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Ye Zhi and Gu Ren finished the day\'s work.

Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren and said, today, I saw the fixed makeup photo of your new movie.

Gu Ren\'s hand is touching a glass of water.

Hearing this, he moves for a moment.

At this moment, Gu Ren\'s mind flashed many fragments.

The water in Gu Ren\'s hand is not hot.

Gu Ren is immersed in his thoughts and feels as if he has not felt the temperature.

Ye Zhi thinks Gu Ren is a little strange.

She calls out: Gu Ren

Gu Ren came back to his senses and realized that he had lost his temper.

Gu Ren looked slightly restrained.

He put down the cup and looked up at Ye Zhi: what do you think

Ye Zhi said seriously, your acting is very good.

Ye Zhi thinks of the familiar feeling that if there is no in the heart, hesitates: and...

Gu Ren approached step by step: and what

Gu ninzhi looked directly at Ye Zhi and slowly opened his mouth: do you have something to say to me

Ye Zhi looks at Gu endure, or press down the mind that is inconceivable.

Ye Zhi shook his head: No

Gu Ren\'s sight is too quiet and too deep.

In the boundless black, there is a tiny fire.

Ye Zhi heart move, she almost think he wants to say something to oneself.

But when ye Zhi looked at the past again, Gu Ren\'s look at the bottom of his eyes shrank down, leaving only the unseen calm.

It was late at night and the city was in the dark.

Gu Ren lies in bed, the night haunts his whole body.

Gu Ren has always kept a secret in his heart.

In the world that no one could see in his heart, the secret of his heart slowly unfolded.

Gu Ren has never mentioned that he does not belong to this world.

In another world, he was once blind.

The reason why he is so familiar with the blind is that he was once a blind man, a man living in the dark.

Gu Ren was a star in another world.

At that time, his career was just beginning and he played a well-known TV series.

When his name finally appeared in the public eye, his eyes were unexpectedly blind.

No matter how dazzling the stars are, they may not be remembered after a year\'s silence.

What\'s more, he is still in the rising period of his career, and he has withered before it blooms.

The accidental blindness of the eye is undoubtedly fatal to him.

Since then, the resources that have been received fall into the hands of others.

He was rejected by the film and television role being negotiated.

The outside world gave him up, fans forgot him, the brokerage company terminated his contract with him, he lost his family, and once again had nothing.

What\'s more, he is still a blind man and can\'t do anything at all.

Gu Ren\'s temperament became more silent.

When he was treating his eyes, he often didn\'t say a word all day.

He knew that was how the volunteers described him when they mentioned him.

The lonesome, cold, cold, strange man.

Day by day, Gu Ren\'s eye disease has not been good, his world has always been black.

Until one day, a new volunteer came.

She was a girl.

She was not afraid of other people\'s comments.

She stayed by his side to take care of him.

In his dark life, added a ray of bright color.

Gu Ren thought surging, when did he suspect Ye Zhi was that girl

That quiet night, the home power failure, he because of night blindness accident overturned the vase, ye Zhi heard the voice to look for him.

At that time, ye Zhi and he said a few words.

There are some benefits to night blindness

Listen, what\'s the noise outside the window now

In fact, you can enjoy the sound

These seemingly ordinary words, but in Gu Ren\'s heart set off a huge wave.

Because the girl in the previous life said the same thing.

The same sentence, the same tone, the difference is that the two people live in two worlds.

Since then, Gu Ren has planted the seeds of doubt in his heart.

He tried Ye Zhi a little bit, and slowly found that ye Zhi was so familiar with blind people that he was surprised and continued to hide his emotions quietly.

In that world, Gu Ren never saw Ye Zhi\'s face, but he remembered her voice and her concern tone.

While they were practicing walking in the dark and walking through the maze with blindfolded eyes, he gradually became more suspicious of Ye Zhi.

Finally, he finally determined that ye Zhi was the girl.

Gu Ren Mou color is very deep, distant memories hit him.

It is as clear as yesterday.

At that time, Gu Ren had been treating his eyes for a long time, but there was no improvement.

He was sitting in the ward with his eyes closed and his noble face indifferent.

At this time, there was a little noise from the door, and the door seemed to open.

The next second, the air sounded soft footstep sound, one sound after another, toward him slowly.

Gu Ren knows that someone is coming, but he still keeps his eyes closed without a trace of fluctuation in his heart.I don\'t know how long, the footsteps stopped suddenly, the air returned to silence.

After a while, Gu Ren\'s ear sounded a good voice, which clearly fell into the air: Hello, I\'m a new volunteer...

Gu Ren sat there, still not opening his eyes.

A few seconds later, Gu Ren raised his eyes, turned his head, and looked faintly at the speaker.

His sight fell in front of him, but it was pitch black.

Gu Ren is very calm.

How can he forget that he is already a blind man.

Even if someone was close to him, he couldn\'t see clearly.

It was deep winter and there was a rustle of snow outside the window.

Snow fell all over the branches, covering the cold plum.

There are snowflakes falling, immersed in the silent snow.

In this quiet, cold winter, now it looks no different from usual.

The snow outside the window is still falling, and the lights around are still dim and not on.

But this time, the door opened, and she came in, and from then on, he had another one around him.

This is their first meeting in that world.

The gears of fate began to turn slowly.

Everything seemed to be the same as before, but everything seemed to change slightly.

At that time, Gu Ren was cold-hearted and indifferent to the extreme.

He was as silent as a bottomless abyss.

However, later he knew that he would probably never forget this moment in his life.

Gu ninding looks at the ceiling, and the face of Ye Zhi appears in his mind.

Whether it is Yezhi in the past life or in this life, they are also deeply attracted to him and let him fall into the dream she weaves willingly.

Those faint palpitations, those more clear feelings, spread in his heart, inadvertently covered his heart.

In this regard, ye Zhi step by step into his heart.

Gu Ren was sure that his thoughts had never been as clear as at the moment.

All his extravagance is due to her.

All his emotions, too, rose and fell for her.

I like it too much, so I restrain myself.

Because too much attention, so bear with the emotion of surging.

Gu Ren clearly realized that his relationship with Ye Zhi may need a new orientation.

The latest issue of Sheng man\'s life is about to start recording, but the audience rating problem worries the team.

Since the news of Ye Zhi and song lie broke out, ye Zhi completely washed white and became the most sympathetic female artist in the audience\'s mind, and the popularity of passers-by soared.

As for Sheng man, because of her performance in reality TV, the good feeling accumulated by the masses over the years has gradually lost.

The appearance of Ye Zhi made Sheng man have a serious sense of crisis.

In order to suppress the rumors on the Internet, Shengman team came up with a way to invite a group of guests to her home, including Ye Zhi.

Sheng man thinks that this is just an opportunity to let Ye Zhi see that she has a life that she can\'t reach all her life.

Ye Zhi\'s studio soon received an invitation from Sheng man to invite her to the next issue of Shengman\'s reality show.

Ye Zhi is very clear that this is one of the steps of Sheng man\'s white washing strategy.

If she doesn\'t accept Sheng man\'s invitation, she will be flying all over the world if she doesn\'t accept Sheng man\'s invitation.

Therefore, ye Zhi must go to this program.

The time was soon decided.

On the day of recording, Sheng man sent a car to pick up each guest.

Ye Zhi didn\'t want the address of her home to be exposed.

She drove to Shengman\'s villa.

Sheng man not only invited Ye Zhi, but also Xiong Ting, Shan Qian and Nanbi.

Several of them have participated in the program together, which can be regarded as having a topic to talk about.

Guests standing at the door, this is the legendary Shengman that covers an area of 1000 square meters mansion.

Nanbi\'s face shows the color of envy, which greatly satisfies Sheng man\'s vanity.

Sheng man glanced at Ye Zhi carelessly, her look was still indifferent.

It\'s the first time I\'ve had someone on my show. Let\'s have French food together at noon, he said as he walked in

the chef I invited, the chef of Michelin 3-star.

Xiong ting and Shan qian can\'t help but look at each other.

It is estimated that Xiong ting and Shan Qian feel uncomfortable with Sheng man\'s ostentatious way of showing off.

Sheng man led everyone into her garage, the most eye-catching is the red Ferrari, the smell of a pack.

When Sheng man introduces her luxury cars, Yu Guang glances at Ye Zhi inadvertently.

Others will take a few words, but ye Zhi at most is just a light boast, very good-looking.

Ye Zhi\'s reaction to Sheng man\'s self-confidence has been hit, perhaps Ye Zhi is not interested in cars, cloakroom is women\'s favorite.

Sheng man finished the introduction of the garage in a few words, and found a reason to take everyone to see her cloakroom.

Netizens all said that Shengman\'s cloakroom is the ultimate dream of women.

Seeing the things inside, Nanbi has already envied that she doesn\'t know how to open her mouth.

Sheng man picked up a beautiful gray bag and looked at Ye Zhi: this is my latest favorite.

What do you thinkThis time, ye Zhi quite with: moynat\'s bag is very good-looking.

Moynat is a luxury brand in France, but it is not well-known in China.

R é Jane is one of the most famous brands.

Sheng man is stunned, but on second thought, it is not surprising that the female star knows the brand of a bag.

Sheng man went to the glass cabinet of jewelry display and gently touched one of them: Ye Zhi, your neck is very beautiful.

Do you want to try it on

Chanel jewelry. Ye Gardenia recognized at a glance, I\'m afraid to damage your things, you\'d better keep your own wear it.

Horizon loitain gold necklaces is the latest one, with a high price.

Shengman is reluctant to wear it at home.

The longer he stayed in the cloakroom, the more unsightly he looked.

Because here each big brand, ye Zhi almost all recognize.

All the guests present could detect that the atmosphere between them was a little strange.

At the other end, a black Bentley is coming to Shengman\'s villa.

Nie Jiqing, Shengman\'s mother, sat in the car and looked out of the window.

The driver said, it seems that the miss is going to record a program today.

Nie Jiqing changed his mind: then go home first.

The lady also invited a group of people to her. The driver reported everything in detail, and before that and the young lady did not agree with Ye Zhi.

Originally some sleepy Nie Jiqing opened her eyes, her eyes moved, spit out two words: turn around.

The recording of the program continued.

After a while, the housekeeper walked quickly to Shengman and whispered a word in her ear: the wife is coming.

I\'ll show you my mother, he said with a smile

Sheng man has moved to live outside.

She is very busy with her work, and she seldom comes back to Sheng\'s home.

Nie Jiqing visits her one day a week.

Today is the day when Nie Jiqing comes to see Sheng man.

Nie Jiqing\'s appearance is in the plan of Sheng man.

Because she knew that the Sheng family didn\'t like to appear in public, she didn\'t tell Nie Jiqing about the temporary recording.

Ye Zhi heart under a tight, but the surface did not show.

She and Nie Jiqing have never met, this meeting is only the first time.

When Nie Jiqing came in, his sight stayed on Ye Zhi for a while.

Sheng man introduced the guests to Nie Jiqing one by one.

She was very proud to tell everyone: this is my mother.

It\'s nothing today.

I just want to come here for lunch. Nie Jiqing smiles and looks at Ye Zhi carefully.

Ye Zhi\'s face is more delicate than that seen on TV, with cool temperament and elegant manner.

Because Nie Jiqing\'s arrival, Sheng man\'s mood is a little better.

They all sat down in the dining room.

Somehow, she subconsciously arranged Ye Zhi in the farthest place from her mother.

Sheng man found the chef at Michelin 3-star to make a French meal, first served, boiled eggs, roe caviar and a soup.

Today\'s staple food is mainly black truffle series, salmon, black truffle, COD, black truffle goose liver

Nanbi picked up the boiled egg from the cup and knocked it on the plate.

The yolk spilled from it.

Sheng man some sarcastic curved lips a smile, she looked at Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi just learned table manners.

She knew that in French food, boiled eggs only took three minutes.

They were hot spring eggs.

She picked up the knife, cut a hole on the top of the egg, and scooped out the yolk inside with a spoon.

Sheng man is stunned.

Why does Ye Zhi know every step of French food, from the order of taking tableware to the manner of eating.

Ye Zhi raised her head and found that everyone was looking at her.

Ye Zhi smiles, the radian of the angle of the lips, and the cool temperament, calm atmosphere.

People present have a sense that she is the master of this family.

The knife and fork in Nie Jiqing\'s hand trembled slightly.

She stared at Ye Zhi and was fascinated.

The familiar feeling in her heart became stronger and stronger.

In the face of Nie Jiqing\'s eyes, ye Zhi did not look back, nor did he avoid.

Everything in Sheng\'s family has nothing to do with her.

She doesn\'t want to be involved with them.

After ye Zhi left, Nie Jiqing looked at the direction of the car leaving, thinking.

She has been thinking about how to know ye Zhi.

When the new issue of Sheng man\'s life was launched, ye Zhi\'s familiarity with big brands was cut off.

But at lunch, Nie Jiqing is there, and Sheng man can\'t delete the scene of Ye Zhi.

Discussion Posts soon appeared on the Internet.

[in Sheng man\'s program, there seems to be something wrong with the editing of Ye Zhi\'s lens.

the owner of the building thinks that it is impossible to take the guests to visit her cloakroom because of her flamboyant personality.

Can be in the cloakroom content is not much, ye Zhi\'s lens was basically deleted.

Because of too much editing, some of the shots have a sense of discontinuity.

Many netizens just regard this program as a variety show for dinner, and they don\'t watch it carefully.But this program has Ye Zhi, which will attract the audience to pay attention to Sheng man and ye Zhi\'s lens.

If you look at it carefully, you can see the problem.

Yes, why does Sheng man delete Ye Zhi\'s lens in the cloakroom.

Is it because ye Zhi\'s performance is too brilliant, or is Sheng man jealous of Ye Zhi

No matter which point, it proves that Sheng man is guilty.

She doesn\'t want Ye Zhi to take away her own limelight.

What Sheng man would not have expected was that after the broadcast of this program, the focus of the audience shifted to Ye Zhi.

This is clearly Sheng man\'s reality show, but she has become the foil of Ye Zhi.

I have an idea.

Sheng man seems to be jealous of Ye Zhi.

Do you think that Sheng man\'s behavior today is somewhat restrained, but ye Zhi gives me the feeling of a real rich man

This doubt hovered in everyone\'s mind for a long time.


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