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Only then did Snow Wave realize that there was only one minute left for the Closed Beta test.

…Damn! It’s so close.

Just a little more and I can immediately get the quest reward!

“What’s the matter” Yuei Vu, who noticed that Snow Wave had stopped, also stopped and turned his head to ask.

Snow Wave showed a “pain in the ass” expression.

“That… I’m suddenly in a hurry… a very urgent kind of hurry.

So do you think…”

Yuei Vu knew what happened: This reaction probably means that the time for the Closed Beta test is coming soon, right

Yuei Vu made an “I understand” expression and waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter, you can go.”

Snow Wave automatically understood that the quest could be temporarily terminated and waited until the next launch, so he couldn’t help but be grateful: “Thank you, Brother Yuei!”

After he finished speaking, his body became transparent, and he went offline.

Now Snow Wave felt that the game design was really too humane, and the quests that have already been started could be archived for the next time.

As for the case that NPC would take the quests on their own after he went offline

How could that be possible

How could there be a reason for NPCs to steal a quest from players


Maybe triggering the hidden quest made Snow Wave use up all his luck today, as he happened to be offline at this juncture.

At this point, Yuei Vu was actually hesitant.

Maybe I really should wait for Snow Wave to come back and come here with him to find out

After all, the quest was found by him, so even if I take the major part, I have to give him a little leftover, right

……Well, actually, it’s because Yuei Vu didn’t feel too relieved by himself.

Another advantage of taking the player on a mission was that no matter what enemy he encountered, he could push the player forward and let them try first.

Anyway, players were renewable consumables, and even if they hang up for a while, they could be resurrected.

They were natural cannon fodder.

The reason why he followed Snow Wave so recklessly was that he had brought an all-purpose shield anyway, so it didn’t matter if he encountered any danger.

If things turned bad, he could abandon Snow Wave and take the opportunity to run away.

But now that the shield was gone, Yuei Vu was really hesitant to move on.

However, he immediately found that he didn’t have to hesitate…More precisely, he couldn’t have the chance to hesitate at all.


[Hidden mission is triggered: The Challenge From Mysterious Man!]

[Description: The power of darkness has flowed into the real world from the unknown realm.

Try to fight back the darkness!]

[Winning Reward: Unknown.]

[Defeat Penalty: Unknown.]

Although the quest description had a completely unclear meaning, like the previous “The Challenge From Ghouls” series, there was no option to refuse this time.

In other words, coming to this place has been regarded as triggering a specific quest.

It may be that someone hiding here has been eyeing him now, and he has no way back.

Snow Wave looked a little timid, but he seemed to have good ears.

Yuei Vu walked to the middle of the bridge, and vaguely seemed to hear a “come here” voice.

The voice was not loud, it was very soft and thin, and it sounded like it was indeed a female voice.

In the surrounding environment where you couldn’t see your fingers, it’s quite eerie.

But if you closed your eyes and listen carefully, the sound was quite good, very light and crisp, giving you a sense of flexibility.

Yuei Vu already had experience in playing so many versions of World Link Online in his previous life.

The environment in the game Link World was not static.

The system card pools held by players, cards owned by NPCs, combos and tactics, and even the game rules of dueling monsters were constantly changing with the version.

The later the version, the more types of cards players and NPCs had, the more deck types and tactical combinations there were, and the more complex the environment would become.

But looking at it the other way around, the game has not even launched version 1.0, the story was still in the early days of DM, the types of cards and gameplay were still very limited, and the environment is relatively simple.

Therefore, even if Yuei Vu only had an incomplete set of HEROes and a mixed deck of Dark Magician won from Pandora, in the current environment, there were not many duelists who could compete with him.

After all, even Jonouchi, the runner-up of the Duelist Kingdom, was defeated by him.

So conservatively estimated, Yuei Vu felt that his combat effectiveness should be at least 1.5 times of Jonouchi.

With such strength, there should be very few quests at this stage that he could not handle.

The sound just now disappeared, but the sound of the rushing water under the bridge was even louder.

A brisk wind blew from the other end of the river, stirring up the dark weeds on the bank.

He raised his head and saw that there was a safety sign on the bridge, showing that it was under construction by Kaiba Corp.

It’s just that this sign shows a very cute animated Blue-Eyes White Dragon with a funny safety helmet on its head.

Yuei Vu: “…”

From this, it could also be seen that President Kaiba has a deep love for White Bride (nickname of Blue-Eyes White Dragon).

The sports car that he drove had BEWD patterns, his jet plane was shaped like BEWD, and BEWD was even drawn on a construction sign to emphasize its status as Kaiba’s main waifu.

The president was so obsessed that some netizens speculated the thing he used to masturbate solve special needs was also Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards……

But it also made sense.

The Millennium World arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! revealed that the Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s past life was actually a lovely girl with blue hair and white skin, and had a love story with Kaiba, who was an Egyptian priest in his previous life.

A huge circular drainage pipe was placed beside the pier, and water was constantly flowing into the river.

Yuei Vu frowned as if he felt like he saw a cloud of dark gas floating out from the depths of the pipe, circling around his body.

He soon realized that it was not an illusion.

The dark mist gushed out from the depths of the pipe and condensed into a human entity in front of him.

Yuei Vu narrowed his eyes slightly.

It was a black-clothed man with an arrogant face.

On the bridge of his nose was a pair of sunglasses in the style of American secret agents.

Yuei Vu recognized who this person was at a glance, but at the same time, he was also taken aback.

Is this… Mr.


The mass-produced mook of Nightshroud, who was the final BOSS of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

In the final chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the influx of darkness from a large number of human hearts awakens the ultimate boss named Nightshroud.

That BOSS intended to erase the existence of all human beings in the world, and assimilates the consciousness of all human beings into a part of him.

And Mr.

T who appeared in front of Yuei Vu at this time was the messenger of that villain.

This Mr.

T was a bit like Agent Smith in The Matrix.

If you killed one, another would spawn.

It’s just… Wasn’t Nightshroud supposed to be the villain of the final chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

GX’s protagonist Yuki Judai hasn’t appeared yet.

But on second thought, it didn’t seem unreasonable.

According to Nightshroud’s self-proclaimed origin in the anime, it was a part of the rules of the world, but it was only awakened by the darkness in the human heart in the story of GX.

That was to say, it has always existed in this world.

That being the case, it wouldn’t be surprising even if it woke up early and leaked a small amount of darkness to the world.

At this time, Mr.

T has also noticed Yuei Vu.

He hummed and smiled, and said, “A duelist in the human world Interesting, I have been sleeping for so long, and I don’t know how far the human race has developed now.”

As he spoke, his glare suddenly sharpened, the darkness all over his body rose sharply, and the pitch-black mist erupted like a storm, forming a terrifying and tyrannical power…

However, Yuei Vu, who faced this supernatural power, not only had no fear in his heart… he even wanted to play cards.

Sure enough, Mr.

T raised his arm directly after a burst of explosive air, and the pitch-black mist turned into a black Duel Disk directly on his arm.

The corner of his mouth twitched and he smiled: “Let’s duel!”


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