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Yuei Cannot Escape Fae

When Yuei Vu saw this ID, the corners of his mouth twitched.

There must be something wrong with this player!

Yuei Vu felt that, especially for an NPC as handsome as himself, he probably had to be careful.

Soon two players came in one after another.

“Welcome to our shop.”

Chika got up to prepare for the reception but was stopped by Yuei Vu.

“It’s okay, they came to me.”

Snow Wave entered the door and saw the slender, silver-haired girl dressed as a maid.

His eyes lit up.

Yuei Vu, now you can’t say that you are not the protagonist!

The system has even arranged the girl for you.

Who will believe that you are not the protagonist

He stepped forward and said: “I brought people here.”

Fae quickly stepped forward to get familiar with Yuei Vu, and said with a smile on his face, “Hello, hello!”

For unknown reasons, when Yuei Vu faced his smiling face, he had an instinctive urge to avoid it…

At this time, Fae had already believed more than half of Snow Wave’s words.

He definitely couldn’t be a mob because no mob NPC had his good looks!

What kind of work have you seen where the author wastes so much ink on the painting of an unimportant mob

However, just when he made up his mind to hug this NPC’s thighs, and grab more rare cards and hidden quests, he saw a line of words popping out of the forehead of the NPC in front of him mercilessly.

【Favorability -5】

Yuei Cannot Escape Fae: “”

What have I done

Why would there still be NPCs whose Favorability goes down at the first sight

Fae was still in a dazed state.

He didn’t notice that Yuei Vu raised his eyes to look at the ID above his head.

Yuei Vu felt that there must be something wrong with the guy named Yuei Cannot Escape Fae.

The value of his favorability must be kept low to prevent the other party from having any strange thoughts.

【Favorability -5】

Yuei Cannot Escape Fae: “”

Could it be… I’m ugly

To erase his suspicion, he opened the panel to check his Charisma, and the value displayed was 63.

It was definitely not high, but it should not be considered low.

There’s no reason to be offended!

It’s impossible for NPCs in this game to look at your face, right

Chika watched from behind the counter.

Although she didn’t say anything out of politeness, she also felt that the customer was not good-looking, and he didn’t look like a good-natured person.

Especially the way he stared at Yuei Vu as if he was expecting something, which made Chika feel uncomfortable watching from the side.

So Fae immediately noticed that the lovely lady maid next to her also had a【Favorability -10】 on her head.

Fae felt as if he was struck by lightning, and instantly doubted that he couldn’t help but have the urge to rush out to look in the mirror—

——Am I really that ugly

“Cough.” Yuei Vu coughed and said, “This little brother, can you bring me a ‘Polymerization’ card”

Disgusting and business were two different matters.

It’s coming!

Fae had heard about this initial mission from Snow Wave before, so he was naturally prepared.

He felt that this was an excellent opportunity to restore his start Favorability of -10, so he didn’t even need Yuei Vu to remind him a second time.

Yuei Vu accepted this card, nodded slightly, and as a reward slightly raised his favorability towards Fae… 1 point.

In this way, his favorability level has risen from -10 to -9!

“You should all be new duelists in the city, right” Yuei Vu continued.

“From now on, everyone will be duelists around here, so we can take care of each other if we have any difficulties.

As you can see, I work part-time in this store, and you are welcome to visit anytime if you want to get a card.

Although we are a small shop, there are still a lot of good cards.

In addition, if you encounter any difficult problems, you can come to me.

As long as I can help you, I will do my best.

Yuei Vu felt that what he expressed as an NPC was clear.

[The first rule, I have a lot of good things here.

If you have money, you must come to patronize my business.

The second rule, if you have any hidden mission and important plot, be sure to bring me along, and I will also be rewarded with experience.]

The meaning was this, but how to express it depended on the individual’s ability.

At this time, the two players were overjoyed and felt that they must have picked up a benefit.

Wasn’t this the “mysterious merchant” type of character encountered in many games

According to their rich experience in online games, characters such as mysterious merchants sell good things that other players couldn’t get by normal means, and in this game, it’s likely to be rare cards!

As for the latter sentence, it obviously meant that they have met a powerful golden thigh! If they encountered any difficult quests in the future, they could come here and ask for help.

After all, it’s an NPC whose name started with the “Yu” prefix, so he must be very good at playing cards, right

Fae tugged at the corner of Snow Wave’s clothes and whispered, “Hey, I read the official website.

It seems that cards bought with currency in the game card store are useless.

Can we really use them in an actual duel”

【Ding! NPC Yuei Vu has opened the private shop function]

The two received a prompt at the same time.

Private store! It really is a hidden function that was not mentioned on the official website!

The two hurriedly opened the private store at the same time.

The purchasable items in the store were sorted by rarity and price.

There were a wide variety of products, ranging from N cards to UR-level rare cards.

The gorgeous cards made them dazzling for a while.

After all, Yuei Vu had grinded for so many days, and all the crystals he earned had been put into opening the card packs.

However, only a few useful cards appeared in the last thirty or fifty packs of cards, and most of them were useless things.

Just enough to throw it into this private store to expand the inventory.

The two looked up and quickly noticed some eye-catching products.

“Fuck, there are Elemental HEROes!”

“That is to say, even if the initial deck does not Elemental HERO, is there a chance to obtain the HERO deck from this NPC”

As mentioned before, the cards that a player has a chance to open in the system card pool largely depends on the cards he has already acquired.

For example, if you have an Elemental HERO in your hand, you have the opportunity to open a series of cards with a large number of Elemental HEROes.

If you have a black magician in your hand, you will also have the opportunity to open cards related to the black magician.

Therefore, although most of the initial decks selected by the players were Normies, this would directly affect the types of cards that players can open in the system card pool later.

In order to obtain other series other than the initial card group, players must continue to explore and find opportunities in the game, and trigger specific quests to obtain new series of cards through rewards, so as to expand the capacity of their system card pool.

In other words, as long as the player bought one Elemental HERO card from Yuei Vu, it was equivalent to unlocking the Elemental HERO archetype in his card pool, and he would have the opportunity to open other Elemental HERO archetype cards in the future!

Snow Wave was immediately excited, and immediately wanted to buy everything.

However, he suddenly noticed the additional purchase restrictions on the Elemental HERO series——

——Requirement: Yuei Vu’s Favorability is 40 or more.

…… Suddenly he suffered a kind of depression as if bing poured cold water on his head.

But it couldn’t compare to Fae’s desperation.

MMD, Favorability is required to be 40 or above I lost 10 points in this meeting, and only added 1 point after completing a quest.

At this rate, how many years does it take to raise Favorability to 40

Fae, who had only been in the closed beta for a day, even had the idea of ​​deleting his account and making a new one.

He felt that he would seduce this NPC by changing to a female account with a full Charisma Point.

Maybe he would have 40 Favorability when they first met

Just as he was thinking about it, Snow Wave suddenly interrupted his thoughts with an excited “**”, grabbed his clothes, and said incoherently, “Quick! Look at the top of the UR product list!”

“What did you say…hh~~”

Fae looked over, and he couldn’t help but gasp.

Could that be…

……The legendary Thousands of Years Banned card – Pot of Greed!


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