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Gu Ren has other ideas in his heart, and his line of sight inevitably stops for a while on Ye Zhi\'s face.

Ye Zhi is aware of Gu Ren\'s anomaly.

She thinks Gu Ren forgets that she is recording the program now.

She will say something that should not be said.

She immediately signals him with her eyes.

Ye Zhi pretended to cough a few times.

Now it is early winter.

The air is cold.

Her sudden cough will not arouse other people\'s suspicion.

Gu ninyi heard Ye Zhi\'s cough and immediately returned to his senses.

He thought Ye Zhi had a cold and his eyebrows were tight.

The next second, Gu Ren saw Ye Zhi carrying the camera on his back and motioned to him in the eyes, and then he knew.

Gu Ren quietly laughed and pointed to the exit behind Ye Zhi: let\'s go out.

The corridor of the labyrinth is very narrow, if two people walk side by side, it is a little reluctant.

Ye Zhi stepped back and let Gu Ren go first.

Gu Ren in front, ye Zhi not far from not close to follow him behind a meter.

Because ye Zhi and Gu Ren drew most of the maps in the maze before, and now the missing ones have been filled in, so they went very smoothly.

At this time, there were only two of them in the maze, no one spoke, only the footsteps of each other fell softly, like a slight drizzle rustling.

Ye Zhiming and Gu Ren stand not close, but still can see some tacit understanding from their back.

Why do I see a kind of quiet and good feeling, as if two people have been together for a long time.

I can tolerate my idol and other people\'s CP, and quietly Amway gave it to the people around me.

Want to powder Gu ninja and ye Zhi\'s CP I also think that only Ye Zhi can be worthy of Gu tolerance.

Ye Zhi didn\'t know that some of Gu Ren\'s fans even raised the CP flag of the two after watching the program, even with the trend of gradually growing.

Gu Ninh and ye Zhi soon walked out of the maze.

When they came out, Shengman group and model group had already chosen to give up.

The other groups were still in the maze, and they had no clue, no sign of coming out.

No one can do like Gu Ninh and ye Zhi.

After walking through the maze, they write down the map of the maze and draw it down.

Ye Zhi and they went to the side of the rest place, waiting for other guests to complete the task.

After a few hours, the game was finally over, except for the two groups which gave up voluntarily, the rest of the groups were all cleared.

The host announced the results of the two sessions: according to the ranking of the two competitions, we converted them into points.

The group with the least points is the model group.

The host looked at Jane and said, I\'m sorry, you\'ve been eliminated.

And Sheng man and song lie this group is the bottom, if the next issue of the results are still like this, she will be eliminated.

Yue Ling\'s face is not very good.

Although she and Xiong Ting are not eliminated, they are also very backward.

Host: the next session will choose partners again, and those with the highest scores have priority.

As soon as the voice dropped, several guests\' eyes fell on Gu Ren subconsciously, because Gu Ren was the strongest.

As long as he was in a group, the chance of winning was quite large.

Yue Ling and Sheng man have the same idea.

In the later program, they want to form a group with Gu Ren.

When the guests look at Gu Ren, Gu Ren\'s afterglow falls on Ye Zhi, and without time to take it back, he is caught.

Gu Ren showed his superb acting skills at this time.

In the face of so many eyes, he could still look at himself.

Gu ninben is paying attention to Ye Zhi\'s action, and now he has simply sat down on his own.

Gu Ren slightly side of the head to see ye Zhi: how are you going to choose the next period

His voice was neither hot nor cold, light or heavy.

Even his tone of voice was extremely gentle, as if he was really asking his team members politely.

Ye Zhigang is just listening to the host seriously, she did not expect Gu Ren almost exposed the stuffing in full view of the public.

Ye Zhi naturally followed Gu Ren\'s words and said a word.

With fate.

Ye Zhi didn\'t understand Gu Ren\'s mind, so she threw the olive branch back.

Gu Ren doesn\'t know what he is expecting Ye Zhi to say, but these two words are not the answers Gu Ren wants.

Gu Ren could only answer with a clear light: well.

Now it\'s on the program.

Originally Ye Zhi should have said this, but Gu Ninh seems to think ye Zhi really thinks so.

Gu Ren subconsciously tightened his eyebrows, and his beautiful thin lips also pursed slightly.

Gu Ren is not happy.

At ordinary times, other people\'s impression of Gu Ren is cold.

Even if he is in a bad mood, he can\'t see it on his face.

After the end of the program, ye Zhi and Gu Ren took their own nanny cars to go home.

Gu Ren did not find a chance to talk to Ye Zhi.

At this time, the sky is dark, the night, neon lights, and passers-by are fleeting from the window.Gu Ren sits in the car, which is so quiet that the needle can be heard.

At this time, Gu Ren\'s mobile phone screen suddenly lights up in the dark.

Gu Ren takes a casual glance and finds that it is the message from ye Zhi.

Gu Ren, if only I could join you in the next issue.

Gu Ren picked up the mobile phone at that moment, his face had a subtle change, his eyes gradually floating to smile, even the corners of his eyes with a smile.

The next second, ye Zhi\'s message came in again.

Is it because you are blind at night So you know everything about blind people

Ye Zhi thinks Gu Ren only knows so much because of night blindness, but she has some doubts in her heart.

If it\'s only night blindness, Gu Ninh knows too much about blind people.

Gu Ren acted as if he had experienced these things.

Gu held on for a few seconds and sent a message.


When Gu Ren saw the message of Ye Zhi, he could not help thinking that compared with others, ye Zhi seemed to know the blind very well.

Had she ever contacted the blind before

Two people send a message, the mind is inevitable to think of elsewhere.

Ye Zhi and Gu Ren\'s car avoided the paparazzi and drove home.

Because of the traffic jam on the road, ye Zhi\'s nanny car stopped outside for a period of time, which is Gu ninxian\'s home.

Gu Ren went home, did not immediately go upstairs, but sat on the sofa in the living room on the first floor, waiting for ye Zhi.

After half an hour, ye Zhi also arrived home.

Ye Zhi opened the door, first subconsciously looked into the living room, really saw Gu Ren waiting for her there.

However, Gu Ren seems to be distracted.

His eyes fall on the tea table in front of him.

He stares at something, but his eyes have no focus.

This seems to be Gu Ren\'s second distraction today, the first time in the maze, and now it is.

Gu Ren did not often daze before, ye Zhi thought Gu Ren was uncomfortable, slightly frowned, put a soft voice called.

Gu Ren

Gu Ren immediately followed the source of the voice to see the past, when his eyes fell on Ye Zhi\'s body, tense eyebrows and eyes stretched out.

As if that piece of cold moonlight was disturbed, but inadvertently let out a bit of gentleness.

Hearing Ye Zhi\'s worried voice, Gu Ren\'s lip corners went up and Yang: Ye Zhi, I\'m waiting for you to say good night to you.

Ye Zhi Zheng Zheng Zheng, then with a smile.

Good night.

Gu Ren stood up with a low voice and said good night.

Two good night were stacked together, and they could not be distinguished.

Two people look at each other, and fall to the same light laughter.

After returning to the room, Gu Ren immediately made a phone call.

He wanted to find someone to investigate something.

Gu Ren wants to know whether ye Zhi had contact with the blind before he got married.

After the survey results came out, Gu Ren found that ye Zhi\'s past was very simple.

Like ordinary people, she studied and went to school.

Then she entered the entertainment circle and became a star.

Ye Zhi has never been in contact with the blind in this world, so why does she know so much

Maybe Ye Zhi is just in this world did not contact it

Gu Ren faintly has an idea, but he is not sure, because this idea is too strange, almost impossible to exist.

The family received an invitation from the Rothschild family that they would hold a party in two months.

The party invited famous people from all walks of life, and the guests were from all over the world.

According to the past practice, the family is also invited.

After the invitation was sent to Gu\'s home, Gu\'s mother informed Gu Ren.

She asked, I think we should take ye Zhi to the party.

Gu Ren pressed the finger on the letter, raised the slender clean finger gently, lowered his eyes, and thought deeply.

His eyes drifted far away, as if from here to somewhere in the cold moonlight, that thin thin figure flashed in front of him.

After a while, Gu forbade to make a voice.

His eyes were dark, but his tone was meaningful: well, it\'s necessary to introduce her to others.

Gu\'s mother didn\'t think deeply.

She just felt that ye Zhi was already a family member.

She should slowly let others know that she had such a good daughter-in-law.

Every public gathering is a good opportunity.

When ye Zhi finished her work and went home, it was already at night.

Ye Zhi comes in from the gate and enters the brightly lit living room.

She finds Gu Ren sitting at home waiting for her.

Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi.

She followed his eyes and saw the invitation on the table.

Gu Ren\'s jaw line is a little sharp, but the sight falls on her face, but it is warm and moist.

There is a perfect combination of the two different feelings in his body.

It just came in the afternoon.

Have a look. Gu Ren\'s tone is casual, but deep meaning is hidden in his very shallow eyes.

Ye Zhi some doubts, she picked up the invitation letter, open, carefully read up.

It\'s an invitation from the Rothschild family, and in two months they\'ll have a party.Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren, but she didn\'t quite understand what the invitation had to do with herself.

Gu Ren answered Ye Zhi\'s confusion: my mother wants to take you to the party.

Ye Zhi was stunned and stood there, and the information related to the family quickly poured into her mind.

As we all know, the Rothschild family is the richest family in the world today.

Heine, a famous poet, once sighed: money is the God of this era, while Rothschild is the prophet of God.

Up to now, they are even closely related to European history.

No one knows exactly how much the Rothschild family has.

The second lady of the Hilton Hotel married an heir in the family.

Because the Rothschild family is too mysterious, the rumors about them have gradually evolved into supernatural beings.

Ye Zhi naturally has heard the news of the Rothschild family.

Her first thought was to see such a mysterious family with her own eyes.

But ye Zhi soon thought that it would be inappropriate for her to go to such a gathering of celebrities with her family

Ye Zhiwei raised his head and looked at Gu Ren: what identity should I take part in

Gu Ren lowered his voice, as if these were helpless moves: this is the request of the family.

Ye Zhi understood that the Gu family really regarded her as a family.

You forgot the fifth clause of the contract Gu ninqing Jun\'s eyebrows and eyes slightly pick, do you need me to review it for you

Ye Zhi thought a turn, think up.

She must cooperate with Gu Ren and play a loving couple in front of the family members.

Ye Zhi carefully pondered, Gu Ren has been standing beside her, silent looking at her.

I\'ll promise for the time being. Ye Zhi said, there are still two months to go, and then we can think of a way.

Well, I\'ll see what I can do. Gu Ren enunciated clearly and repeated Ye Zhi\'s words.

His lips curled slightly and his cold outline stretched.

Gu Ren\'s eyes are deep.

His eyes are dark and heavy, but his voice is clean and mellow.

He can\'t hear any ulterior motives.

He is silent, leaf Gardenia has already entered his trap.

After ye Zhi agreed to attend the party, Gu Ren quickly told the family about it.

Although did not say with Ye Zhi, but the mind of Gu family has already calculated, at that time, it is most appropriate to introduce Ye Zhi to all people publicly.

The party will be two months later, but ye Zhi has to prepare from now on.

Gu helped her find a teacher who taught her dining etiquette.

This afternoon, ye Zhi stopped working for half a day and pushed off all notices, which were specially used to learn etiquette.

French and British dining etiquette and there are differences, British afternoon tea and dinner etiquette, is different.

The basic etiquette of the dining table starts with the setting of dishes.

In formal banquets, there are more knives and forks, and even wine glasses can be divided into four types.

The way to use tableware should be from the outside to the inside, and every tableware can\'t be used wrong

Ye Zhi summed up all the etiquette learned in the afternoon into two words, which was tedious.

She studied very fast, and by the end of the afternoon, almost all of these points had been written down.

When the teacher left, ye Zhi is still in accordance with the steps of the meal, remembering everything just taught.

Ye Zhi sits at the table with her back straight and elegant.

She takes up the knife and fork carefully.

Every action is like an exercise.

When Gu Ren went home, he saw such a picture.

He was distracted, and the cold atmosphere became mild.

The housekeeper came in slowly, just as he was about to open his mouth.

He frowned slightly.

His finger fell gently on his lips, indicating the housekeeper not to make a sound.

Silence was maintained.

Gu Ren walked quietly to Ye Zhi\'s back.

He bent down slightly and asked, are you tired of learning

Ye Zhi raised his head, to Gu Ren\'s dark eyebrows and eyes.

Ye Zhi shakes her head.

Although it took her an afternoon to learn, she always feels that what she has done is not good enough.

Now that she has learned dining etiquette, she has to do her best.

She will come in handy in the future.

Ye Zhi didn\'t realize that, unconsciously, she had already regarded herself as a member of the family.

Maybe they were too sincere.

Gu Ren: did you have dinner

Ye Zhi found that her stomach was a little hungry.

Because of the rush of time, she only cares to remember the etiquette, even forgot to eat.

Let\'s go. Gu stood up, he suddenly laughed, we\'re going to eat out today.

Ye Zhi stands up and puts on his coat and follows Gu Ren.

They picked a very ordinary car in their garage.

Since being followed by the paparazzi last time, Gu has bought a few ordinary cars and only drives them out when they go out alone.

The car ran smoothly without interruption and stopped outside an alley.

Ye Zhi gets out of the car, covers his face and continues to follow Gu Ren.

Gu Ren stops, ye Zhi looks up and sees the simple structure.In this small alley, there is a restaurant hidden.

From the appearance, it seems that there is nothing special about it.

Ye Zhi is curious: what do we eat today

Gu Ren slightly tilts his head, the voice line low spits out three words: Li Jiacai.

Li family cuisine is the inheritance of court cuisine.

Different from other restaurants, Li cuisine\'s restaurant doesn\'t say it\'s ordering.

They only provide their own dishes every day, and there is only one table per day.

In the 1990s, the average consumption of Li\'s cuisine reached 1600 yuan per capita.

The price is not the most important factor.

What\'s more, if you want to have a meal here, you need to book at least half a year ago.

No one would think that in this ugly place, you can enjoy a royal dinner.

The author has something to say: Li family cuisine is really so powerful that the former British Prime Minister and the former president of the United States are attracted to it.

Today is also a day of genuine envy of Ye Zhi.


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