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 Chapter 3 - How To Play With This Brick Hand

When Yuei Vu passed through the same dark and empty alley for the third time, the street was already empty.

After midnight, normal people have already counted the sheep and fallen asleep.

There were only a handful of people still roaming the streets—drunks, thugs, and some ulterior motives.

As for Yuei Vu

Looking at his appearance, everyone knew that he did not belong to any of the above.

After all……

……How could there be such a handsome drunk or thug

A cold and strange wind blew from the other end of the alley, bringing a slight chill.

What followed was a feeling of hunger on an empty stomach, reminding him of the fact that he hadn’t eaten for half a day.

This also reminded Yuei Vu that although he had a game board, he was no longer a player, but a person living in this world.

It seems that I will have to find a way to find some work when it is dawn tomorrow, at least eat a meal first to ensure that I will not starve to death.

By this time, Yuei Vu had already started the fourth lap along the repeated route, and the whole town had been turned around for him all night, but there was still no sign of triggering any plot.

He combed his memory again and was sure that he should remember correctly.

The hidden plot that was disclosed in the forum in the previous life was indeed triggered in this area.

Maybe it’s too early

After all, the game was still a month away from the server opening, and it would be a month before the player triggers the story, so it was expected that it could not be triggered now.

Yuei Vu originally just had the mentality of trying it out, but if it really didn’t work, he would forget it.

However, just when he had such an idea, footsteps began to echo in the alley behind him.

It sounded like the sound of leather shoes stepping on the pavement, which was particularly clear against the background of the surrounding emptiness.

Yuei Vu’s eyes lit up.

Is it finally here

Sure enough, when he turned his head sideways, he found that a black figure had appeared behind him.

The man was dressed in a wide black robe and looked like a sack that had been dyed by throwing it into a black ink dye vat.

The wide hood covered most of his face, but he could vaguely see the white mask under the hood.

In addition, he wore a Duel Disk on his left arm, proving that he is also a card player.

“The duelist over there.” The man chuckled softly, “Dare to have a duel The kind that bet on rare cards.”

After a pause, he lowered his voice, and under his hood shot a cold gaze like an ice pick.

“It’s just that you have no position to refuse.”

Yuei Vu was neither surprised nor flustered, his heart was calm and he even wanted to cheer.

Motherf*cker, after a night of wandering around, I bumped into it!

“Rare Hunter, right” he asked rhetorically.

“Huh Do you actually know me” The man laughed.

“I have heard rumors about you recently.

Due to the upcoming competition held by the Kaiba Corp, duelists from all over the world have gathered in Domino City, so Rare Hunters like you have been very active recently.”

“That’s right.” The man smiled, “According to the regulations set by the Kaiba Corp, only duelists who have been admitted and hold rare cards can obtain their newly developed Duel Disk and qualify for the competition.”

After a pause, he turned his attention to the Duel Disk on Yuei Vu’s left hand.

“Since you are also wearing that, it seems that you also have a rare card.” He said slowly, raised his arm, and the Duel Disk on his wrist had automatically unfolded.

“Come on, we’ll duel by Battle City Rules.

The loser must hand over his rare card.”

At the same time, a system prompt popped up in front of Yuei Vu.

[Hidden mission is triggered: The Challenge From Ghouls!]

[Description: A member of the powerful rare card hunter known as Ghouls – the magician Pandora has challenged you!]

[Winning Reward: Get the UR rare card “Dark Magician”!]

[Defeat Penalty: Any card is randomly taken away by the opponent.]

As always, the description was vague, the reward was still clear, but the punishment was not clear at all.

But after playing for so long, Yuel Vu has become accustomed to it, and randomness was also a feature of this game.

Sometimes different players do the same task, yet the final result may not be the same.

But Yuei Vu was lucky this time.

He ran into Pandora, the rare card hunter, as he wished.

Except for the protagonist Yugi Muto, this character was the only character in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! DM series used the Dark Magician as the trump card.

The player from the previous life that Yuei Vu mentioned before, seems to have met and defeated Pandora during the Battle City, and thus started the Dark Magician with the top rarity.

It was worth mentioning that although players generally could not open Dark Magician and Dark Magician-related series cards in the system card pool, if you managed to obtain a Dark Magician card through the special quest, then the system would make tailor-made adjustments for your card pool, and you will also have the opportunity to open those cards related to the Dark Magician series in the future.

The player in the previous life obtained a Dark Magician through this quest, and then successively opened a series of powerful auxiliary cards from the system card pool.

Since then, he has become a well-known Dark Magician player in World Link Online.

But of course, the game has not been launched yet, so the hidden quest of rare card hunter Pandora has not been triggered yet.

So, although he felt sorry for the player whose chance was stolen by him, Yuei Vu didn’t plan to miss this opportunity.

There was another reason why Yuei Vu chose this mission: it was relatively safe.

Although Pandora was the subordinate of the famous BOSS Marik Ishtar, and a member of the dark organization Ghouls, he did not possess extraordinary power.

In other words, this was just an ordinary duel, and the loser at most only needs to withstand the impact of the three-dimensional image (the game setting) and consumed a certain amount of Stamina, but his life wasn’t in danger.

And then the rare card would be stolen by the opponent.

However, Yuei Vu could basically ignore it.

Because he currently only has the “Four (Waste) Soul Heroes” and mostly useless S/T cards in his deck, there was not a single thing that can be regarded as a rare card.

His Duel Disk was not given by Kaiba Corp at all but was given by the system when the account was created.

Therefore, his current state was a bit like “a homeless person will not be afraid of thieves at all”.


【Yuei Vu, LP 4000】

【Pandora, LP 4000】

“Then I’ll go first.


Pandora drew a card, glanced at it, and revealed a faint smile, adding the card to five cards in his hand.

Looking at his actions, Yuei Vu couldn’t help but sigh…

……MMP, I still miss the days when I was able to draw cards when going first.

Yes, when World Link Online was updated before he crossed over, the rules were updated and the first player couldn’t draw at their first Draw Phase.

At that time, old players who were accustomed to traditional rules would be somewhat uncomfortable.

But after getting used to those rules, Yuei Yu now felt a little awkward in a game that was still played by the rules of the DM era.

“What I want to summon here is… Mystic Tomato! In Attack position!”

Pandora slapped a monster card on the Duel Disk.

The three-dimensional imaging technology was activated, the card data was transmitted to the headquarters of Kaiba Corp through the Duel Disk, and a red tomato with a weird grin jumped out into the field immediately.

[Mystic Tomato, ATK 1400]

“I end my turn,” Pandora said.

He just summoned a four-star monster and didn’t even set an S/T…

Yuei Vu was not arrogant, but if he still had his previous life’s deck, an opponent like this would definitely not survive the second round.

Eh, that’s all, the hero doesn’t mention the victory in the past.

Concentrate for now…

“My turn.”

Yuei Vu drew a card, glanced at the cards in his hand, thought about it for a long time, and finally slapped the card on the Duel Disk.

“I summon the Elemental HERO Avian in Defense position!”

[Elemental HERO Avian, DEF 1000]

“Then… I end my turn.”


What did you expect me to do

I started with two Avian and two Burstinatrix, and not even one Polymerization.

How to play with this brick hand


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