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Gearfried the Swordmaster was summoned!

The handsome black armor exploded from the iron knight, and what appeared inside was a shirtless man with wheat-colored skin and staggered muscles.

Fragments of armor bounced in all directions from mid-air, and the shirtless man squatted to the ground, his long loose hair flying freely.

He stood up slowly, and his eyes shot out a dangerous light like a beast, like a hungry wolf who finally got out of the cage and chose someone to devour.

[Gearfried the Swordmaster, Attack Power 2600]

This time, the NPC onlookers were excited: “Swordmaster! The legendary Swordmaster!”

“Oh my god, you can actually see a monster of this level here!”

“Worship him!”

Yuei Vu looked at the monster that suddenly appeared in front of him: “So it is because you knew that I had set up a trap in the Spell Trap Zone, you deliberately stepped on the pit with The Fiend Megacyber, used the trap that Dramatic Rescue to escape the trap, and then activated it again” “Release Restraint”, summon the ace to fight back in one breath”

Although Release Restraint was a Normal Spell card and shouldnt be activated in the battle phase… Yuei Vu has accepted this setting and had nothing to complain about.

Anyway, the current Battle City rules were like this, so it couldnt be considered nonsense.

In this way, Jonouchi seemed to be a lot stronger than the last time they fought.

In fact, from the perspective of animation performance, it was indeed reasonable.

Yuei Vu felt that if you want to give each character in the DM a stat chart, the stats of Jonouchi should be Luck A, Growth A.

On the first day of participating in the Duelist Kingdom competition, Jonouchi was still a super rookie who could not duel even elementary school students.

As a result, during the competition, he learned while playing, and he became the runner-up with his super-high growth and monster-level luck.

Before the Battle City began, Jonouchi even lost to a Ghouls rare hunter, the nameless fish who used the Exodia the Forbidden One.

Although he suffered from the loss of intelligence and did not know that the other party was using Exodia, Marik also said that this trash fish was the weakest one in their entire Ghouls.

However, the Battle City only lasted for one day, and Jonouchi was fighting and learning at the same time, and finally made it to the semi-finals, not to mention even almost defeated Marik who held the sun god…

With such a terrifying growth ability, only President Kaiba dared to arrogantly call him a mere horse bone.

“Of course, Ive grown a lot since I lost to you last time!” Jonouchi said with a smile, “I wont lose again this time! Activate the Equip Spell – Lightning Blade! Equip toGearfried the Swordmaster to increase its attack power by 800 points! ”

[Gearfried the Swordmaster, ATK 2600 → ATK 3400]

Another passerby exclaimed: “Attack power 3400! It surpasses the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon again!”

(Blue-Eyes White Dragon: “…”)

“This is a complete reversal!” Jonouchi waved his hand, “Swordmasters hidden special ability activates! Each time an Equip Card is equipped to this card: Target 1 monster the opponent controls; destroy that target!

Destroy the Dark Magician! ”

Lightning fell from the sky, and a shining sword flew down with the blue electric light.

The shirtless Swordmaster stretched out his hand to pick up the sword, like he was grabbing thunder with his bare hands.

Gearfried the Swordmaster shouted, and the blade slashed through the air.

The light wrapped around the lightning blade turned into thunderous thunder and flew towards the Dark Magician in a dense and turbulent manner.

Dark Magician was waiting, the green staff was sealed in front of his chest, and his figure was gradually engulfed by electric light…

boom! ! !

“Yeah!” Jonouchi snapped his fingers, and made the standard Jonouchi-style smile, “Dark Magician is gone!”

“Not so fast.”


The thunder disappeared, the strong light dissipated, and when the scene on the field returned to everyones field of vision, Jonouchi was shocked to find that the Dark Magician was still standing on Yuei Vus field, unscathed.

No, if you looked closely, the Dark Magician at this time has light black magic power on his body, burning quietly like a candle.

“At that moment, I activated the trap card – Black Illusion.” Yuei Vu pointed to the last folded card that he opened in the Spell Trap Zone, “During this turn, my Dark Magician is not affected by the opponents effect, nor will it be destroyed by battle.”

“Damn, its almost there.” Jonouchi shouted, “Then I attack with the Swordmaster whose attack power has been strengthened!”

The Swordmaster flew up with a shout, and a sword slashed towards the Dark Magicians head.

With the mention of the Dark Magicians wand, a transparent semicircular magic shield appeared in front of him.

The blade of the lightning smashed into the shield, and the current surged.

The magic power and the electric light burst out alternately, shaking the space, and causing the Dark Magician to take a half step back involuntarily, but he did not leave the venue.

“With the effect of the Black Illusion, Dark Magician will not be destroyed by battle in this turn.” Yuei Vu said.

“I know, but the damage will still be calculated!”

A small part of the current penetrated the magic shield and splashed onto Yuei Vu.

【Yuei Vu, LP 1750 → LP 850】

“Very good, its almost the last point!” Jonouchi was full of energy, “I switchTime Wizard into defensive position, and set a card.

I end my turn!”

Just a little more to the victory!

The situation was definitely in his favor right now.

Not only he had Gearfried the Swordmaster with an ATK of 3400 present, but in the Spell Trap Zone there was also a set “Kunai with Chain” in case Yuei Vu could summon stronger monsters in the next turn.

Kunai with Chain was a Normal Trap Card that could be used to turn an attacking monster into Defense Position when the opponent declared an attack, or as an Equip Card to increase your monsters ATK by 500.

And now there was only Dark Magician in the Yuei Vus field, no card in the Spell Trap Zone, the hand was zero, and the LP was like the candle in the wind… In short, it was not optimistic.

In this situation, could he still print a card in the next turn and directly turn the table

However, the players held different opinions: “Its over, the opponent goes into blood lock first.

It seems that the God of Gamblers is going to go far this time”

“Empty hand, blood lock… Yuei Vu is really the protagonist, as he can lock blood first in a duel with the God of Gamblers…”

Yuei Vu of course knew that if using Black Illusion, Dark Magician was absolutely invincible in this turn, but he still took battle damage from it.

But this was also in his calculations!

At the moment, the activation condition of the skill “Draw of Fate” was met.

Let you see what was the draw of a true duelist.

“My turn, draw! Activate Card of Sanctity!”

The players immediately worshipped.


“Draw the Card of Sanctity while having an empty hand, are you Yugi Muto”

“What is the real protagonist This is the real protagonist.”.

Yuei Vu began to add cards from the deck frantically: “With the effect of the Card of Sanctity, each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand.

Then I activate a spell card – Monster Reborn! Dark Magician Girl, revive from my graveyard! ”

The dark vortex opened, and the magic girl flew out riding her small staff, still waving to everyone brilliantly and energetically, as if she was not discouraged by leaving the stage early.

[Dark Magician Girl, ATK 2000]

“The combination of the Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl” said Jonouchi, “but even the combination of the strongest magician, master and apprentice, cant defeat the current Gearfried!”

“Thats right.” Yuei Vu smiled, “But you are the best friend of Yugi, you should know that the hidden power of the Dark Magician is more than that.”


“Dark Magician is the top magician.

has more than one form and various abilities.” Yuei Vu said and took out one of the cards in his hand, “Now what I want to summon is one of them.

I sacrificed the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl on the field, and called out a stronger form of the Dark Magician——

– Come on! Sorcerer of Dark Magic! ”

A huge pitch-black magic circle appeared in mid-air, and the blue electric light crashed down.

The Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl both jumped up and turned into two beams of light that flew into the pitch-black magic circle.

The powerful and unparalleled magic wave erupted from the center of the circle like a volcanic eruption, and a figure with endless divine power was bred from it.

The magician who came to the ground was dressed in a large robe and a large dark cloak.

When the cloak fell to the ground, the cloak was automatic without wind.

The majestic magic power lingered all over the body.

Compared with the previous Dark Magician, it was completely different and powerful oppression.

[Sorcerer of Dark Magic, ATK 3200]


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