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Yuei Vu stopped at the end of the alley, turned around, and waited for the person behind to show up without saying a word.

After a while, a cloaked shadow appeared.

It was a man wrapped in a large dark cloak.

He was very short and looked like a primary school student who had not graduated.

However, this costume was as cheap as a black sack and unable to cover the Duel Disk that he hid under the cloak anyway – obviously, this was another rare card hunter from Ghouls.

“To be able to detect my existence.” The rare hunter sneered, “Your alertness is quite high.”

“Rare card hunter” Yuei Vu said lightly, “You guys are stubborn.”

“Ha, since you said that, it looks like you really killed Pandora.” The short hunter hummed, “When I heard that he lost to a kid like you, I didn’t believe it at first… But you are quite brave.

Even we Ghouls usually only grab rare cards, but you actually pulled Pandora’s deck…”

The corner of Yuei Vu’s mouth twitched.

Listening to what you said, how can you make it look like I am the most vicious villain

These words even sounded a bit like admiration among peers.

The other party’s meaning was like saying that “we are just thieves who steal a little, but you are a robber who wants everything, which is really awesome”.

But it’s not wrong for the other party to say so.

From the original work, Ghouls, as a villain organization, honestly abided by the rules.

Obviously, it should be an evil organization, but every time they made a move, they ould obediently show the Duel Disk to play cards with the protagonists.

Occasionally, some hunters who lost to the protagonist in the duel wanted to renege on their debts or take action directly.

Those unruly guys were directly and remotely tampered with their memories by their master Marik and become mentally retarded…

Yuei Vu coughed: “He asked for using the entire deck as ante first.”

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter.

The waste thing that lost to you has been punished by the organization, and his soul has been banished into darkness forever.”

The short rare card hunter unfolded the Duel Disk in his hand.

“And my mission is to take back from you the ‘Dark Magician’ card that Pandora lost to you.

As long as I succeed, I can replace Pandora’s position and gain a higher status!”

He said, grinning smugly.

“…It seems a little too easy.”

[Hidden mission is triggered: The Challenge From Ghouls 2!]

[Description: After you defeated the magician Pandora, the powerful organization known as Ghouls has not given up and sent a new opponent to challenge you!]

[Winning Reward: Get the rare card “Machina Force”!]

[Defeat Penalty: Any card is randomly taken away by the opponent.]

Sure enough, Yuei Vu received a reminder again.

However, there was no button option for accepting or rejecting on the panel.

It seemed that it belongs to the kind of task that is forced to be executed once triggered, and there was no right to refuse.


But thinking about it, Ghouls couldn’t just let him go.

Most of the villains in Yu-Gi-Oh were disciplined – as long as you played cards with them honestly, they would always follow the rules and send people to play cards with you, and most of them were willing to admit defeat.

But once you refused to play cards and wanted to run away, sorry, they would choose to use violence.

“Duel!” x2

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000】

[Rare Card Hunter, LP 4000]

“I’ll go first.

Draw!” The rare card hunter of Ghouls was the one who took the first turn, “I summon ‘Mecha Soldier’ in attack position!”

[Machina Soldier, ATK 1600]

“Then I activate a Spell Card from the hand – Ties of the Brethren! Pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon up to 2 Level 4 monsters from my hand or Deck with the same Type as a monster I control! (manga effect)”

[Rare Card Hunter, LP 4000 → LP 3000]

He pulled out the deck and quickly picked out two cards.

“Come out, my mechas! Special summon ‘Machina Sniper’ and ‘Machina Defender’!”

[Machina Sniper, ATK 1800]

[Machina Defender, ATK 1200]

Yuei Vu narrowed his eyes.

Machina deck

Being able to summon three monsters in one turn like this is quite powerful in the environment of this era.

“Hey, so I have three monsters on the field.” The rare hunter hummed, “But unfortunately, the monsters specially summoned by the effect of ‘Ties of the Brethren’ can neither attack nor be used as sacrifices for advance summon.

Then I set an S/T card, and my turn is over.

Can neither attack nor be used as sacrifices

Yuei Vu fell into contemplation as he looked at the three monsters on the opponent’s field.

So there are three Level 4 monsters.

Could it be that he will use three monsters to form an Overlay Network and summon Number 16: Shock Master…

……Oh sorry, there is no Xyz here.

(Author’s note: Number 16: Shock Master, an Xyz monster, the summoning condition is 3 Level 4 monsters.

Because the effect is too strong, it is listed as a forbidden card.)


But there was no point in thinking wildly.

“My turn!” Yuei Vu said, “Summon the ‘Elemental HERO Sparkman’!”

The blue warrior appeared on the field with a clear swirling current.

(Sparkman: Why do I have a bad feeling that I will become cannon fodder)

[Elemental HERO Sparkman, ATK 1600]

“Battle Phase! Sparkman, attack Machina Defender!”

The electric hero flew up following the master’s command and released a piercing bolt of lightning.

The lightning was like a javelin thrown from the sky, locking on the mecha guard with the lowest attack power on the opponent’s field.

“Hey, as I expected!” The rare hunter chuckled and activated his set card, “Trap Card – Negate Attack! When an opponent’s monster declares an attack; negate the attack, then end the Battle Phase!”

A gust of wind blew out from the flipped trap card, forming a vortex barrier that protected the mecha monsters in the audience.

Sparkman’s current was stirred into the storm and was blown away in an instant, unable to penetrate that layer of defense at all.

“It’s a pity, your attack didn’t work.” The rare hunter giggled, “It’s so easy to guess what you’re thinking, you’re really just a kid…”

However, Yuei Vu didn’t care about his trash talk at all.

At this moment, all of Yuei Vu’s attention was focused on the Trap Card “Negate Attack” that was gradually becoming transparent and disappeared.

One of a few life-saving cards in this era!

Not only could it invalidate the attack, but it could also forcefully end the Battle Phase, and it was also a Counter Trap Card with the highest Speed Spell.

This was at least an SR rare card.

This card is really good, it will soon be in my library!

After doing trash talk for a long time, the hunter found that the other side didn’t respond at all, but stared at his Negate Attack.

The rare card hunter was instantly furious.

NND, we are playing cards, why are you already thinking about how to steal my card

Who is the card hunter here You or me

Of course, Yuei Vu didn’t forget the business: “I set two cards and end my turn.”

The hunter seemed to feel that he was being looked down upon, and his facial features were deformed with anger.

The facial features, which were originally considered too compact, became more abstract when angry.

“How dare you underestimate me… my turn!”

A card was drawn from the deck, and a distorted smile appeared on the hunter’s angry face.

“Let you see the reason why I was selected by the organization! This is my strongest combination!”

The hunter laughed and placed a new monster card on the vacant card slot.

“Summon ‘Commander Covington’!”

[Commander Covington, ATK 1000]

A soldier in a pink mecha with a straight waist, like a sentry, appeared on his field.

“In this way, the conditions are met!”

The hunter waved his hand proudly, smiling like a five-hundred-pound child.

“The special effect of Commander Covington: By paying 1000 LP as a price, I can combine ‘Machina Soldier’, ‘Machina Sniper’, and ‘Machina Defender’ to form ‘Machina Force’!” (manga effect)

[Rare Card Hunter, LP 3000 → LP 2000]

Yuei Vu raised his eyebrows.

Combined monster

In front of him, three mecha monsters on the hunter’s field flew off the ground one after another, and their metal bodies began to disintegrate.

Countless machine parts were suspended in mid-air, moving along their respective trajectories as if attracted by a magnet.

Then the parts were pieced together, the gears meshed with each other, the metal mechas collided with each other and assembled into one place, creating a giant mecha whose body was constantly climbing and whose shape was like it was going to pierce the sky, like a steel mountain blocked in front of Yuei Vu.

“This is my strongest combined monster, Machina Force!”

[Machina Force, ATK 4600]


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