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Ye Zhi heard Gu Ren say to feed her, her face suddenly red, scared her immediately loose hands.

Gu Ren\'s hand was originally covered in Ye Zhi\'s hand.

When ye Zhi\'s hand became loose, he moved his finger and gently hooked it, holding the chopsticks in his hand very easily.

Gu ninzhi got up, his fingers holding chopsticks, dark chopsticks, against his skin, like clear glass.

Ye Zhi saw the chopsticks fall in Gu Ren\'s hand.

Her voice stuttered: I, I I can eat it myself.

Ye Zhi finger spread out: give it back to me.

Gu ninyi first glanced at Ye Zhi\'s white palm, and then put his eyes on Ye Zhi\'s face.

Gu Ren picked his eyebrows and deliberately lengthened his tone: you just said, you can\'t eat it

Ye Zhilian said: I can eat, of course I can. Gu Ren stares at Ye Zhi for a few seconds, then hands the chopsticks to Ye Zhi.

Chopsticks finally returned to Ye Zhi\'s hand.

In order to prove herself, ye Zhi took the dish Gu Ren gave her to the front and began to eat seriously.

When ye Zhi eats, a light floating voice comes from the top of his head.

Don\'t worry.

Take your time.

Ye Zhixin a song, the next second, Gu Ren\'s understatement of the voice again came, the tone is not slow: anyway, I\'ll watch you eat next to me.

Ye Zhi hands a shake, almost fell chopsticks on the table.

Gu Ren returns to his position.

He takes a few mouthfuls at will and puts down his chopsticks.

His black eyes are staring at Ye Zhi all the time.

In the middle of the meal, ye Zhi looks up at Gu Ren.

Gu Nina put a hand carelessly on the table, the palm gently against his jaw, head slightly tilted, the palm just covered his perfect thin lips.

People like frost and snow are covered with some bright light, but they seem to be able to see a deeper light after the halo.

Too handsome.

Gu Ren glimpses Ye Zhi to look at him, his chin slightly retracts, the lip angle involuntarily pulls up, the line of sight actually does not momentarily look at Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren still maintains this posture.

At this time, he opened his mouth, the voice came from his palm, as if separated by a thin layer of yarn, the voice was a little dull, but not half clear.

Gu Ren faintly dropped a sentence: do you want to continue to eat

Ye Zhi almost sank in Gu Ren\'s beauty.

Hearing this sentence, ye Zhi suddenly returned to his senses.

She glanced at the meal in front of her and immediately replied, of course.

Ye Zhi finished a dish, and then she obediently picked up another dish and ate slowly.

Gu Ren\'s eyes are covered with a smile.

He glances at the time on the wall, and then takes back his sight.

His tone is cold and slow.

Don\'t be nervous.

It\'s still early.

Let\'s take our time.

Gu Ren deliberately emphasizes the last few words, but the simple words are tinged with a bit of euphemism, especially charming tone.

Ye Zhi a shock, Gu Ren\'s implication is that if he does not continue to eat, he will really feed her to eat.

Tonight, he will fully implement this principle and will not release water at all.

After a while, ye Zhi finished the meal.

Gu Ren looks at it quietly.

He knows how much food Ye Zhi ate before dieting.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t feel uncomfortable eating so much now.

Today\'s meal is estimated to be ye Zhi\'s biggest meal for so long.

Ye Zhi sat on the seat and had a rest for a while.

After a while, ye Zhi stood up, she did not go out of a few steps, felt a dizzy head.

She was about to fall to the ground.

Ye Zhi suddenly realized that she was gently supported by someone behind her.

She raised her face and saw Gu\'s cold white jaw.

Gu Ren is very tall.

At this time, he is looking down at Ye Zhi.

Just when Gu Ren held Ye Zhi, he could clearly detect the butterfly bone on the back of Ye Zhi.

She is too thin now.

Gu Ren suddenly bent down and held Ye Zhi horizontally.

His hands were slightly closed, and he could more easily detect his slender figure.

Gu endure Mou color again a few minutes.

Ye Zhimeng lived, her face suddenly Red: you put me down, I can walk by myself.

Gu Ren side of the head, he slightly down that face, at this time with a trace of oppression, Gu Ren\'s tone can not be refused: don\'t let go.

Ye Zhi\'s voice is as light as the sound of mosquitoes: others are looking at us...

Gu endure to continue to hold Ye Zhi to go upstairs, do not retreat do not let: no way.

Ye Zhisong mouth: I will certainly eat more.

At this time, Gu endure a footstep, he slant head, light spit out a few words: late.

A few words of understatement completely blocked the mouth of Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi can only bury her head in Gu ninhuai and dare not move.

Gu Ren put Ye Zhi on the bed.

He just let go of his hand.

Gu Ren dropped a sentence: I\'ll get something.

Gu Ren leaves the room, ye Zhi sits on the bed, staring at his back.Living in Gu family, sometimes, ye Zhi will feel Gu Ren like a magician, no matter what she needs, the next second is within reach.

After a while, Gu Ren pushes the door and comes in.

With a slight hook of his foot, he subconsciously brings the door.

More than 70% of dark chocolate is good for your health.

Gu Ren had expected that during the diet, ye Zhi may have hypoglycemia.

He stocked up a lot of chocolate for a rainy day.

Ye Zhi looked at the chocolate in front of her, and felt that she was going to cross her eyes.

Gu Ren was really careful, from 75% to 80%, even 99%.

Gu Ren thin lip micro motion, cool and easy-going voice line down: choose a piece.

The only secret for female stars to keep fit is to strictly control their diet and avoid snacks.

Ye Zhi, the most self disciplined female star, broke the ring that night.

Ye Zhizhi chooses 80% chocolate and nibbles a small piece.

It tastes just right, sweet and bitter.

She hasn\'t had a normal meal for nearly a month in order to film on a diet.

It\'s no exaggeration to say that this should be the sweetest thing she\'s had this time.

Ye Zhi is aware of a line of sight, Gu Ren is still watching her.

Her husband\'s supervision is still very effective.

In continue to eat or maintain body shape, ye Zhizhi made a decision.

Only allow yourself to indulge in such a night and eat a little more chocolate.

Ye Zhi bit a little bit again, forgot the restriction of the female star, and unconsciously bent the corner of her mouth.

The next second, Gu Ren stretched out his hand, ye Zhi suddenly felt his finger abdomen covered up.

His slender fingers gently swept the corner of her lips, like a gentle breeze, the cold fingertips with a slight warmth.

A little bit. Gu Ren\'s action is very natural, I don\'t know whether it is intentional or unintentional.

His finger belly stays for a while.

Like electricity, crispy numbness of the touch spread.

Ye Zhi raised her head and looked at Gu Ren again.

The eyes of the two men were even.

It\'s strange that she was easy-going in the past, but her mind was disturbed by his every move.

Gu and Ninja are going to talk about the preparation.

Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren: I will be more suitable for the role of thin three kilograms, I will not cheat you.

As soon as the voice fell, ye Zhi saw Gu Ren\'s indifferent eyes.

His tone was not light or heavy, and he rejected Ye Zhi\'s words.

Half a catty.

Ye Zhi wanted to fight for it again, and he lowered his voice: those two kilograms.

Gu ninmei did not lift a bit, light voice way: half Jin. One sentence clearly expressed his attitude.

Ye Zhi thought, this time, her voice is lighter: that kilogram is OK

Gu ningang to continue to say the words half a catty, at this time, he suddenly noticed that the cuff came down slightly.

Gu Ren looks down, ye Zhi\'s white hands are gently holding his sleeve, her face slightly raised.

Ye Zhi said softly: if I lose another kilogram, the effect will be better.

Ye Zhi unconsciously pinched the sleeve again.

She spoke softly: please.

Gu Ren was stunned.

This voice gently please, the voice is very light, but deeply rippling into his heart, rippling a circle of ripples.

Ye Zhi\'s voice was a little aggrieved.

As soon as ye Zhigang opened his mouth, Gu Ren felt his heart seemed to be clenched, with a touch of sour.

Gu Ren closed his eyes.

He always knew that he was calm and restrained.

When he met her, everything would collapse.

As long as she said it, no matter what, he would always compromise.

Gu Ren opened his eyes and his eyes were deep and deep.

He gazed at Ye Zhi and sighed, that\'s one kilogram.

Ye Zhi smiles.

Gu\'s line of sight falls in Ye Zhi\'s eyes, deep voice line falls: Ye Zhi, I care about you very much.

Ye Zhi heart a jump, her heartbeat chaos at the same time, but also heard Gu Ren good to hear the clear voice: than you imagine to care about you.

Ye Zhi stares at Gu Ren.

Gu Ren half lowered his eyes, his jaw was cold and thin, and the light illuminated the corner of his eyebrows.

As if in the dark night, he came against the light, step by step, for her to burn a long light.

At this time, the winter night is silent, and the bright moon in the sky is bright and white, but it can\'t resist the faint light from the bottom of your eyes.

Gu Ren said, good night.

Gu can turn that moment, he heard the voice of Ye Zhi, clearly fell into the air.

Me too.

Ye Zhi is saying that she also cares about herself.

Gu Ren turns around, ye Zhi has already buried himself in the quilt, showing his ears with slight red.

Gu Ren chuckled softly.

As the night went on, everything was quiet.

Only the dim yellow street lights were on on both sides of the street.

The cold wind in winter was isolated by the windows, and the room was warm.Nie Jiqing was ready to go to sleep, but she was tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep.

But Nie Jiqing\'s husband Sheng Yu is also affected by her mood, turning to her side and asking, what\'s the matter What\'s on your mind

Sheng Yu knows Nie Jiqing very well, and naturally sees that her state is not right in recent days.

Nie Jiqing turns on the small lamp at the head of the bed.

The soft light falls, and the anger in her eyes is clearly visible.

The abduction of our daughter should have something to do with Sheng Lian.

I doubt all this is Sheng Lian\'s plan.

After Sheng Luo was lost, Sheng Yu was as miserable as Nie Jiqing.

However, in order to comfort Nie Jiqing, he could only press his missing in the bottom of his heart.

Even Nie Jiqing\'s voice is trembling, because he\'s a little nervous.

Does he know where our daughter is

Nie Jiqing shook his head: I think he may not know.

Recently he is dealing with a trafficker Liu Cang.

Don\'t act rashly.

Now give them a few days to settle down together.

Sheng Yu suppressed his anger and slowly calmed down: I understand what you mean.

Nie Jiqing snorted coldly: I don\'t know whether Sheng man knows or not in recent years.

If she knows the inside story, she can still play such a clever and cheeky face.

Sheng Yu is already very disgusted with Sheng Lian.

He trembles with anger at the thought that his daughter is suffering outside while Sheng man enjoys such treatment.

After looking for so many years, I finally have a direction.

I will send someone to follow Sheng Lian and they must find Luoluo.

Sheng Yu used to be calm in front of outsiders, but now he can\'t calm down when it comes to his daughter.

Thinking of the day when he met his daughter again, his words became more and more.

I don\'t know how Luoluo has become after such a long time.

Will she forgive us

Nie Jiqing saw that her husband, who had never been happy, became garrulous.

She could not help but wet her eyes.

As long as they think of their daughter, they hate Sheng Lian more deeply.

Nie Jiqing and Sheng Yu discussed for a night, and they already had a solution.

As for Sheng Lian\'s family, they are just grasshoppers after autumn, and they can\'t jump for long.

Sheng man and Sheng Lian take away from their daughter these years.

Sheng Yu not only wants them to double back, but also makes them have nothing.

They stayed up almost all night, and Sheng Yu went out early in the morning.

Nie Jiqing originally wanted to make up her sleep during the day.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, a person suddenly flashed into her head.

Ye Zhi.

Nie Jiqing\'s sleepiness dissipated.

She immediately took out her mobile phone and began to look up Ye Zhi\'s information on the Internet.

Ye Zhi is 25 years old this year.

She was raised by her adoptive parents.

Her birthday is in May.

The age is right, so is the situation at home and the birthday.

Nie Jiqing is happy in her heart.

The reason why she thinks of Ye Zhi is that she always feels strange when she sees Ye Zhi.

That kind of feeling she can\'t say, she has a natural close to Ye Zhi.

What if ye Zhi is her daughter

Nie Jiqing had this idea, how to press can not hold, she immediately looked for contact, finger stopped in the name of Ye Zhi.

Nie Jiqing takes a deep breath and suppresses the tension and dials Ye Zhi\'s phone.

The beep at the end of the mobile phone only rings a few times, and someone answers the phone.

Ye Zhi\'s cold voice comes from the receiver.


Nie Jiqing\'s heart leaped.

She tried to calm down and let her voice sound the same as usual.

Miss ye, I want to talk to you about something today.

Do you have time

Ye Zhi was obviously stunned for a few seconds.

She didn\'t know how Nie Jiqing could find her, but she soon returned to normal.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t know that Nie Jiqing already knows what Sheng Lian has done, but in the book, the original owner has no chance to see Nie Jiqing.

With the help of the power of the Sheng family, Sheng man made the original owner very miserable.

Because Nie Jiqing connived at Sheng man, the Sheng family harmed the original owner indirectly.

Ye Zhi politely refused Nie Jiqing\'s proposal.

Madame Nie, you call me ye Zhi.

If it was Shengman\'s affair last time, she has already apologized, and the matter has passed.

Nie Jiqing heard the faint alienation in Ye Zhi\'s words.

He did not know why he felt a pain in his heart and explained it immediately.

I\'m really sorry about this.

I want to see you again.

Ye Zhi heard Nie Jiqing\'s plea.

She hesitated for a few seconds, but she responded to it.

When she heard Nie Jiqing\'s joyful voice, she calmed down.

Nie Jiqing also offered to pick her up, but ye Zhi refused.

She drove to shengzhai by herself.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Nie Jiqing immediately sat down in front of the dressing table and began to make up.

Then he stayed in the cloakroom, repeatedly picking up clothes, but he didn\'t find one he was satisfied with.Madam, is there any important guest to come

Nie Jiqing heard Zhao Ma\'s words, Leng Leng, and then whispered to himself: maybe not a guest.

Nie Jiqing can\'t confirm Ye Zhi\'s identity.

Naturally, she can\'t show too much emotion.

Even if she wants to ask Ye Zhi some questions, she must keep quiet and not let Ye Zhi be suspicious.

Nie Jiqing thought about it and chose a necklace from her jewelry collection.

Later, she can only take Shengman\'s matter as an excuse, give the necklace as compensation to Ye Zhi, and take the opportunity to ask some questions.

Every minute of waiting for ye Zhi to arrive becomes extremely long and difficult.

When the pleasant doorbell rings, Nie Jiqing stands up from the sofa and walks quickly to the door.

As soon as the door opened, a beautiful figure appeared at the door.

Looking at Nie Jiqing, Zhao Ma smiles and greets her.

Her attitude is more intimate than that of her.

How could that important guest be the lady\'s worst nuisance.

Ye Zhi.


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