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Nie Jiqing tries to make his smile not so obvious, so as not to let Ye Zhi realize it is wrong.

Nie Jiqing Qin from the shoe cabinet took out a pair of slippers, want to put in front of Ye Zhi: this is the newly removed slippers, no one to wear.

Ye Zhi some flattered, she immediately squatted down: I\'ll come by myself.

Nie Jiqing knows that he has done too much, but he still can\'t help but want to care more about the next leaf gardenia.

When ye Zhi changed her shoes and walked into the living room, Nie Jiqing walked on her side: I asked the chef to prepare some food.

I don\'t know if it suits your taste.

Ye Zhi thought that she just came to speak a few words.

She didn\'t expect to have dinner here.

But when she saw Nie Jiqing, she couldn\'t say it again.

I\'m not picky.

Nie Jiqing is aware of Ye Zhi\'s hesitation for a moment, but he still agrees.

His low mood immediately gets better.

The table has been full of all kinds of food, aroma, ye Zhi see such a full table of food, Zheng Zheng Zheng.

Nie Jiqing opened the chair beside him and let Ye Zhi sit down.

Then he scooped her a bowl of soup: first drink some soup.

Zhao Ma on one side was stunned.

She was in such a good mood for the first time when she saw his wife.

In the past, she still had a faint regret and sadness in her smile, but now she is happy from the heart.

As an old man of the Sheng family, Zhao Ma knows the inside story.

When the Sheng family\'s own daughter is lost, Sheng man is just an adopted daughter.

Although Sheng man coaxes his wife to be happy, but the lady is really smiling at this time.

Ye Zhi because of the memory of the original owner, still remember the plot in the book, she knew what the Sheng family had done to the original owner, so she had some resistance at the beginning.

Now Nie Jiqing like this, let Ye Zhi some not used to, ye Zhi immediately took over the bowl: you don\'t have to do this, I can come by myself.

Nie Jiqing suppresses disappointment and takes back her hand.

Seeing ye Zhi\'s suspicions, she can only turn the topic away.

Although Nie Jiqing is very reluctant to mention Sheng man at this time, he has to use Sheng man\'s affairs to alleviate Ye Zhi\'s doubts.

Nie Jiqing took the necklace and put it on Ye Zhi\'s hand: this is my little wish.

I hope you can accept it.

When Nie Jiqing opened the box, Zhao Ma found that the necklace had been pestered by the lady for a long time, but she didn\'t give it to her.

I didn\'t expect that now my wife would give the necklace to Ye Zhi.

She always felt that she had peeped into some truth.

Ye Zhi a see Nie Jiqing this posture, immediately positive color way: I can\'t accept.

Ye Zhi now understand, Nie Jiqing asked her to come over the reason.

Ye Zhi speculates that Nie Jiqing may be the first time that she saw Sheng man bullying others with the power of the Sheng family, so he felt very guilty about her.

Nie Zhi man and I have no need to apologize for this

I won\'t talk about this thing that Shengman did.

Don\'t worry, others won\'t know.

Nie Jiqing one breath blocked in the chest, she does not care whether Shengman has a good reputation, if Shengman really fell to the bottom, she felt happy.

Nie Jiqing quietly put away the necklace, looking a little gloomy.

Ye Zhi sees Nie Jiqing like this, some are at a loss, is his tone just too serious

Ye Zhi drank the soup that Nie Jiqing scooped for her just now: very good to drink.

Nie Jiqing listened to Ye Zhi\'s words and put his attention on Ye Zhi\'s body: is it Would you like another bowl

Ye Zhi immediately stopped: no need.

Nie Jiqing glanced at the dishes on the table.

Her eyes fell on the same dish.

Her tone was a little tentative.

Do you like this dish

Ye Zhi looked at the dish that Nie Jiqing pointed to and shook her head: sorry, I can\'t eat it, because I\'m allergic to peanuts.

Nie Jiqing\'s eyes brightened, and her Luoluo was allergic to peanuts.

Nie Jiqing felt that she had gone a step further from hope, and she began to inquire about the background of Ye Zhi quietly.

I\'ve read your online information.

You seem to be adopted.

I don\'t know if you have any contact with your biological parents.

Ye Zhi Zheng for a few seconds, she did not touch the meaning of Nie Jiqing, did not immediately answer.

Nie Jiqing immediately added: I\'m really sorry, last time because of Sheng man\'s matter, I specially went to the Internet to check your information.

Ye Zhi nodded, did not specifically answer: my foster parents are very good to me.

Nie Jiqing was a little gratified at first, and then tried to say: I saw your birthday, your birthday this year seems to have not passed, I want to send you a birthday gift.

Ye Zhi: I\'ve got your kindness.

I don\'t need any trouble.

Nie Jiqing\'s voice showed a little urgency: your birthday is May 15th, is this your real birthday Or did the foster parents fix it for you

Luoluo\'s birthday is May 10, if ye Zhi\'s birthday can be matched, it can be determined that most of them.Although Ye Zhi felt that Nie Jiqing asked too carefully, she still answered seriously.

It\'s a real birthday.

Ye Zhi inherited the memory of the original owner, but even the original owner did not know what date her real birthday was.

She was too young when she was abducted, and many things were forgotten.

The first adoptive parents didn\'t know the real birthday of the original owner, and Liu Cang couldn\'t tell them clearly, so they took the date of adoption as their birthday.

When the original owner was abducted, it happened to be may, so that the two birthday dates were so close.

Nie Jiqing is obviously disappointed, but she still doesn\'t give up.

She even wants to take ye Zhi directly for paternity test.

But she was afraid to frighten Ye Zhi, so she had to wait for the people to come back and get the exact information before they made the next plan.

Nie Jiqing\'s mood fluctuated greatly at this moment.

Her eyes were still covered with a light black green, and her face was tired.

Ye Zhi more and more feel strange, she some can\'t bear to speak to persuade way.

You don\'t seem to sleep well.

Would you like to have a rest I\'ll leave soon.

Nie Jiqing suppresses the sadness that comes up.

Hearing Ye Zhi\'s concern, she infuses a trace of warmth into her heart.

I offered to invite you to dinner.

I\'ll wait until you finish your meal first.

Ye Zhi had no choice but to answer.

After dinner, ye Zhi was pulled by Nie Jiqing and chatted with her for a while, and then left shengzhai.

After ye Zhi left, Zhao Ma dared to ask, madam, is Ye Zhi...

Nie Jiqing was unable to sit on the sofa: I suspect that she is my daughter.

Although there are still some doubts, I have sent someone to investigate.

Zhao\'s mother was shocked.

When Sheng Luo was young, she had seen Nie Jiqing\'s pain.

Naturally, she would not talk nonsense.

I just hope that the survey results will come out early.

Ye Zhi is really the daughter of Sheng family.

When ye Zhi left Sheng\'s house, Sheng man just drove over.

Since she learned about Sheng man\'s recent situation from Sheng Lian, she was greatly shocked and stayed at home for a few days before she thought of what she really should do now.

Sheng man had been ready before going out, but when her car drove to shengzhai, she was in a panic.

Sheng man stopped the car.

She leaned against the driver\'s seat and looked at the shengzhai not far away.

She did not dare to step forward.

Before Sheng man had guessed what Sheng Lian had done, but before it was clear, she could pretend to be ignorant.

Now all the truth is in front of her, her heart has fear, there is hesitation, she is really afraid of her flaws in front of the Sheng family.

As soon as she reveals her secret, she will fall into a hell of eternal destruction, and everything she has will disappear in an instant.

Sheng man\'s carefully maintained hand is holding the steering wheel.

After watching shengzhai for a long time, she is ready to start the car and turn the front of the car to leave.

When Sheng man looked up, a car he had never seen drove out of shengzhai and drove in the opposite direction.

The back of the car was facing Shengman.

She could only see a young woman sitting in the driver\'s seat, but not his face.

Sheng man shook his head and felt suspicious.

He immediately turned the steering wheel.

She didn\'t even pass the door of Sheng\'s house and left.

Sheng man thinks that she will have a chance to win back Nie Jiqing\'s favor, but she didn\'t expect that her life will change dramatically.

When ye Zhi and Sheng man leave the shengzhai, a car drives into shengzhai.

It is Mrs.

Gu\'s sister Qin Ling\'s car.

Qin Ling and Nie Jiqing are good friends for many years.

She knows a lot about the Sheng family.

So she would tell Ye Zhi, Sheng man is not Sheng\'s own daughter.

Qin Ling made an appointment with Nie Jiqing a few days ago.

As soon as she entered the door, she found that Nie Jiqing was not in the right state.

Nie Jiqing\'s whole person is as lost as a soul.

He doesn\'t have any spirit.

His eyes are blue and black.

He seems to have a lot of things on his mind.

When Nie Jiqing saw Qin Ling, she found that she had forgotten to make an appointment with Qin Ling.

Sorry, I forgot the time.

Qin Ling would not argue with Nie Jiqing.

She had a good temper and didn\'t like to hide.

She asked directly, what happened

Nie Jiqing knows that she doesn\'t have to hide it from Qin Ling.

Anyway, she is going to deal with Sheng Lian and they will soon be known.

Nie Jiqing looked outside and closed the door.

When there was no one, he and Qin Ling raised doubts about ye Zhi\'s life experience.

I\'m guessing whether ye Zhi is my daughter, but I\'ve tried her out, and some information is not up to the standard.

Now my husband and I are waiting for the investigators to come back and report.

When Qin Ling heard Ye Zhi\'s name, he was obviously stunned.

Nie Jiqing was in his own mood and didn\'t notice the difference of Qin Ling.

Qin Ling looks at Nie Jiqing, and she has an idea.

Although Nie Jiqing has many worries, she has frequent contacts with Ye Zhi.

As long as she has the heart, she can get the identification samples of Ye Zhi.If the result is not right, only she knows about it.

If ye Zhi\'s DNA can be on with Nie Jiqing, then two people will have a day to recognize each other.

After Qin Ling left shengzhai, he did not mention it to anyone.

When ye Zhi went home, it was already dark.

She knew that she would not go home early this time, so she had told Gu Ren in advance.

Ye Zhi asked Gu Ren not to worry, but when her car was about to drive to the door, she saw the tall and cold figure at the door.

It\'s Gu Ren.

She was stunned, but felt that his behavior was expected.

Under the dark sky, Gu Ren stands under the street lamp, waiting patiently for ye Zhi\'s return.

Since knowing her relationship with Nie Jiqing, Gu Ren will not be so easy to let go.

Ye Zhi slowed down the speed, she through the front window, staring at Gu Ren.

There was a sense of peace of mind, and when he stood there, it was like the direction of home.

This home is her gentle and powerful shelter.

After ye Zhi got off the car, Gu\'s driver took her car key, drove away, and stopped in the garage of her home.

Through the door of the spring, with the cold wind, the only way to stay.

Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren straightly: how long have you been waiting

Gu Ren replied ambiguously: maybe half an hour.

Ye Zhi swept Gu Ren\'s face and tried to find out the answer from his expression.

Gu Ren\'s expression is extremely pale, like the cold moon in the night.

Gu Ren quietly changed the topic: what did you talk about

Ye Zhi smoothed his thoughts and told Gu Ren the conversation today.

Gu Ren frowned slightly, her eyes were dark, her tone was not heavy, but her voice was very clear: did she find something

Ye Zhi and Gu Ren take a look at each other, and they all realize the difference of Nie Jiqing.

They have sent people to investigate and collect evidence, and they must remain silent until they get enough evidence.

Because ye Zhi\'s message is learned from the book, if she directly shows her identity, it will certainly arouse Nie Jiqing\'s suspicion.

Ye Zhi wants to pretend that she knows nothing.

For her now, she is the best.

As for Sheng Lian, he has an ulterior mind.

As long as there is any change, he will definitely show his weakness.

That\'s the best time to collect evidence.

Then, it\'s just a matter of course.

As they analyzed, they went into the garden.

On both sides of Huayuan road are street lights which are very close to each other.

Because of Gu Ren\'s night blindness, his family must also keep bright at night.

Walking, light suddenly flashed, ye Zhi stopped and looked up.

This street lamp flickers extremely unstable light, ye Zhi always thinks that it will go out in the next second.

Ye Zhi opened his mouth: the street lamp should be repaired.

Gu Ren turned his head and looked at the bright and dark streetlights and gave a faint hum.

Unexpectedly, the voice just fell, the streetlights completed its glorious mission, at this appropriate time, out.

The light disappears and the darkness falls.

Ye Zhi ah, very nervous.

In a panic, she pulled her cell phone out of her bag, turned on her flashlight and lit up the road in front of her.

So you can see it. Ye Zhi\'s first concern is Gu Ren\'s night blindness.

Gu Ren turns his head and sees Ye Zhi beside him.

Her expression was flustered, but her eyes were serious.

He didn\'t answer, he just looked at her quietly.

The light in Ye Zhi\'s hand was white, which made the road in front of them very bright and white.

But at this point, that\'s not the point.

Gu Ren leans over slowly and looks at Ye Zhi\'s eyes.

Gu Ren\'s eyes are black and deep.

When he looks at her, his eyes are bright, shining in the silent night.

He drops his eyes and scans Ye Zhi\'s small nose and white skin.

There was a short moment on her lips.

Then, Gu Ren\'s eyes moved back to her eyes again.

Just now all happened very quickly, ye Zhi didn\'t return to God, also did not know what he was thinking.

As if it was an appointment, none of them spoke.

Somehow, this silence, inexplicably gave birth to an ambiguous meaning.

About half a minute later, Gu Ren, who had been motionless, lowered his head, and then lowered his head again, until their distance was reduced to only one inch.

Ye Zhi\'s long eyelashes trembled slightly.

The next second, Gu Ninh moved forward for a minute.

Her eyelashes just crossed his eyes.

Suddenly, there was a warm touch on the lips, and ye Zhi breathed heavily.

Her heart beat wildly, the night wind did not know when to stop, around quiet only breath.

Gu Ninja stretched out his hand, slender fingers gently covered the back of Ye Zhi, surrounded her, and narrowed the distance between them.Ye Zhi\'s hand shook, the mobile phone slipped from her hand and fell on the grass beside her.

The early spring is coming, and the grass is already showing its head.


When the screen of the mobile phone is upward, the flash just lit up falls into a piece of green grass.

The light is covered by the surrounding darkness, and only a little light is revealed.

All around as if suddenly fell into the dark, distant villa lights, the light there seems distant and ethereal.

It\'s like a secluded paradise.

Not to be disturbed, not to be invaded.

Ye Zhi closed his eyes, eyelids closed quietly, blocking the light outside, as if to accompany Gu Ren to feel his dark world without scenery.

If there was only a faint light, it would be night for him.

Gu Ren gives Ye Zhi a serious kiss in the night he has been used to.


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