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Sheng man has been courting Nie Jiqing recently.

She must firmly hold Nie Jiqing\'s heart so that she can have the greatest protection.

But Sheng man is distressed that no matter what she does, Nie Jiqing\'s reaction is very insipid.

Sheng man thought for a long time and decided to boil a bowl of Chicken Soup for Nie Jiqing.

Sheng man came to Sheng\'s house and put the chicken soup in front of Nie Jiqing.

His tone was soft: Mom, I made Chicken Soup for you.

Do you think it suits your taste

Sheng man also put his hand in front of Nie Jiqing and said wrongly, in order to boil chicken soup, my hand was accidentally cut.

Of course, Shengman didn\'t make chicken soup.

Shengman just told the chef to do it.

Her hand was accidentally cut and was just used to sell it.

Nie Jiqing saw the wound on Sheng man\'s hand, but he was indifferent.

Manson was worried if she was hurt.

But now she saw that Sheng man was injured, but she couldn\'t feel the waves in her heart.

What\'s wrong with her now Why has the feeling of Shengman changed

Nie Jiqing was a little confused.

Over the years, why did she tolerate him again and again Tolerance of Sheng man\'s wanton, tolerance of Sheng man\'s unrestrained spending of Sheng family\'s money.

Nie Jiqing\'s thoughts are surging.

She remembers that when she lost her daughter, Sheng man came to Sheng\'s home.

Shengman was very clever at that time, and she was blaming herself for not protecting her daughter.

Under various factors, she adopted Sheng man as her adopted daughter and cultivated him as her own daughter.

Nie Jiqing\'s expression is a little sad.

If she did not, if she did not force herself to accept it, the shadow of losing her daughter would forever hover in her heart.

Because she regards Shengman as her daughter\'s sustenance, she indulges him.

But once she finds out that Shengman is not what she imagined, and once the dream she has constructed for herself is broken, the feelings that she has invested in Shengman will gradually run out.

Nie Jiqing thought of her lost daughter, and her mood suddenly became very sad.

Sheng man feels that Nie Jiqing\'s eyes are very strange.

Nie Jiqing looks at her clearly, but his sight seems to be completely unfulfilled.

It seems to be through her, looking at another person.

Sheng man was flustered and felt that Nie Jiqing was very strange at this time.

Her voice trembled: Mom, what\'s the matter

Nie Jiqing came back to his senses, and his grief gradually turned into calm.

Nie Jiqing looked at Sheng man and said in a low voice, are you really making chicken soup

Of course, said Sheng man

Nie Jiqing said blandly: hard work.

Nie Jiqing only drank a few mouthfuls, and she stopped touching chicken soup.

Nie Jiqing said: I haven\'t slept well recently, and I don\'t have a good appetite.

This is Nie Jiqing casually find an excuse, Sheng man but really believe.

Sheng man accompanied Nie Jiqing for a while, then got up and left, ready to go to work.

After Sheng man left, Nie Jiqing looked at the chicken soup on the table, and his eyes moved.

Shengman said that she did it by herself, but she didn\'t believe that Shengman had no help.

Nie Jiqing got up and drove to Shengman\'s 1000 square meter mansion.

The housekeeper was surprised to see Nie Jiqing coming.

Just as the housekeeper was about to speak, Nie Jiqing went directly to the kitchen.

Nie Jiqing went to the kitchen.

She looked at the chef and asked, Miss, did you ask you to help her with the soup today

The chef thought of Sheng man\'s advice.

He didn\'t want to think about it.

He said directly: madam, the chicken soup is made by miss.

I didn\'t interfere.

After that, the chef took a look at Nie Jiqing.

Nie Jiqing\'s expression was very weak.

Even if he said it was chicken soup made by Sheng man, Nie Jiqing\'s expression was not touched.

The chef was stunned.

After a few seconds, Nie Jiqing opened his mouth in a light voice, and his tone did not change at all: I ask you again, is chicken soup really made by Miss

Nie Jiqing\'s voice was not heavy, but fell heavily into the cook\'s ears.

The cook was surprised.

Why did his wife change her attitude towards the young lady In the past, no matter what the young lady did, the wife would be very happy.

The cook did not think about it any more.

He was afraid that he would lose his job.

He immediately told the truth: I made the chicken soup.

Miss, I just put the chicken soup in at last.

Hearing this, Nie Jiqing didn\'t have any accident.

She looked at the chef: you don\'t have to tell Miss about my coming here today.

Although the chef did not understand what happened between Nie Jiqing and Sheng man, he answered.

Nie Jiqing returned home, she pondered for a while and sent people to investigate the recent affairs of Sheng Lian and Sheng bang.

Shengman flattered her for nothing.

Something must have happened.

Nie Jiqing is waiting for the man\'s reply at home.

In the evening, Nie Jiqing received a reply from the man.

The man said, Sheng Bang went gambling again recently, and owed a lot of debt...

After hanging up the phone, Nie Jiqing looks more and more cold.

In recent years, in the face of Sheng man, Sheng family will help Sheng Bang pay some gambling debts.

However, Sheng Bang is more and more ignorant of convergence and owes more and more money.

Nie Jiqing sneered, these years give them too much, they really don\'t know who they are.They are used to enjoying the benefits given to them by the Sheng family.

They should also assess whether the Sheng family has the patience to tolerate their behavior.

If one day, the big tree of Sheng family no longer protects them

Nie Jiqing looks very pale, with a trace of cold under his eyes.

Gu Ren sits in the room.

He opens the present and looks down at it.

There is a watch lying quietly in it.

Seeing the watch, Gu ninmei picked it.

Naturally, he knew what it meant to give a watch to someone.

Even when ye Zhi bought a watch, he might not have thought so much about it.

But he knew enough.

Gu Ren carefully put the watch back into the box, and then carefully put it on the cabinet beside the bed.

He would glance at his watch with just a slight tilt of his head.

Gu Ren lies on the bed with one hand behind his head.

In silence, he seemed to hear the confession of Ye Zhi.

I like you, too.

At that moment, Gu Ren clearly saw Ye Zhi\'s red ear roots and clearly felt his chaotic and ecstatic mood.

originally, she had the same intention as him.

He couldn\'t calm down any more.

Gu Ren\'s eyes are dark, and there is a very dark light under his eyes.

In the silent air, he smiles silently.

Gu Ninh will attend an activity the next day.

Before he leaves home, he puts on the watch that ye Zhi gave him.

When Gu Ren arrived at the venue, he stood on the stage, tall and straight.

The black straight suit outlined his narrow waist.

The line of sight extends downward, and at the entrance is a pair of long straight legs.

Cuffs slightly folded, showing a long wrist, clear lines, showing a cool luster than jade.

Gu ninmei\'s eyes are very good.

He gently folds his eyebrows, as if in this cold winter, the fragrance of grass and trees revives suddenly, and the outline of spring appears.

But Gu Ren is in it, the temperament is clean and mellow, alone has become a school of meticulous scenery.

At this time, Gu Ren suddenly deviated his head.

Then he slowly raised his hand, slightly bent his elbow, and slightly shifted his other hand to one side, gently touching his wrist.

On his wrist he wore the new watch that ye Zhi gave him.

Gu Ren\'s index finger is covered on the silver white watch chain.

His knuckles are bent and his fingers are moving.

He turns the watch chain carelessly.

The touch of fingertips is cold.

Gu Ren touched the watch that moment, in the mind appeared Ye Zhi\'s cold face.

At that time, she gave him her watch, closed her eyes and said, she liked him, too.

Although she was shy, her words were very clear.

The light covered Gu Ren\'s body falsely.

At this time, he picked up the corner of his lips and laughed imperceptibly.

This activity is live, some careful Netizens found this.

The god suddenly laughed.

He seemed to be in a good mood.

What did he think of just now

Gu Ren\'s watch today has never been seen before.

It\'s very good-looking and worthy of the temperament of an idol.

After Gu Ren answered some questions, he sat down.

Gu\'s stature is very high, even if his long legs are overlapped, he is also a bit reckless that can\'t be ignored.

Gu Nino put one hand carelessly on his knee, and the other hand casually put it on it.

The slender fingers drooped slightly and the movement looked very natural.

A few seconds later, Gu Ren\'s hand slightly raised, and suddenly dropped gently again.

The cold white fingertip touched the watch chain of his wrist.

He moved his fingers and slowly turned the chain again.

When Gu Ren turns the watch chain, he doesn\'t bow his head or look down at the stage.

His black eyes just stare at the camera for a moment.

For a long time, Gu Ren\'s lips curled.

Silent action, but clearly declared a thing.

He is very concerned about ye Zhi, and he will cherish everything that ye Zhi gives him.

This is the second time Gu Ninh has turned the watch chain today.

Fans can\'t sit still, and the barrage of bullets has sprung up crazily.

Has anyone noticed that the idol has turned his watch chain several times today.

It\'s a little strange.

What\'s the meaning of this watch

God is just showing us his new watch.

I have to say, it\'s really beautiful.

I really want to become the watch in the hands of idols, idols don\'t patronize the watch, look at us more!

Ye Zhi sat down for a while after work.

She thought that Gu Ren would attend the event today, so she thought that she had already started the live broadcast unconsciously.

Gu Ren stood there, a smile appeared on Ye Zhi\'s face.

She thought of her confession yesterday, and her heart beat faster.

At this time, ye Zhi saw Gu Ren turn the watch chain.

Ye Zhi looked at it carefully.

Gu Ren was wearing her new watch that she sent him today.

After a while, Gu Ninh turns the watch chain again, the action seems to be done at will, but ye Zhi can\'t help breathing a stagnation.

Ye Zhi repressed her emotion, and she watched for a while.

When she saw Gu nining turning the watch chain for the third time, she suddenly realized what she had.Ye Zhiding looks at the screen.

When she looks at Gu Ren\'s deep and unknown sight, her cheek instantly climbs up to the heat, and her ears are also faintly red.

She clearly knew that Gu Ren did this to tell her in front of the public that he was hiding his heart.

Think of here, ye Zhi\'s face is more red, but her line of sight is still looking at Gu Ren, not moving.

Ye Zhi holds a cup of coffee in her hand.

The hot air curls up and blows on her face, but she doesn\'t feel hot at all.

Staring at Gu Ren like this, ye Zhi is a little stunned.

She looked at Gu Ren for a long time, but she didn\'t move her eyes.

The corners of her mouth bent up unconsciously with joy.

In a few days, they\'re going to record the next issue of perfect partner..

Gu Ren wears the watch that ye Zhi gave him, without any accident.

On the contrary, he is in a better mood and everything is more smooth.

On the spur of the moment, Gu Ren went to the mall to buy two sportswear, ready to wear in the next program.

If it\'s a couple\'s outfit, it\'s too obvious.

However, Gu can\'t help but buy different styles of sportswear in the same color.

Others often hesitate to choose whether to rationally control the one who wants to show their love or to express their feelings impulsively.

Between the two, Gu Ren chose the latter without thinking.

Ye Zhi is the person he likes, Gu ninhui will slowly let everyone know about it.

The two people\'s journey is different, ye Zhi did not receive the sportswear face to face.

When ye Zhi finished the evening\'s notice, it was more than 10 o\'clock to go home.

She opened the door of the room and saw the washed clothes on the bed.

Ye Zhi is stunned.

This is a light gray women\'s sportswear.

She turned on her mobile phone and found that Gu Ren sent her a wechat message half an hour ago: I bought you a new dress, which can be worn in the next program.

Ye Zhi didn\'t think much about it.

The next day, he put the sportswear bought by Gu Ren into it.

The latest issue of perfect partner was recorded in South Korea.

All the guests arrived one day ahead of schedule and stayed in the hotel.

On the day of the recording, the crew\'s car took them to the scene.

Gu Ren arrived earlier than ye Zhi.

Wearing a dark gray sports suit, he caught a glimpse of the color on his body and unconsciously bent the corners of his lips.

His sight fell on the place where the guests came and waited patiently for ye Zhi\'s arrival.

Gu Ren\'s idea is very simple.

The beginning of this program must be to choose a partner.

His achievements ranked first, and the right to choose was naturally in his own hands.

Gu Ren\'s choice will not change.

Even if someone wants to choose Ye Zhi, he will let that person leave at the last moment.

Therefore, in this issue, Gu Ninh and ye Zhi will be their perfect partner again.

When ye Zhi arrived at the recording scene, she subconsciously turned her head and fell on Gu Ren\'s body for the first time, but she quickly turned away her eyes.

Ye Zhi\'s eyes are still, no one found her small movements.

But just a glance, ye Zhi is to see clearly Gu nine wearing clothes, that sportswear and she is wearing at this time is the same color.

And ye Zhi also knows that the sportswear on her body was sent by Gu Ninh.

If Gu Ren didn\'t mean to, she didn\'t believe it.

Ye Zhi was inexplicably guilty.

She was afraid that others would see anything, so she tried to pretend calm and pretended that nothing had happened.

She also chose a place far away from Gu Ren to avoid people paying attention to their clothes.

Gu Ren also saw leaf Gardenia retreat to the corner of the small action, his lips slightly raised, silent smile.

After all the guests arrived, the host came over and stood in front of them with several red ropes in his hand.

I don\'t know what the purpose is.

The host shook the rope on his hand: this time, we randomly select the members of the team.

I will disturb the order of the rope, and each guest will hold one end of the rope.

If the other end of the rope is connected to the other end of the rope, they form a group.

As soon as the words fell, Yue Shao was happy.

Because it was random, she was likely to be with Gu Ninxuan.

But Gu Ren didn\'t think so.

He thought the rules would be the same as those in previous issues.

As a result, the probability of his partner with Ye Zhi was greatly reduced.

However, Gu Ren\'s expression was always clear and light.

His eyes were dim for a moment, but he immediately restrained him, as if it was just the illusion of others.

All the guests gathered around and held one end of the rope.

After ye Zhi stood well, she found Gu Ninggang standing opposite her.

Each rope interlaced point is held in the palm of the host\'s hand, they do not know who will be drawn.

The host announced, go.

At the moment of speaking, the host let go of his hand and the guests tightened the rope at the same time.

It was clear at a glance who was the member of the team.

Ye Zhishun the tight rope to see, the other end of the rope stood a person.

Sheng man.

Sheng man also found that his partner in this period is Ye Zhi, she doesn\'t like Ye Zhi, and her face is naturally no better.But Sheng man\'s mood does not affect Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi is more concerned about Gu Ren\'s mood.

She quickly takes back her sight and looks at Gu Ren.

The other end of Gu Ren\'s rope is Shan Qian, which means that Gu Ren\'s wish to partner with Ye Zhi has failed.

And Gu ninqian pick wanxuan and ye Zhi matching sportswear also has no effect, this period Gu ninqian can\'t speak with Ye Zhi, cooperate with each other.

Ye Zhi raised his eyes and looked at Gu Ren standing opposite her.

Gu Ren\'s sight fell on her, intentionally or unintentionally.

Ye Zhi had an obvious discovery.

Gu Ren\'s delicate eyebrows and eyes are now a lot dimmed.

There is a trace of emotion hidden in his eyes, which spreads to the corners of his eyes and draws out the indifferent tone.

Gu Ren is not happy.

The author has something to say: Gu Ren: I have already planned it.

What is the situation now

Not happy, to Ye Zhiqin embrace can.


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