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Ye Zhimeng lives, her expression is dazed, for a moment, do not know how to answer.

Gu Ren\'s eyes make her helpless.

Ye Zhi still tries to find a trace of reason: how can you be here

Gu, bending his lips, gave a silent smile: I just came to remind you that it\'s time for dinner.

Ye Zhi moved her eyes: let\'s go to dinner.

But ye Zhi has not been able to leave, the arm was Gu Nina pull, his strength is not heavy, but enough to control her.

Gu Ren leans slightly, her eyes are like the silent snow, and her thin lips open slightly: are you watching my movie

Ye Zhi can not deny, can only nod.

Gu ninyouhei\'s eyes locked her, a little lower jaw, indicating the box in her hand: this is for me

The leaf Gardenia bit the lip slightly, does not agree.

Gu Ren\'s lip line was cocked up, and a light smile appeared on Lengyu\'s face: then you Is there anything you want to tell me

Ye Zhi only heard her heart beating wildly and her brain roared.

She suddenly realized that it seemed that all the deliberate exercises could not resist his one look.

Ye Zhishu closed his eyes and spoke directly.

I like you, too.

The sound line falls in the silence, outside the window is the deep night, appears more clearly.

This time, Gu Ren was stunned.

He was a little dazed and stupefied.

He felt the joy rush to his head, and his whole body lost his strength.

Ye Zhi\'s face Shua red, while Gu Ren was stunned, she reached out and pushed him away, put the gift into his hand, and ran out immediately.

Gu Ren asked himself, what did she just say

She said she liked him, too.

Cold figure standing in the light, the air sounded a soft smile, a kind of uncontrollable joy diffuse.

Shengman has been feeling restless recently.

She can\'t tell the reason.

She just feels flustered in her heart, as if something is going to happen.

Sheng man thought about the reason, and she wondered if Shengbang had done something wrong again.

After work, Shengman drove to her real home for the first time.

When Sheng man arrived, the house was very quiet.

Even the servants seemed to be taken away.

The light in the room was on, but the living room was empty.

At this time, there was a faint voice from the upstairs.

Sheng man stepped up the building with light steps.

The voice came from Sheng Lian\'s study.

Sheng man didn\'t knock at the door, but went to the door and listened.

In the room is Sheng Lian\'s angry voice: what do you want me to say about you I lost so much money in gambling!

Because Sheng Lian put the servant away in advance, so he did not turn down the volume, and clearly reached Sheng man\'s ears.

Sheng Bang\'s indifferent voice rang out: isn\'t there a Sheng family As long as soman is here, we won\'t have an accident.

Sheng man knows that it\'s the same old tune again now.

Anyway, Sheng Lian is educating Shengbang.

She is just about to leave.

Sheng Lian\'s next sentence stops her.

You know what! If Sheng\'s own daughter comes back, we\'ll all have to play it out.

I did it when Shengluo was abducted.

Now that trafficker comes to me and threatens me.

If I don\'t comply with his wishes, he will direct the matter out.

Sheng Bang is the first time to hear this, he seems to have been a huge impact, his voice is intermittent.

Sheng Luo Not already You You, you...

Sheng Lian didn\'t care about Sheng Bang\'s shock: so you shut your mouth to me.

If I hadn\'t done this, would you have a life now

Anyway, the situation is critical now.

You\'d better settle down for me during this period of time.

Be a man with his tail between his legs.

Don\'t make other things happen.

Her hands and feet were so cold that she even forgot to breathe.

She had no strength to open the door and stumbled down the stairs.

Sheng Lian is talking about the interest with Sheng bang when he hears a slight voice coming from outside the door.

He stops immediately.

Sheng Lian frowned, motioned for Sheng Bang not to make a sound, walked to the door, and then opened the door.

Only the winding stairs and quiet air, no one was seen.

It was as if the slight noise was just their illusion.

Sheng man knew that Sheng\'s own daughter might come back, and she had been thinking about it.

Today, Sheng man is going to participate in Cartier\'s activities.

She knows Ye Zhi will also come today, but she does not have the mind to compete with Ye Zhi in the past.

For the first time, Sheng man didn\'t look at her carefully prepared dress.

For the first time, she didn\'t look at her make-up carefully.

She just sat there and let the makeup artist help her make up.

The assistant thought that Shengman was a little strange today.

She was unusually silent.

But no one dares to ask.

They are afraid to make Shengman angry.

After Sheng man put on her make-up, she got on the car.

As the car drove forward, Sheng man sat in the car and remembered a memory of that time.

At that time, she was not Nie Jiqing\'s adopted daughter.

She lived with Sheng Lian.

Their house is very small, and Sheng Lian is just the most ordinary employee.One day, a strange man came to the house.

Sheng Lian and the man entered the study.

When Sheng Man Road passed the door of the house, he found that the door was open and there was a deep light and shadow reflected on the ground.

Sheng man stood by the door and listened for a while.

Sheng Lian seemed very excited.

Sheng man faintly heard a few words.

My daughter, abduction, money

Sheng man couldn\'t understand what they were saying.

At this time, the door opened suddenly and Sheng Lian came out.

Sheng Lian saw Sheng man at the door.

He was surprised.

He asked the man to leave first.

Then, Sheng Lian bent down and touched Sheng man\'s head, and her eyes were shining.

Manman, we\'ll have a good life in the future.

At that time, Sheng man did not know what the good life in Sheng Lian\'s mouth meant.

A few days later, something happened to the Sheng family.

Sheng\'s own daughter accidentally lost, Nie Jiqing crazy looking for her daughter, but her daughter still has no trace.

And Sheng Lian in a few days, and Sheng man said a word: in a few days you go to Sheng\'s home to live for a period of time, accompany aunt NIE to talk.

Sheng Lian stressed: aunt Nie lost her daughter, she is very sad now, you try to please her, best let her treat you as her own daughter.

Sheng man met Nie Jiqing, and she knew that he was a very elegant person.

She also came to the Sheng family several times and knew that the house of the Sheng family was very big.

She didn\'t want to leave every time she came to the Sheng family.

Seaman agreed.

After that, Sheng man lived in the Sheng family.

She tried her best to please Nie Jiqing.

Nie Jiqing slowly shifted her attention and looked into her eyes with some consolation in her sadness.

In fact, Sheng man had already guessed that her father, Sheng Lian, had abducted the real daughter of the Sheng family for their benefit.

But Sheng man had no sense of guilt in her heart.

She lived in the Sheng family for so long that she knew how rich the family was.

It\'s the height that their family can\'t reach in their whole life.

If she became the closest person around Nie Jiqing, would Nie Jiqing\'s love for her own daughter be transferred to her

Shengman continued to disguise her nature as a obedient daughter.

Most of the reasons for her kindness to Nie Jiqing are that she can lead a better life.

Nie Jiqing lost her beloved daughter.

In her favor, she took the place of Nie Jiqing\'s own daughter and became his adopted daughter.

The Sheng family was afraid that after the outside world knew that Sheng man was the adopted daughter of the Sheng family, others would talk about it, so they kept this matter under wraps.

Everything is going so well.

From that day on, Sheng Lian became her distant relative, and Nie Jiqing was her nominal mother.

She was the daughter of the Sheng family who loved her so much.

Thinking of this, Sheng man pulls away from the memory, and she purses her lips.

Although she looks down on Sheng Lian, she is very glad that Sheng Lian has made such a correct decision.

If Sheng Lian didn\'t abduct the daughter of Sheng family, how could she live in a luxury house and attend fashion activities.

And now, is this dream about to wake up

Sheng man is really too scared.

If the daughter of Sheng family really comes back, what should she do

She has tasted the benefits of money and fame, and she will never return to the ordinary life.

Sheng man is now most fortunate that Nie Jiqing does not know that her daughter may still be alive.

As long as Nie Jiqing does not know, she is always a member of the Sheng family.

Shengman\'s eyes were cold, even if the man really came back, she would have to desperate to keep her position.

The car stopped and Sheng man took a deep breath.

She got out of the car and was ready to walk to the red carpet.

Ye Zhi also arrived at the scene, coincidentally, she and Sheng man just one before one after another.

Ye Zhi glanced at Sheng man lightly.

Sheng man clearly put on makeup, but still can see that her face is not very good, the spirit of the whole person is very poor, there is no sense of arrogance in the past.

Ye Zhi pondered, and now she is on the red carpet, but Sheng man seems to have no intention of competing with her, which is not the same as Shengman\'s previous style.

Ye Zhi took back the sight, she put the matter in mind, continue to go forward.

After a while, the stars began to walk the red carpet.

Ye Zhi walks on the red carpet, she slightly raises the chin, the neck line is graceful like the white swan.

The light shone white on her face, as white as jade, as cold as snow.

A cold face, but with bright facial features, with the wanton rose, but also with the beauty of the rose.

This beautiful flower blooming in the dark shows her outstanding temperament perfectly.

The media on both sides of the red carpet vied to press the shutter, and the click was heard one after another.

Ye Zhi\'s lips were bent up with a smile.

At this time, leaf Gardenia suddenly spread behind a few exclamations, ye Zhi also vaguely heard someone say.

Why did she fall It\'s a shame...

Ye Zhiyi Zheng, someone fell down Ye Zhi turned and looked back.

Not far behind Ye Zhi, someone fell to the ground, and the man now lowered his head and could not see her face clearly.

The man was wearing a bright red dress with a red skirt on the floor.

The light came down, red and black, like a withered rose.

At this time, the man raised his face, and her expression was very embarrassed.

Ye Zhi saw the man\'s face, which turned out to be Sheng man.

Ye Zhi thought, Sheng man seems to have never had such a red carpet accident.

What\'s wrong with Sheng man today

Sheng man is just walking the red carpet, she glanced at random and saw Ye Zhi in front of her.

Ye Gardenia side of the head, shoulder neck line thin, smooth and perfect, temperament is excellent.

At that moment, Sheng man suddenly had an idea.

She felt that ye Zhi and Nie Jiqing had the same temperament.

They were both as elegant and as attractive.

Shengman was slightly dazzled.

When Sheng man was in a daze, she accidentally took a wrong step and fell to the ground.

Shengman quickly lowered her head.

She felt very embarrassed.

She had never been so disgraced in her life.

At this time, Sheng man noticed a vision, ye Zhi looked at her.

Now she fell on the ground, and ye Zhi stood not far in front of her.

Ye Zhi dropped her eyes and looked down at her from above.

Ye Zhi is so dazzling, and she is so embarrassed, forming a strong contrast.

Ye Zhi\'s expression is still very indifferent, her face did not have a trace of ridicule, even did not lift eyelids.

However, Shengman felt that she had lost face.

Shengman didn\'t want to be noticed any more.

She immediately stood up and tried to look natural.

Ye Zhi no longer looks at Sheng man, she turns around.

After walking the red carpet, it is a reporter interview.

Reporters gathered around the stars, ready to ask them questions.

Ye Zhi and Sheng man happened to be interviewed together.

If it was before, the media would interview Sheng man first, ignoring Ye Zhi.

But now it is different, they are clearly aware that ye Zhi has long surpassed Sheng man.

Whether it\'s endorsement or heat, ye Zhi is far away from Sheng man.

The media directly ignored Sheng man and rushed to pass the microphone to Ye Zhi.

One question after another was thrown out, and ye Zhi seriously answered.

Occasionally there are a few questions more tricky, ye Zhi also cleverly answered, the way of speech is very comfortable.

At this time, several reporters asked Sheng man, why did you fall down suddenly just now Did you do it on purpose

What\'s your recent itinerary What are your plans for the future


Ye Zhi noticed that the reporter asked so many questions, but Sheng man did not answer one.

Ye Zhi took a look, although Sheng man looked at the camera, but his eyes were empty.

Shengman didn\'t know how to answer the reporter\'s questions.

She had been distracted and didn\'t hear the reporter\'s questions.

Sheng man stands beside Ye Zhi.

If she doesn\'t do anything, the scene will only be more embarrassing.

Leaf Gardenia like inadvertently touched Sheng man\'s hand, Sheng man slowly came back to God, only to realize that the camera was aimed at her.

Just now Sheng man\'s mind suddenly appeared the scene of Sheng\'s own daughter driving her out after she came back.

At that time, the reporters also surrounded her and asked why she kept it from everyone for so long

Sheng man\'s heart filled with deep fear, and then, she noticed that ye Zhi touched her, Sheng man woke up and saw Ye Zhi\'s cold face.

Ye Zhi repeated the reporter\'s question just now: they are asking what is your recent trip

Sheng man managed to stabilize his mood: I\'ll record the variety show first, and then...

Ye Zhi helps Sheng man to solve the encirclement.

This curtain falls in everyone\'s eyes, and everyone starts to praise ye Zhi again.

He thinks Ye Zhi is really a good person.

Next, ye Zhi sits on the position.

Ye Zhi bowed his head and pondered.

Sheng man\'s behavior today is indeed too abnormal.

From the time she saw Sheng man for the first time today, something was wrong with him.

After that, Shengman fell on the red carpet.

Everyone seems to think that Sheng man is deliberately falling down to make a stunt.

But ye Zhi saw the shock and embarrassment of Sheng man\'s eyes, which was not fake.

He didn\'t expect to fall.

In the next interview, Shengman lost his mind when the reporter asked questions.

This series of abnormal reactions, had to let Ye Zhi think more.

At this time, the director of Cartier came to the stage to talk about the creative concept of their brand.

The light dimmed a few minutes, at this time, the leaf Gardenia shape seems to be inadvertently leaning head, looked at Sheng man one eye.

Sheng man and she separated several positions, ye Zhi looked at her look at this time in the eyes.

As ye Zhi thought, Sheng man lost his mind again.

Sheng man looks at the stage, but his hand is shaking slightly.

Ye Zhi takes back her sight, and her eyes are cold.

What is seaman afraid of now She is now the daughter of the Sheng family.

The Sheng family dotes on her, and the outside world pays close attention to her.

She should not have this reaction.So, what is Shengman worrying about

Ye Zhi gathers eyebrows to ponder, can let Sheng man lose heart to this point, that matter must have greatly threatened her position.

Sheng man\'s life is closely related to the Sheng family, so her fear, fear and fear are all due to the Sheng family.

A thought flashed in Ye Zhi\'s mind.

There is one thing that is likely to affect Sheng man\'s mood, that is, Nie Jiqing\'s attitude.

Nie Jiqing\'s attitude is the guarantee of Sheng man\'s life.

If Sheng man realizes that Nie Jiqing\'s love for her is no longer stable

Ye Zhi immediately felt that her thoughts became clear.

Shengman is so strange today.

Is it related to the events of that year


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