and a complete battle drama of a powerful family will be completed in one night.

Seeing the development of the situation beyond imagination, song lie can only come out to apologize.

Song lie studio also issued a statement, saying that the previous response was inappropriate, and that his engagement with Ye Zhi had already been terminated.

I hope you will not have any misunderstanding.

make complaints about netizens\' spit and tear.

Netizens captured micro-blog of Song Li, micro-blog of Song Li studio, and sayman, who also Sai CP, and Sam Li, also scolded him.

Just like attacking Ye Zhi a few hours ago.

At that time, they scolded Ye Zhi, and now they regret it.

And these regret emotions, have become to Ye Zhi\'s sympathy, to song lie\'s anger.

Shengman\'s team wanted to buy the manuscript down, but netizens didn\'t buy it.

#Heartache Ye Zhichen has become the most important topic of the evening.

The hot search and articles bought by Shengman team will be pushed down and quickly submerged.

Ye Zhi\'s studio did not buy the manuscript, and Netizens found that after responding, ye Zhi did not have a record of microblogging.

But the enthusiasm of netizens is too much, all kinds of hot Search about ye Zhi has climbed to the top ten of hot search.

They found out Ye Zhi\'s previous activity photos and her latest variety show

Within a few months, her temperament was out of the ordinary, her emotional intelligence was very high, and her performance in variety shows was also very interesting.

She was completely transformed.

To sum up, there are two words.

Want to powder.

Gu Ren\'s team took the initiative to shape Ye Zhi into a puppet at the mercy of the former brokerage company.

By the way, he used this event to bundle Ye Zhi and Gu Ren into a hype and wash white.

Indeed, in these months, ye Zhi and Gu Ren did not have any news of forced binding.

As soon as the wind blows and grass moves, ye Zhi will immediately clarify.

After every occasion, ye Zhi keeps a distance of being distant and polite.

With the news that ye Zhiqian\'s brokerage company was forced to close due to illegal operation, netizens fully believe that ye Zhiqian\'s previous press release was done by the brokerage company.

Unexpectedly, a big play directed and performed by the former brokerage company not only failed to make ye Zhi\'s career decline, but also put her on the top of the most distressing female star in the eyes of netizens.

Everyone suddenly found that ye Zhi seems to have been on microblog hot search for the first time in a row, and most of the news with the word burst in the past six months are related to her.

That 18 line female star Ye Zhi, once entangled in black material, was ridiculed, so poor that she even took the red carpet dress and skirt.

When she was wearing the dress with no brand name and laughing at the camera, every netizen was satirizing her.

She could not get on the stage because of her self-sufficiency.No one would have thought that ye Zhi\'s acting skills are improving and her EQ is very high.

She is elegant and beautiful.

She is calm and natural in every occasion.

With her noble temperament, she has become the brand ambassador of the blue blood noble brand Shangmei Paris.

Overnight, ye Zhi\'s reputation was completely reversed.

Remove the filter, remove the prejudice against her, this white swan, in the hearts of every audience completed the most gorgeous transformation.


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