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“My turn, draw!”

Jonouchi added the card to his hand, and did not rush to attack immediately, but examined the situation on both sides of the field.

There were a Dark Magician and three set cards on Yuei Vus field, and his field had The Fiend Megacyber and the Time Wizard.

If there was a Dark Magician on the field, the ability of the Time Wizard was equivalent to being blocked (Jonouchi thought so).

After all, the last time he used time magic on the Dark Magician of Yugi, not only it did not disappear but also evolved.

And compared to the Dark Magician, what made him more concerned were the three set cards in the Spell Trap Zone.

Even a simple-minded like Jonouchi know that there was no way all three were bluffs.

So it was still necessary to solve the set card first.

“I activate a Spell card from my hand… Giant Trunade!”

As soon as this card came out, it caused another exclamation.

“Its Giant Trunade!”

“Forbidden card! This is really a forbidden card!”

“Its true that everyone in the DM has banned cards.

Why does it feel like any character who has a face and a name will be able to draw a forbidden card”

Giant Trunade (Normal Spell), the effect was to return all spell and trap cards on the field to the players hand.

The light green whirlwind rolled up from the card and quickly rushed forward from this half of the field Jonouchi.

There was a hideous grimace hidden in the raging storm, and the powerful air pressure blew the cards in the audience as if they were about to be swept up in the air at any time.

Giant Trunade was also one of the iconic divine cards of Jonouchi.

It has repeatedly made extraordinary achievements in DM animation and helped Jonouchi to win many victories.

Although encountering a Giant Trunade here was something Yuei Vu didnt expect, he also had countermeasures.

“Flip the set card…” Yuei Vu immediately chained another card, “Counter Trap – Solemn Judgment!”

Players were once again unable to maintain their composure.

“Fuck, its a forbidden card!”

“Its not a forbidden card…but its a divine card.”

“Damn, the effects of the cards in the DM are simpler and cruder than the other, but they are all good cards…”

The trap card took effect, and the projection summoned a solemn and holy white-robed old man with a golden halo on his head.

He stretched out his hand towards the sweeping wind as if he was saying “it cant be done”.

The Giant Trunade actually seemed to really understand his order, and immediately vanished in place.

“Solemn Judgment can only be activated by paying half of my LP.” Yuei Vu explained, “It can negate the summoning of monsters, activate spell traps, and destroy any of them!”

【Yuei Vu, LP 3500 → LP 1750】

A passerby NPC began to point out: “The Giant Trunades effect is just to return the spell trap to the hand, and it can still be activated in the next turn, right It actually lost more than 1,700 LP for this kind of card… As expected, this duelist is a good dish.”

“Thats right.” Another passerby backed his view, “He doesnt know how to play at all.

How can this type of duelist enter the Battle City Is it because he is an employee of Kaiba Corp”

As a result, there happened to be a player next to the passerby NPC.

The players couldnt sit still when they heard this.

“Im dying of laughter.

Is this the legendary Wood Division

“Only pay 1750 LP to negate a Giant Trunade, what kind of a good deal is that We usually deduct the standard of 4000 LP for a gods declaration.”

“The power of the god of stupid comments spread all over the world, and he has even set foot in other worlds.

He is so awesome.”

The talking NPC was stunned by a group of screwballs.

Of course, he couldnt bear it: “What are you guys Tell you that I am a top 32 contestant in the township competition.

Can you understand this game better than me”

“Oh, this NPC is quite funny.

Come, lets start a game on the spot.”

“The brother in front, let me go first.

Ill wake him up when I pee…”


Yuei Vu didnt realize that the screwball player was inexplicably fighting with the passerby NPC, as the duel was still going on here.

“Damn, my Giant Trunade was…”

But in this way, Jonouchi was convinced that Yuei Vu must have some hidden tricks in the remaining two set cards so that he must protect them even at the expense of such a large amount of LP.

There might be some pitfalls to turning defeat into victory.

But now there was no card in his hand that could blow out the Spell Trap Zone, nor there was a card that could defeat the Dark Magician.

That being the case, now he could only…

…”I activate a spell card – Roll of Fate! After this card is activated, roll a six-sided die.

I can draw cards equal to the result, but then I must remove an equal number of cards from the top of my Deck!”

Yuei Vu almost spat a mouthful of blood… farther than the last time Kaiba used his “Card of Demise”.

Even the screwball players who were busy quarreling did not have time to bully those NPCs.

WTF was that thing!

That was to say, if you drew this card, you could get at least one card.

No matter how unlucky you were, you lost zero card advantage.

If you were lucky … six cards in one go

Did anyone dare to write this kind of effect

Of course, the gambling luck of the strongest underdog was inevitable, and even the result of the dice was created by oneself.

For a God of Gamblers like our Jonouchi, it was needless to say…

“Fuck its another 6!”

“6666! He is really the God of Gamblers!”

“Speaking of which, with his luck in gambling, why didnt Jonouchi directly make a fortune Doesnt he need money to cure his sisters eyes”

“It seems that his single father was a gambler when he was a child, so he hated gambling the most in his life.”

“Its quite ironic.

The gods of gamblers hate gambling the most.”

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.JPG”

At this moment, Yuei Vu watched Jonouchi draw six cards from the deck at one go, only to feel that he was already numb to the card drawing engine of the animation…

“I draw six cards, and then banish the top six cards from the deck!” Jonouchi turned out the top card of the deck and banished them, while muttering, “I seem to be really lucky today.

Isnt your luck too bad”

Yuei Vu: “…”

Bro, you didnt need to tell the truth…

After completing, Jonouchi checked the extra card in his hand and swept the key card at a glance.

Good! Then there are combinations that can break the situation!

“I have to summon this guy first… Blue Flame Swordsman, in defensive position!”

[Blue Flame Swordsman, DEF 1600]

“Blue Flame Swordsmans effect is activated! I can have this card lose any amount of ATK in multiples of 100 to have another face-up monster on the field gain an equal amount of ATK!

I deducted all the 1800 attack power of the Blue Flame Swordsman and added it to The Fiend Megacyber! ”

[Blue Flame Swordsman, ATK 1800 → ATK 0] (defense position)

[The Fiend Megacyber, ATK 2200 → ATK 4000]

The faces of the passers-by suddenly changed: “Attack power of 4000! It is a thousand points higher than theBlue-Eyes White Dragon!”

Jonouchi shouted: “I attack the Dark Magician with The Fiend Megacyber!”

The strengthened electronic giant seemed to have a lot of confidence, and he sprinted toward the Dark Magician.

If this attack passed, Yuei Vus field would be empty, with 250 LP left.

And Jonouchi still had a monster who hasnt attacked yet…

…Its too funny to be killed by Time Wizard with just 500 attack power, right

Of course, Yuei Vu wouldnt let that happen: “Open the set cart! Trap Card – Wall of Disruption! The attack power of all monsters on the opponents field is reduced by 800 points of the number of monsters!”

Jonouchi was shocked: “I have three monsters on the field…”

“Thats right, The Fiend Megacybers attack power has dropped by 2400 points!”

[The Fiend Megacyber, ATK 4000 → ATK 1600]

“In this way, the attack power of Dark Magician will surpass again.” Yuei Vu said, “Dark Magician, fight back!”

“Not gonna happen!” Jonouchis eyes instantly became bright, “I knew you must have traps, but I also have countermeasures on my side!

Open set card! Trap Card – Dramatic Rescue! Activated when your monster falls for a trap.

Return the targeted Monster Card to its owners hand and Special Summon another monster from your hand in its place! ” (manga effect)

Yuei Vu: “…”

Dont lie to me, isnt a card that only supports the “Amazoness” archetype

Moreover, this card belongs to Mai Kujaku, doesnt it Or is it that the two of you have already reached this point

Then I have nothing to say.

This is not the power of friendship, this is the power of love.

“I return The Fiend Megacyber to my hand and Special Summon… Gearfried the Iron Knight!”

After completing the mission, the magic giant turned into a golden light and returned to the hand of Jonouchi, followed by an iron-clad warrior in exchange.

With red eyes, pitch-black armor, and silver-white texture with full metallic texture, he looked heroic.

[Gearfried the Iron Knight, ATK 1800]

“Iron Knights attack power is 1800.

Of course, its not enough to defeat the Dark Magician, but he is a monster with hidden special abilities.” Jonouchi laughed and drew another card from his hand, “This is what liberates his hidden power!

Activate spell card – Release Restraint! This card can shatter the armor that binds the Iron Knight and unleash his true power! Show your true form, Iron Knight!

Special summon… Gearfried the Swordmaster! “


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