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“Duel!” x2

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000】

【Jonouchi, LP 4000】

Jonouchi vs Yuei Vu, the second round of the duel between the two began!

This time Yuei Vu bet on the two puzzle cards in his hand.

If he won, he would have five puzzle cards and only need one more to advance.

And if Jonouchi won…

…there was no benefit.

Strictly speaking, if he won, he could choose any rare card from Yuei Vus deck.

But if he lost, it meant that he, who could have been promoted, has to go on to find the next target.

The risk and the reward were unequal.

The Duel Disk is determined in random order, and Jonouchi is the first to draw five cards: “I attack first, draw cards!”

He glanced at the cards in his hand, looked at Yuei Vu on the opposite side vigilantly, and thought about it.

He knew that the opponent in front of him was very strong, probably stronger than most of the people he had played against.

Although the last time may have been careless to underestimate the enemy, after all, a loss was still a loss.

He had to be a little more cautious this time.

“I activate the spell card – Graceful Charity.

Draw three cards from the deck, and then discard two.” Jonouchi began with a banned card, “Then I summonAlligators Sword in defense position.

I end my turn .”

[Alligators Sword, DEF 1200]

Recalling that in the animation, God of Gamblers dared to summon Swordsman of Landstar in the attack position, even though it was just a Normie with an attack power of 500.

This time he came up to be defensive, which showed how cautious he became.

At this moment, Anzu Mazaki, who was acting as a cheerleader, shouted, “Come on, Jonouchi!”

The short old man with a friendly face next to her had a hairstyle that seemed to have the potential of a duel king.

From that iconic hairstyle, it was undoubted that he was related to Yugi.

That man was Mutou Sugoroku, the grandfather of Yugi, the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian priest.

“My turn, draw!”, Now its Yuei Vus turn to play a card,” I special summon The Tricky at the cost of discarding a card in my hand! ”

A three-dimensional card appeared, and a magician in a cloak flew out of the card.

Behind him was a large black cloak, with a big question mark on his chest and face.

[The Tricky, ATK 2000]

Jonouchi was shocked: “Its a monster with an attack power of 2000!”

“Although The Tricky is a Level 5 monster, his special ability is that he can be special summoned by discarding a card.” Yuei Vu said indifferently, “The card I just discarded is Peten the Dark Clown.”

As Yuei Vu spoke, the card that had just been thrown into the graveyard had already popped up again.

“When Peten the Dark Clown is sent to the graveyard, by banishing it, I can special summon 1 Peten the Dark Clown from the deck.”

Yuei Vu pulled out the deck to find another Peten the Dark Clown and placed it in the monster zone horizontally.

Wearing a red wide-brimmed hat and a funny costume, Peten the Dark Clown appeared on the field half-squatting.

[Peten the Dark Clown, DEF 1200]

Yuei Vu waved his arm: “Then I tributePeten the Dark Clown…Come on! Dark Magician Girl!”

The hilarious clown disappeared in the blue light, and the beautiful magician girl appeared gorgeously.

The lively elf flew lightly into the air, leaving a trail of starlight at the meridian of the staff.

As usual, the players next to him cheered again, and it felt like the fans at the concert were enthusiastically greeting their idols.

Dark Magician Girl was also used to their reactions.

Although her little head still didnt understand why the group of screwballs were so excited when they saw her, she still smiled brightly and waved at them.

“The goddess waved to me!”

“Get out of the way, shes clearly waving at me!”

“If you dont stand in front of me…doesnt she just wave at me”

Jonouchi had an incredible look on his face at this time: “You can summon two high-level monsters in the first turn…

“Battle!” Yuei Vu said, “The Tricky, attack the Alligators Sword!”

The lower-level Alligators Sword was not the opponent of The Tricky at all.

The monsters on both sides only clashed once, and the body of the Alligators Sword has been blown into pieces.

“Dark Magician Girl, attack directly!”

The girl took the order and flew high into the air.

With the empty field, Jonouchi could only watch the girl fly into the air and pointed her staff at him.

He couldnt help but raised his arm to block in front of him.


The magic light bomb exploded on Jonouchis face and took away a large amount of LP in one go.

【Jonouchi, LP 4000 → LP 2000】

Yuei Vu said: “I end my turn.”

The Dark Magician Girl gently fell back to the field, and blinked her big green eyes at the master, as if to say: Master, am I good Praise me! Praise me!

“Really, what are you doing in Jonouchi” Anzu, who couldnt understand a duel, looked worried, “Isnt this the first turn Why most of his LP is cut off”

Grandpa Sugoroku held his chin: “No, the enemy is too strong.

To be able to put up such a lineup in the first turn…”

“Damn, its really strong.” Jonouchi gritted his teeth, “But I cant admit defeat! My turn, draw!”

He glanced at the cards he had drawn, and then at the hand.

Great, that way I can fight back!

“I special summon from my hand… The Fiend Megacyber!”

A tall and burly mechanical giant dressed in golden metal armor appeared on the ground.

[The Fiend Megacyber, ATK 2200]

“Even though The Fiend Megacyber is a Level 6 monster, its special ability is that it can be Special Summoned from the hand if my opponent controls at least 2 more monsters than I do!”

Yuei Vu understood: “A monster with the ability to quickly counterattack.”

“Its not over yet!” Jonouchi shouted, “Next is my trump card! I normal summon—

Time Wizard! ”

A group of players exploded in an instant.

“Come, come, come!”

“Time Wizard! God of Gamblers soul card!”

A cute magician in the shape of a small alarm clock appeared out of nowhere, holding a clock-style roulette in his hand.

[Time Wizard, ATK 500]

“The Time Wizards effect is activated!” said Jonouchi, “Time Roulette!”

The turntable in the little magicians hand began to operate, and the needles spun out of control.

“The wheel of time is a complete destruction effect with equal probability to both the enemy and us!” Jonouchi explained, “If the pointer stops in the area of ​​​​the skeleton, then the monsters on my field will be destroyed.

But if it stays in an area other than the skeleton, it destroys all monsters on your opponents field.

The probability of staying in both areas is equal, also 1/2! ”

Its purely gambling, fully dependent on luck.

However, as we all know, Jonouchi was known as the God of Gamblers.

Throughout the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! DM, there are very few bet losses.

And Yuei Vu… um…

… he didnt want to talk about Lucky E.

So, of course, the results were nothing to look forward to.

“Yeah!” Jonouchi couldnt help but be overjoyed when he saw the stopped pointer, “It stopped in the area outside the skeleton, and the time magic was activated! From now on, the time on the field will go forward a thousand years.

Destroy all monsters on your field!”

“Thats not necessarily true.” Yuei Vu chuckled.


“Jonouchi,” Yuei Vuyou said, “Did you forget what happened in the Duelist Kingdom when you used Time Roulette on Yugi”

Jonouchi fell into memory: “At that time, there was aDark Magician on Yugis field, and the effect of the time magic accelerated time by a thousand years.

As a result… the Dark Magician did not die after a thousand years, but instead evolved into aDark Sage!”

Jonouchi suddenly realized something and turned his attention to the Dark Magician Girl on the other sides field.

“M… Masaka (it cant be)!”

Dark Magician Girl was the disciple of the Dark Magician, which was what he heard from Yugi.

Could it be that after a thousand years, the Dark Magician Girl also grew up

For example, becoming… the Dark Magician MILF

Boom! boom!

With two crisp sounds, the images of The Tricky and the Dark Magician Girl broke apart and disappeared under the effect of the time magic.

Jonouchi: “”

whats going on

What about Dark Magician MILF

“Cough, ahem.” Yuei Vu coughed twice, “Okay, now all the monsters on my field are wiped out due to the effect of the Time Roulette, continue your turn.”

“Oh…oh.” Jonouchi was still stunned, and while continuing the duel, he wondered if there was something wrong.

Even the players faintly noticed the problem.

Yuei Vu just now… was trying to use BISS, wasnt he


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