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Somewhere, an unknown space that was apart from reality.

“…Unexpectedly, there will be a spirit coming to get in the way.” The voice emerged from the silent and boundless darkness, and a cloud of black mist stood up, forming the shape of Mr.

T, who was wearing sunglasses and a black suit.


“The duelist named Yuei Vu along with his spirit may be a huge obstacle to our expansion of power.” As he spoke, another black mist condensed into a human form, which was also Mr.

T’s form.

At this time, the third Mr.

T came out of the darkness, with the exact same face as the previous two, and his voice was like the same person: “No, after observation, the human world does not seem to be as simple as we imagined.

Besides spirits, some other people with extraordinary powers exist.”

“That’s right.” The fourth Mr.

T said, “Before the plan is officially launched, we still need to observe, contact those different humans, and determine the threat.”



When the voice sounded, Mr.

T in the space had already walked into Mr.

T’s body in the middle one by one.

Their bodies merged into one as if they were absorbed, and finally, there was only the last Mr.

T left in the space.

As previously said, Mr.

T was not an entity in the first place.

He is similar to Agent Smith in The Matrix, a virus that Darkness uses to invade the real world.

He pushed down the frames of his sunglasses, showing a weird and confident smile.


“…Speaking of which, are you sure this is the right way”

At this moment, Yuei Vu looked at the blond girl floating beside him with a bit of pain, panting and sweating like rain, feeling that his body was hollowed out…

The cause of the incident was that Dark Magician Girl suddenly appeared when he passed a certain road section, and nervously said that she felt the breath of Nightshroud nearby, so he followed the guidance of the spirit lady all the way to now…

……However, it felt as if he has only been circling in this area all the time.

“Yes… I’m sorry.

Because the position of the other party’s breath has been changing…” The Dark Magician Girl apologized, “The other party is also moving very fast… Master, are you okay”

“It’s alright.” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Let’s continue to lead the way.

Where is that bastard now”

Although Yuei Vu, who has been running non-stop for a long time, actually felt tired at this moment… But no matter what the situation, a man couldn’t say no to a girl.

This was a matter of principle.

But at the same time, Yuei Vu couldn’t help but be suspicious – Mr.

T wasn’t doing it on purpose, right

He knew that I’m looking for him, so he take me around in circles like a dog

If that’s the case, this villain is too… evil

Immediately it made people feel very LOW.

However, Yuei Vu soon discovered that this was not the case.

“Master, it’s there!” Dark Magician Girl suddenly said as he ran past an overpass, “He stopped, right below us!”

Yuei Vu stopped and looked down from the edge of the overpass railing.

Sure enough, that familiar feeling reappeared.

The icy darkness quietly rewarded, and the oppressive atmosphere enveloped the surrounding environment.

The temperature in the space seemed to plummet by a few degrees, and the darkness quietly condensed somewhere under the bridge.


T, dressed in black and wearing sunglasses, stepped out of the darkness with calm steps.

Only this time, it seemed that his target was not Yuei Vu.

Yuei Vu soon noticed that Mr.

T’s target…was a short high school student wearing a blue student uniform, carrying a backpack, a short, colorful starfish head, and a harmless look on his face.

Well, yes, that’s right, the real protagonist of World Link Online v1.0, Yugi Muto…

Yuei Vu: “…”

What should I say

This Mr.

T… is clearly just cannon fodder, why is he so brave

As soon as he came up, he picked the most terrifying hidden boss in the world, and Yuei Vu didn’t know whether to say he was ignorant or brave…

At this time, Mr.

T still had an expression full of confidence, as if he was in control, and obviously did not realize the seriousness of the problem in front of him.

“Duel King, Yugi Muto So you are the strongest duelist among humans, right Interesting.”


T smiled slightly, raised his arm, and the dark miasma turned into a Duel Disk on his arm.

“Then, Duel King, do you dare to accept my challenge”

Yugi blinked his big, unintimidating eyes: “Are you…”

“I don’t have a name, but you can think of me as Trueman, someone who tells the truth.

If you want to address me, you can call me Mr.

T.” He said with a smile.

Yugi closed his eyes gently.

“…Interesting,” he said.


T frowned under his sunglasses.

He suspected that this might be his own delusion, but he felt that the Duel King’s voice had changed a bit.

The next moment, he saw an unbelievable glow from the golden pendant hanging on Yugi Muto’s chest.

What followed was a powerful dark power that even Mr.

T, who claimed to be a servant of darkness, could not help but feel fear.


T couldn’t describe what he felt, but the moment he faced the young man in front of him, he suddenly had the illusion that his body was locked.

He vaguely saw the boundless and huge darkness released from the back of the young man.

The aura formed was like a rising peak.

This boy stood in front of him, releasing absolute king-like coercion, which temporarily fixed his hands and feet in the original position, making him unable to move.

For a moment, he even had an absurd thought – in front of this dark power like the sea, the dark power he currently held was like a firefly facing the boundless sea of ​​fire.

They were in two completely different leagues.


This was Mr.

T’s first thought.

He instinctively felt that he couldn’t duel this young man here… otherwise, something bad would really happen!

Without further ado, Mr.

T immediately prepared to re-atomize and disintegrate his body, turned around, and prepared to run away.

But he soon discovered to his horror…he couldn’t!

The dark power shrouded in the surrounding was more intense than before, but it was no longer the darkness that his power called – some kind of power far stronger than him called deeper darkness, overwriting the darkness that belonged to Nightshroud.

Now, this field was no longer under his control.


T turned his head back to look at the boy in front of him in amazement.

Duel King… Who is he

This is definitely not the power possessed by human beings, right

Yugi opened its eyes again.

At this time, his eyes have completely changed, becoming like steel knives coming toward Mr.

T, as if to cut people into two sections.

At this time, Mr.

T’s heart set off a stormy sea, but Yuei Vu, who was watching the battle above, felt that he was completely expected.

What Mr.

T was facing now was another soul residing in Yugi’s body, the nameless Pharaoh from three thousand years ago, the real undefeated god of war in this world.

Looking at Mr.

T below, Yuei Vu couldn’t help but gloat over his misfortune.

You said that you mass-produced cannon fodder by yourself, so why do you have to provoke this guy Don’t you want to live anymore

“You just said you want to duel with me, right” Yami Yugi had already opened his Duel Disk at this time, “This challenge… I accept it!”


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