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After a while, Yuei Vu had come to the duel arena specially set up by the headquarters of “Nightcrawler World”.

The two sides of the arena were already densely surrounded by the audience, and a group of burly men shouldered shoulders, enclosing the three layers in the arena and the three layers outside.

It’s like a scene of illegal black boxing in the underground.

Standing opposite Yuei Vu was another sturdy man – Yuei Vu was beginning to wonder why the members of this “Nightcrawler World” seemed to be all men.

Looking at the bottom of the ring, it was really a “Full Banquet of Man and Han” (mistakenly).

Not a single girl could be found, and even the air seemed to be filled with a strong atmosphere unique to brotherhood.

This gave Yuei Vu the illusion that he had walked into some strange club.

“Oh, I didn’t expect such a kid to want to join us ‘Nightcrawler World’.” The man opposite sneered, “Let me show you a little bit, the world of the Shadow Duelist is very cruel, not everyone can join.”

Yuei Vu smiled: “Then I’ll ask Kuroda-senpai for advice.”

He didn’t recognize the duelist on the opposite side, and the name Kuroda was also heard by the audience.

At this moment, the onlookers were still talking about it.

“Kuroda won’t be able to beat this kid, right”

“Who can say for sure A duel is about the mind, not the muscles.

A guy like Kuroda with full-length muscles in his brain may not be able to do it…”

“How about a bet Bet on the outcome of Kuroda and this kid”


When hearing that there was a bet, they immediately became interested.

As a Shadow Duelist, it was of course impossible for everyone to fight for their lives on weekdays, so they often place bets on the duel between card friends.

The bet didn’t have to be money, it could be of various kinds.

For example, according to the agreement, the loser must drink two taels of white wine first, then a glass of red wine, and finally beer to rinse his mouth, and so on.

“I’ll bet on Kuroda.”

“Then I am also Kuroda.”

“Then I’ll bet him too…”

Although he said he didn’t trust him, even the buddy who complained about Kuroda’s “muscles in his brain” before chose to bet on him.

After all, everyone is a comrade in the meeting, and the level of each other is still clear.

They didn’t think this little white face who came out of nowhere could beat Kuroda.

At this moment, Mr.

Kawasawa Gai, the president, appeared: “What Are you making a bet”

Everyone immediately became smart.

Someone hurriedly said: “No… No, everyone is just kidding, President…”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as we don’t gamble with cards, it doesn’t matter if we play occasionally.” The president said that his management policy was very open and did prohibit gambling, and said, “I’m also here to play.

Let me see… Then I will bet on Kuroda too.”


There was an embarrassing silence.

After a while, someone took the lead: “Then I… bet this new kid.”

“…I thought about it, I’d better bet on this newcomer.”

In Nightcrawler World, there was an iron law that no one dared to say, but everyone knew it.

That was, as long as it’s involving “gambling”, absolutely… couldn’t stand on the same side as the president.

Because according to incomplete statistics, at least as far as all the members knew, the president has never won a single bet, no matter how big or small…

A man next to him also hurriedly wanted to say, “Then I’ll bet…”

“Huh” President cast a questioning look,

It seemed to be saying: What does it mean that you will not follow me as soon as I come Do you look down on me

The man’s hips froze, his body trembled, and he hurriedly changed his words: “I… I’ll still bet on Kuroda.”

At this time, those brothers who had just said that they were going to bet on Kuroda and had no time to change their words suddenly felt a pain in the ass.

They wanted to change the custody to Yuei Vu, but they were afraid of offending the boss.

But since the boss was betting on Kuroda, the money would definitely go to waste…

At this time, Kuroda on the stage didn’t even know that a mysterious force had debuffed him, and still laughed arrogantly: “Since you know where this place is, don’t you need to say more nonsense This duel will be a Shadow Game.

But don’t worry, although it’s a duel, we won’t kill you.

It’s just boring if the stakes are too small, then I figured…let’s just add a condition.”

Kuroda sneered: “The loser will do a striptease in public in this arena, how about that”

Yuei Vu inserted the washed deck into the slot and unfolded the Duel Disk: “It’s exactly what I want.”

The spirit of Dark Magician Girl appeared behind him, covering her mouth in surprise: “Master, so you have such an interest…”

The surprised expression on the cute little face was like saying: Master is so handsome, but I didn’t expect the taste to be so strange…

Yuei Vu’s face stiffened: “…No, that’s not what I meant…don’t worry, I can’t lose to this kind of opponent.”

“Ah! Master, do you want to see the opposite dance…”

“That’s not what it means!”

Yuei Vu’s face hurts.

I just said it casually, so why so serious

Kuroda looked puzzled: “What are you talking to yourself about”

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! world, only very few people could see the existence of monster spirits.

The more famous ones were Yuki Judai and Manjōme Jun, the protagonists in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

When spirits appear in a spirited state, most humans couldn’t see them.

“It’s nothing, I’m going!” Yuei Vu said.

“Duel!” x2

【Yuei Vu, LP4000】

【Kuroda, LP4000】

“Since you are the challenger, according to the rules I will take the first turn.


Kuroda glanced at the cards in his hand and seemed to think it was a good start, so he couldn’t help but smile.

“I summon the ‘Giant Red Seasnake’ in attack position!”

There were splashes of water on the ground in the field, and a snake with a red body emerged from the water, twisting its body along with the splashes, and spit out a deep purple snake letter from its mouth.

[Giant Red Seasnake, ATK 1800]

“Set a card, I end my turn!”

The crowd below began to riot.

“This guy Kuroda is lucky, he is such a powerful monster when he starts.”

The rules of the duel monster game have recently undergone tremendous changes under the Kaiba Corp promotion.

The most representative of which was the rule that “monsters above Level 4 need Tribute(s) to be summoned”.

This kind of rule made many duelists feel very unaccustomed.

In this environment, many people even thought that high-level monsters were difficult to come in handy, and monsters with high attack power below Level 4 would be the mainstream in the future.

Level 4 monsters like “Giant Red Seasnake” with 1800 ATK were now quite expensive and rare cards in the market.

“My turn.” Yuei Vu kept a calm smile, “Draw a card.”

Although he didn’t know what the other side’s hand was, Yuei Vu’s hand…he thought it was a Heavenly Hand.

Sure enough, Yu-Gi-Oh! honestly doesn’t deceive me—whether it’s the protagonist or the villain, the probability of starting with Heavenly Hand when playing cards with mobs seems to be much higher.

“I summon Elemental HERO Blazeman!” Yuei Vu started the operation.

A storm of fiery flames rolled up on the ground, and the brand-new Elemental HERO, which was just released from the system card pool last week, immediately appeared on his field.

[Elemental HERO Blazeman, ATK 1200]

“When Blazeman is successfully summoned, I can add a ‘Polymerization’ from the deck to my hand!” Yuei Vu took out a fusion card from the deck, “then I activate ‘Polymerization’!

I fuse ‘Elemental HERO Blazeman’ on the field and ‘Elemental HERO Wildheart’ in my hand.

Fusion summons! Elemental HERO –

——Gaia! ”

The ground split open in an instant, and the impact of the three-dimensional image mixed with dark energy, making the entire ring seem to be shaking.

The dark and huge metal outline was drilled out from the crack in the ground as if an insurmountable mountain was rumbling up from the crack in the ground.

A metal giant with a height of seven or eight meters drilled out of the ground and stood on Yuei Vu’s field, with gravel splashing everywhere.

[Elemental HERO Gaia, ATK 2200]

Gaia was a new card he just opened yesterday.

The fusion condition was 1 “Elemental HERO” monster 1 EARTH monster.

“Elemental HERO Wildheart” was EARTH attribute, so it could be used as fusion material for Gaia.

The crowd began to be surprised: “It’s a monster with an ATK of 2,200.

This kid is a little good!”

Kuroda was also stunned for a moment by Gaia’s aura, but quickly calmed down.

Calm down, don’t panic.

Fusion monsters cannot attack in the round they are summoned, and even if there is an emergency, my set card is a “Widespread Ruin”, which could destroy the monster with the highest attack power on the opponent’s field when the opponent attacks.

The situation was actually in his favor.

“The effect of Gaia is activated,” Yuei Vu said, “‘Elemental HERO Gaia’ can halve the attack power of a monster on the opponent’s field during the turn it is Fusion Summoned.

The power is added to Gaia’s attack power.”


[Giant Red Seasnake, ATK 1800 → ATK 900]

[Elemental HERO Gaia, ATK 2200 → ATK 3100]

“Attack…Attack power 3100!”

“Then I activate a Spell card from my hand – Fusion Recovery!” Yuei Vu’s operation continued, “Target 1 “Polymerization” in my GY, and 1 monster in my GY used as material for a Fusion Summon; add them to your hand.

I added ‘Polymerization’ and ‘Elemental HERO Wildheart’ to my hand.

The GY area of ​​the Duel Disk in Yuei Vu’s hand lit up with golden light, and the two cards were automatically bounced back.

“Then I activate Polymerization again!”

The audience was once again shocked: “Two fusions in one round!”

“I fuse ‘Elemental HERO Avian’ in the hand with the ‘Elemental HERO·Wilderness’ just recovered.

Fusion summons! ‘Elemental HERO Wild Wingman’!”

A gust of wind blew up on the arena, and even the surrounding audience raised their hands subconsciously to block them in front of them.

A whirlwind visible to the naked eye swept through the field, and the hero with white wings and a wild and rough posture fluttered his wings and fell from the sky.

[Elemental HERO Wild Wingman, ATK 1900]

This was also a brand new Elemental HERO drawn by Yuei Vu.

Wild Wingman was only an R card in the system card pool.

As a three-for-one fusion monster, the attack power was only 1900, its rare value was not high.

“Wild Wingman’s effect – I discard a card from my hand,” Yuei Vu sent a card from his hand to the graveyard, “Destroy a spell or trap card on the field.

What I want to destroy is the set card on your field! ”

“Oops!” Kuroda was shocked.

Wild Wingman let out a clear whistle, flapped his wings, and the feathers on his wings shot towards the opponent’s backcourt like arrows.

The “Widespread Ruin” set on Kuroda’s field was instantly stabbed into a sieve by a feather, and after it was automatically opened to the other side to confirm it, the crack was broken into countless pieces.

“Wow, it’s a ‘Widespread Ruin’.” Yuei Vu chuckled, “It’s really dangerous.

If I attack directly and rashly, my Gaia would be destroyed.”

Kuroda gritted his teeth and snorted: “However, fusion monsters cannot attack during the turn they are summoned.

At the end of the round, your Gaia’s ATK will return to 2200, which is a pity.”

“Is that really true” Yuei Vu asked back with a smile.

Kuroda’s face changed suddenly: “Could it be that you…”

“That’s right, this round will decide the winner.” Yuei Vu said, playing the last card in his hand.

Now let you see the power of Heavenly Hand!

“Activate the Spell card – Quick Attack!” Yuei Vu said, “This card allows the fusion monsters on the field to attack during the round they are summoned!

Gaia, Wild Wingman, direct attack! You’ll take a total of 4100 damage!

The two heroes attacked at the same time.

The earth shattered and the storm swept through, and for a while, the ring seemed to be really engulfed by the elemental storm.

The “Giant Red Seasnake” whose attack power was reduced to 900 on the Kuroda field instantly vanished, and the remaining impact engulfed Kuroda’s body unabated.


【Kuroda, LP4000→LP0】


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