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The players looked at each other in dismay at this time, not knowing what just happened.

“Did… Did Yuei Vu just try to use BISS and fail”

“…Is there a time when a bigshot with the Yu- prefix will fail”

“Maybe it has something to do with the hairstyle You see that Yuki Judais hairstyle is so normal.

He doesnt use BISS, but only divine draws and prints cards…”


Yuei Vu coughed, pretending that nothing happened.

The Dark Magician Girl who had just been destroyed and sent to the graveyard flew out with a look of apology: “Yes… Im sorry master, its because Im too useless and not skilled enough to resist time magic.

If my teacher was here…”

If the Dark Magician was affected by the effect of the Time Wizard, he would directly evolve into a Dark Sage.

Yuei Vu helplessly: “Its okay, dont worry about it, its not your fault.”

Yuei Vu felt that this might have nothing to do with the strength of the Dark Magician.

No matter what, Dark Magician was just a Normal monster.

The reason why he could resist the magic of the Time Wizard, 80% depended on the BISS ability of his master Yugi Muto, which was uncountable…

It seemed that if you were not the real protagonist, you couldnt master BISS…

“Then I continue my turn,” Jonouchis operation continued, “The next thing I want to activate is this card… Normal Spell card – Question!

When this card is activated, you need to guess the name of the monster at the bottom of my Graveyard! If your guess is correct, the monster is removed from the game.

If your guess is wrong, that monster can be Special Summoned! ”

This was also one of the iconic cards commonly used by Jonouchi, and it was indeed a card with the characteristics of Jonouchi.

However, Yuei Vu quickly remembered that before summoning the “Alligators Sword” in the last turn, Jonouchi first activated the spell card “Graceful Charity”, drawing three cards and discarding two.

In other words, the bottom monster card in the graveyard should have been thrown by “Graceful Charity” at that time.

If this was the case, it should be impossible to guess.

Any monster in the entire deck may be the one at the bottom.

If you were not familiar with animation, you didnt even know what monsters were in his deck.


“Jinzo.” Yuei Vu blurted out without hesitation.

Jonouchi: “……………….”

The monster card at the bottom of Jonouchis graveyard was ejected from the Duel Disk.

It was really the Jinzo…

The NPCs around exclaimed for a while, and Anzu was also surprised: “How could he know that at the bottom of Jonouchis graveyard is Jinzo”

At this time, a group of players burst out laughing.

“Im laughing to death.

Whenever Jonouchi needs to activate Question, the target is always this card.”

“God of Gamblers was tricked.”

“The law of the world, the android of Jonouchi must sink to the bottom.” (Jinzos OCG name is Android – Psycho Shocker)

In fact, Yuei Vu just said it casually, but he didnt expect to be hit.

After all, every time Jonouchi used this card, it was always Jinzo…

Jonouchi waved his hand: “But even so, I still have an absolute advantage on the field.

The Fiend Megacyber, attack directly!”

The golden-hued mechanical giant strode forward across the empty field and slammed a huge fist towards Yuei Vus face.

“I discard Kuriboh to activate its effect!” Yuei Vu threw the card into the graveyard, “Reduce the damage of a battle to 0!”

A fluffy Kuriboh appeared, with his eyes closed and his head held in his hands, a posture that seemed to hold his head and squat.

Even the sky dragons attack could be blocked.

Kuriboh said that this mere 2200 attack power was not enough to look at, and it couldnt shake his defense line at all.

“Its actually a Kuriboh.” Jonouchi gritted his teeth, “Then Time Wizard, attack directly!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

Attacking with the Time Wizard was okay.

Wouldnt someone really be greedy for these 500 points of damage No way

So he just watched the little old man with the short alarm clock swaying over, took a small step in front of Yuei Vu, and jumped up hard with a “hey”, his arms and legs waving the wheel in his hand with all his strength.

Pan smashed Yuei Vus forehead hard…

…and dealt a massive 500 damage.

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP 3500】

After knocking like this, the Time Wizard turned around and ran back.

To be honest, looking at his back, Yuei Vu was really worried that when the old man jumped up and knocked him on the head, he would flash his waist…

“Set a card, I end my turn.”

“My turn, draw.” Yuei Vu glanced at the card he drew, and activated it without hesitation, “I activate Pot of Greed and draw two cards from the deck.”

Then Yuei Vu also drew the same card as Jonouchi: “Then I also activate the spell card – Graceful Charity! Draw three cards from the deck, and discard two of them.

The next thing Im going to activate is the effect of this monster…Magicians Souls! ”

Yuei Vu showed a card in his hand, which was an effect monster card, and the afterimages of the blue Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl were drawn on the card.

“Magicians Souls” Jonouchi said that his knowledge blind spot was involved again, “Its a card that I havent heard of before!”

“The effect of this card can be activated by sending a level 6 or higher Spellcaster-type monster in the deck to the Graveyard.

Then I can send this card to the GY, to Special Summon 1Dark Magician or 1Dark Magician Girl from my GY!”

Yuei Vu pulled out the deck and picked out a card: “Through the effect of the Magicians Souls, I will sendDark Magician to the graveyard from the deck, and then I will send the Magicians Souls from the hand to the graveyard and resurrect the Dark Magician in the graveyard!”

Yuei Vu sent the Magicians Souls to the graveyard, and the Dark Magician in the graveyard immediately popped out.

The blood-red mist filled the air, and a pitch-black vortex opened on the ground, like the entrance to the underworld.

The red phantom towered out in the rising vortex.

The mage in red robes folded his arms and held a green staff, and the transparent magic power around his body swirled like a storm.

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500]

Jonouchis footsteps subconsciously took a half step back and gritted his teeth: “Uh…to call out the Dark Magician, the ace monster of Yugi so easily…”

“Battle!” Yuei Vu directly announced, “Dark Magician, attack Time Wizard!”

“Damn it!” Grandpa Sugoroku, who was watching the battle, began to worry about Jonouchi.

“The Time Wizard is still in attack position and his attack power is only 500.

If he is attacked by the Dark Magician…”

“Jonouchi will lose directly!” Anzu also immediately began to worry, “Jonouchi!”

“Hey, I expected it!” Jonouchi shouted, “Open the set card, Quick-Play spell – Skull Dice!” (anime effect)

A miniature demon appeared holding a big blood-red dice, hey hey, he laughed a few times, and let go of his hands to let the huge dice fall.

“When an opponents monster declares an attack, roll a six-sided die.

The monsters ATK is divided by the number rolled until the end of the turn!” (anime effect)

Yes, its down according to multiples.

The real-life Skull Dice could only reduce the attack power of the opponents monster equal to the result x 100… As expected, it could only be said that the animation cards were divine cards.

And according to the huge lucky gap between Jonouchi and Yuei Vu, of course, it went without saying…

The dice stopped rolling.

“Hahaha! The number rolled is 6!” Jonouchi was so excited that he almost jumped on the spot, “So the attack power of the Dark Magician has dropped to one-sixth of the original!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

The players on the sidelines felt appalled.

“Wow, he is indeed God of Gamblers.

Its too awesome.

Just flick it and its a 6.”

“And the effect of the animation card is too OP.

In addition to throwing a 1, this die will reduce the attack power of the opponent by at least half…”

“By the way, is Yuei Vus face a little too dark Why is it a 6”

“Yuei Vus luck… It should be that when playing Ludo, all people have reached the finish line, and he has not yet taken one piece off…”

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500 → ATK 416]

Under the influence of Skull Dice, the poor Dark Magician shrunk rapidly in size, and the size instantly became more and more comparable to the small Time Wizard.

…The attack power was even a little lower than the Time Wizard with 500 attack power.

Perhaps only Yuei Vu was the calmest about this result.

After all… as expected, within reason.

But—it didnt matter!

“Time Wizard, fight back!” Jonouchi shouted, “Destroy the Dark Magician!”

The Time Wizard hilariously raised his Time Roulette, raised it above his head, and was about to swipe it towards the Dark Magician.

If he succeeded now, it will be the pinnacle of his life!

However, when the time roulette and the Dark Magicians reduced version of the wand slammed in the air, a large amount of blue current burst out in the middle.

The two sides were shocked and bounced off each other as if they were repelled by some unknown force.

“What” Jonouchi was surprised, “Why hasnt the Dark Magician been destroyed”

Yuei Vu smiled, and a card popped up in the graveyard.

“When I activatedGraceful Charity, I discard this monster to the Graveyard,” he said, “Activate the effect ofElectromagnetic Turtle.

When this card is in the Graveyard, you can add the same electrode to both monsters to forcibly ends the Battle Phase at any point.” (anime effect)

A group of players started making noises again.

“Divine card! A true divine card!”

“A gravetrap of the first generation! Why does Yuei Vu have everything”

“The first handtrap Kuriboh, the first gravetrap Electromagnetic Turtle… Did he steal the Duel Kings deck”

Although it was said to be the first gravetrap used by Yugi in the DM animation, the Electromagnetic Turtle has been dragging on for nearly 20 years without a real-life card, and it was not officially released until 2014.

Jonouchi was annoyed: “Damn, its just missed a little bit.”

“Then I set three cards, and I end my turn.” There were three more set cards on Yuei Vus field.

“Then at the End Phase, the effect of the Skull Dice disappears, and the Dark Magicians attack power returns to its original state.”

[Dark Magician, ATK 416 → ATK 2500]


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