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Mingming is just a simple two words, fall in Ye Zhi\'s ear, but let her ear root flat white diffuse on a trace of heat.

Ye Zhi realizes that there are all cameras beside her, and her every move will be enlarged.

Leaf Gardenia quickly collected the mood, toward Gu Nino nodded, and said thanks, the most natural attitude.

Gu Ren also pressed the elevator button to help Ye Zhi open the elevator door.

Ye Zhi and Sheng man walked into the elevator one after the other.

The elevator door closed slowly.

Ye Zhi and Shan Qian knew each other and laughed at each other.

Although she was familiar with them, she didn\'t like to say hello, and the elevator was quiet for a moment.

Ye Zhi to go to the floor will soon arrive, she suddenly remembered a thing, she had to remind Gu Ren, there are dark food on the first floor.

Ye Zhi subconsciously looks at Gu Ren and just wants to call out Gu Ren\'s name.

After a circle around her mouth, Gu is immediately replaced by another.

There are three kinds of dark food in the second room on the first floor.

If you want to go, prepare yourself first.

Gu Ren understands that ye Zhi comes up with a voice to remind him, and a faint smile is gathered in the corner of his lips.

Ye Zhi is looking at Gu Ninh and Shan Qian two people said, but Gu Ninh opened his mouth first.

Are you going up to the next floor That room needs to be done by two groups.

Gu Nina\'s group moves faster than ye Zhi.

They have gone all over the room.

Only two rooms need to be completed.

One of them must be done together.

Gu Ren\'s words just finished, ye Zhi understood the meaning of Gu Ren.

Why don\'t we work together Shan Qian looks at Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi originally thought that they would be separated from Gu Ren, but they still had the opportunity to cooperate, and Shengman would not refuse.


The voice falls, Gu Ren on the surface is still clear light, but the bottom of the eye is hidden smile, seems to be very satisfied with Ye Zhi\'s answer.

A jingle.

The elevator stops.

Gu tolerates thin lip to pull up, the pupil of pitch black is bright for a moment: arrived.

The four of them got out of the elevator together and came to the door of the room.

Because Gu Ren did not find a partner before, they failed to complete the task.

Ye Zhi pushed open the door, just entered, the eye is the foam ball everywhere, the whole room was occupied by the ball, only one staff stood in the corner.

All the small balls are placed in a huge air cushion.

The rule of the game is that they need to find two keys under the numerous small balls to be successful.

No wonder it takes two groups to complete, if one group, I don\'t know when to find it.

She\'s not going to take off her shoes and get ready.

When ye Zhi is bending down, a pair of feet do not know when to appear in the afterglow of her eyes, the fir like breath is close at hand.

The next second, Gu Ren\'s voice sounded on top of her.

Gu Ren\'s tone is too sparse and ordinary, and even makes Ye Zhi feel that he is really just casually stating a thing, and has no selfishness at all.

Shan Qian, you and Sheng man are looking for the half, and ye Zhi and I are looking for the half.

Ye Zhi has taken off her shoes and straightened up.

She turns her head and looks at Gu Ren.

She wants to show Gu Ren with her eyes and let him not be so blatant.

I didn\'t expect that even this set would not work for Gu Ren.

Gu Ren happened to look at Ye Zhi.

He didn\'t seem to see ye Zhi\'s warning at all.

Gu ninwei raised his chin, but began to urge Ye Zhi.

Come on in.

We\'ll lose if we don\'t start looking.

Gu endure such a natural tone, ye Zhi also thought that he and he are still a group, to work together.

From the moment Gu Ninh and ye Zhi met in the elevator, the live room began to brush the barrage crazily, all related to Gu Ren and them.

It was a pity that Gu Ninh and ye Zhi were not in the same group.

Now they have such welfare.

The program team has done a good job.

How can ye Zhi and Gu Ren look like a group Sheng man and Shan Qian are so mercilessly abandoned, ha ha ha.

A little more Ye Zhi and their lens, I am still looking forward to this issue of new sugar this week.

Due to the numerous cameras, ye Zhi can only follow Gu Ren\'s meaning, obediently into the air cushion pool, bent down and began to look for it.

For ye Zhi\'s various small movements and expressions, Gu Ren is very familiar with, naturally also understand what ye Zhi is thinking.

When the task officially began, Gu Ninh and ye Zhi devoted themselves to the competition.

They divided the division of labor clearly, and again divided the half area into two sides.

Gu Ren left, ye Zhi right, they began to look from both ends, and slowly gathered in the middle.

In the process of looking for ye Zhi, she also takes time to look at Sheng man.

Maybe Gu ninhe and Shan Qian are present.

Sheng man is quite serious this time.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t have to spend time to urge Sheng man.

She reaches out the bottom of the ball and touches it inch by inch for fear that she will miss the key if she is not careful.Ye Zhi back to Gu Ren, has been looking for the key, she did not pay attention, the distance between her and Gu Ren is getting shorter and shorter.

Gu Ren is also concentrating on finding the key.

Although he wants to say a few more words with Ye Zhi, the game is still in progress, and he must do his best.

Under the ball was a blanket that felt a little rough.

His palm slid across a large blanket, and the bottom was always empty.

The next second, Gu Ren takes a step back.

Suddenly, there is a slight impact behind her.

Gu Ninh and ye Zhi turn back at the same time and look into each other\'s eyes.

Gu Ren\'s fingers suddenly moved, and his fingertips touched a small piece of cold and hard touch, which was the shape of a key.

Gu could not bear to look at Ye Zhi, with inexplicable emotion hidden in the bottom of his eyes.

Suddenly, his smile was restrained by his lips.

His tone was very light, and he opened his mouth word by word.

I seem to have found the key.

The words are full of serious, but there is a bit of banter in the eye.

Ye Zhi\'s attention is instantly diverted, subconsciously reaches out his hand along the direction under Gu Ninja\'s hand.

The key did not appear in the expected, ye Zhi\'s fingertips pasted with warm touch, as if it had been electrified, and the delicate and numb feeling permeated my heart.

Ye Zhigang wanted to retract his hand, but Gu Ren suddenly moved his hand and folded the familiar and soft hand into the palm of his hand.

Ye Zhi clearly felt the heat climbing up her face.

Fortunately, the heating in the room was turned on fully, otherwise it would definitely be found.

Ye Zhi didn\'t even dare to pull back her hand, because she was afraid that she would scatter the small balls on her hands and expose her hands.

She almost lost her strength to look up at Gu Ren.

She looked up slightly.

Gu Ren\'s eyes fell on her face and looked down at her.

Gu Ren\'s dark eyes are like a dark river flowing through people\'s hearts.

Where they pass by, iron walls are erected, and everything is fixed at this moment.

Gu Ren suddenly laughed, even the laughter was low and dumb, which made people\'s ears buzzing.

Have you found the key

Due to Gu Ren\'s bold behavior, ye Zhi thought her heart would jump out of her heart.

Fortunately, Gu Ren released her hand when her tension reached the highest point.

Clearly just a few seconds just now, for ye Zhi, every second is pulled very long.

At the moment when Gu Ren moves his hand away, ye Zhi\'s hand falls gently, and a key is just surrounded by her palm.

Ye Zhi picked up the key, quickly back a step, the hand pulled from the ball.

I found the key.

Ye Zhi\'s voice fell that moment, she found that because she was too nervous, her voice with pressure after the hoarseness.

Hearing Ye Zhi\'s voice, Sheng man and Shan Qian immediately looked over.

Ye Zhi didn\'t dare to leave Yu Guang on Gu Jiu.

She wanted to stand up and give the key to the staff.

Unexpectedly, her legs and feet were a little weak under her nervousness.

Ye Zhi falters for a while, just stand firm body, almost fall at the same time, ye Zhi still did not forget to hold the key on the hand.

If such a small key falls into the ball again, it will take some time to find it.

Fortunately, Gu Ren didn\'t help her, otherwise she would have to fall again.

However, the next second, Gu Ren\'s low magnetic voice sounded from behind Ye Zhi in time, with undisguised concern, although others would think it was the care of his teammates.

Be careful.

It\'s not easy to walk here.

As soon as ye Zhi stood firm, she immediately went to the side.

She was far away from Gu Ren, and her leg was not soft because of Gu Ren.

If Gu Ren had behaved a few more times, she might have had a heart attack.

The barrage in the live broadcasting room is brushing the screen desperately.

I\'ve just made up a big play in my brain, just looking for a key.

How can Gu Ninh and ye Zhi be so sweet

I deeply doubt that they are holding hands under the ball.

I don\'t accept refutation.

Today, there is sugar to knock.

Thank you again for setting the rules of the game.

Sheng man and Shan Qian haven\'t been found yet.

The main reason is that Sheng man\'s action is too slow.

Shan Qian has already checked half of it.

Sheng man has only checked a small area.

With Ye Zhi and Gu Ren, the second key was quickly found.

Ye Zhi and Gu Ren each took the card to seal, while the staff took the seal and said with a smile.

Congratulations, you have only one task left, the fastest two teams so far.

After coming out of this room, ye Zhi and Gu Ren have to act separately, and they have only one task left.

No surprise, this season\'s championship will be between their two groups.

Sheng man heard the staff\'s words were also surprised, she did not expect that she and ye Zhi were divided into the same group, can also have such treatment.

She was a bit behind in the last few games, and if she fell behind others, she would be eliminated.

However, Sheng Mancai will not be grateful to Ye Zhi.

She only believes that ye Zhi is just lucky and won\'t recognize Ye Zhi\'s ability.Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were divided into two groups.

Ye Zhi took the elevator and Gu Ren went to another room.

The two groups completed the task almost at the same time.

The task in the last room happened to be about physical strength, because Shengman was out of physical strength, Gu Ren and they were slightly better.

After coming out of the building, they took their own car and drove to their final destination.

This is not the end of the game.

You have to make a count when you arrive.

Gu Ninh and ye Zhi\'s car arrived one after another, Gu Nina group won the first place.

After the end of the program, the time is already late, night covers the whole sky.

The show asked the guests to stay for dinner.

We have participated in the program for so long, and gradually get familiar with each other.

They find their own positions and sit down next to the familiar people.

Gu Ren chooses a seat and sits down.

After a while, a figure takes a seat next to Gu Ren.

Gu Ren glances at Shan Qian.

Shan Qian and Gu Ren partner this time.

They won the first place.

Shan Qian is a little excited, so he is ready to sit next to Gu Ren and talk to Gu Ren.

Gu Ninh and Shan Qian cooperated for a period.

Knowing that Shan Qian\'s people were not bad, Shan Qian spoke to him, and he said a few words lightly.

But his eyes have been vaguely looking at the door, paying attention to the movement of the door.

On the left side of Gu Ren sits Shan Qian, and there is a vacant seat on the right side.

When Yue Ling sees that there is a place beside Gu Ren, she subconsciously raises her step and walks towards Gu Ren.

When Yue Ling comes to Gu Ren, she has not spoken yet.

Gu Ren slowly raises her eyes and gives her a very light look.

GU Ren has no expression on his face, but his sight is a little cold, as if soaked in the cold winter.

When you look at it casually, you are indifferent.

For some reason, Yue Ling is shocked.

Suddenly, she doesn\'t dare to sit here.

She makes a silent detour and sits down beside Liu Cong.

Gu Ren turned his head and continued to look at the door, looking for the late figure.

His eyes are very dark, this position is reserved for ye Zhi.

At this time, a figure appeared at the door, Gu can\'t help but stop.

Leaf Gardenia slightly low head, exposed a section of snow-white neck.

A few wisps of hair hang in her face side, in the dark, a bit clear.

Gu Ren saw Ye Zhi coming, his eyes suddenly filled with light, cold in the rippling up a light smile.

Accumulated in the bottom of the eyes of the snow, quickly melt.

Ye Zhi came late.

She took a look at the seats.

Everyone was almost all there.

Now there are two seats left.

There\'s a place next to the bear stop, and the rest

Ye Zhi\'s sight is stagnant, beside Gu Ren.

Ye Zhi thought for a while, in order to avoid suspicion, she chose to go to the bear stop and sit down.

Although it\'s not on the air now, the audience won\'t see what\'s going on here.

But all the guests are sitting here.

If she just sits next to Gu Ren, she is worried about what others will find out.

And Xiong Ting is familiar with her now, and she won\'t feel embarrassed when she sits there.

After ye Zhi made a decision, she raised her head and happened to look at Gu Ren\'s eyes.

After a while, ye Zhi moved her eyes.

Gu Ren understood that ye Zhi would not be ready to sit next to him.

Gu Ren is half drooping his eyes.

He can\'t see clearly.

His hand holding the water cup is slightly tightened.

Ye Zhi didn\'t notice Gu Ren\'s mind.

She raised her step and went to the place where the bear stopped.

The bear stops at the other end.

If she wants to go there, she must bypass Gu Ren\'s back.

Gu Ren holds a cup in his hand.

His fingers move slightly and shake gently.

The water cup in his hand also shakes slightly.

The water under the cup rippled a circle of texture, lining Gu Ren\'s hand, the more cold white jade.

After a while, ye Zhi will pass behind him and sit next to others.

Gu Ren\'s eyebrows and eyes are dim, and his low eyes are full of invisible light.

When ye Zhi passes Gu Ren\'s back, Gu Ren puts the water cup on the table top.

His other hand suddenly rises, and his slender hand rests on the top of the empty chair beside him.

Gu Ren has not yet raised his head, but with a slight force of his hand, he suddenly pulls back his chair.

The chair across the ground, silence, sounded a thorn sound.

Ye Zhi was stunned.

The chair was in front of her.

She couldn\'t walk past.

She stopped and looked down at Gu Ren.

What does Gu Ren want to do

Other people also heard the clear stab sound, they were a bit stunned, together turned to see Gu Ren\'s direction.

All the people are looking at Gu Ren, but Gu Ren doesn\'t look at others.

His deep black eyes just look straight at Ye Zhi.

Halo outlines the outline of two people, at this time, ye Zhi\'s eyes droop, Gu Ren slightly raises his face.

Gu Ren\'s empty chair beside him has been pulled away, not far from his side.

He did not take back his hand, which was still carelessly put on the edge of the chair.

The line of sight also falls on Ye Zhi\'s body.

This chair directly blocked Ye Zhi\'s road.

Although Gu Ren did not open his mouth at this time, his meaning was very obvious.At this time, Gu Ren\'s eyes picked, the sight of sight means unknown, ye Zhi\'s heart rate suddenly increased a few minutes.

Gu endure originally bone phase thin cool, do not smile when like cage a layer of sparse cold halo.

The light fell between his eyebrows and eyes, reflecting his cold and clear eyes, extremely dark and heavy.

Gu Ren\'s lips suddenly curled slightly, and he seemed to smile.

Although the smile is very shallow, but as if at the beginning of falling snow on the plum blossom, with the deepest color, burning and bright.

At this time, Gu nintou slightly side, chin toward his side, gently.

Gu Ren looks at Ye Zhi for a moment.

His thin lips open gently, and the low and deep sound line rings out.

Sit here

The author has something to say: Gu Ren: everyone present, this is my wife.


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