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Marik Ishtar, an important villain in the early stage of Yu-Gi-Oh, the descendant of the Tomb Keepers family, the founder and leader of the rare card hunter group known as Ghouls.

More importantly, he was also the holder of the Millennium Rod, one of the seven Millennium Items, and the strongest card among the three God Cards, “The Winged Dragon of Ra”.

The Winged Dragon of Ra here was not a waste like its real card version, but a monster that has a powerful ability truly worthy of its title “the strongest god”.

If the effect of the animated Winged Dragon of Ra was directly copied into the real card environment, even in the future twenty years later, it could be regarded as a powerful monster that must not be underestimated.

In contrast, the real card version The Winged Dragon of Ra has no attack power, no resistance (1), and its special abilities could be called a huge pit.

Not to mention being a god, as a monster who “needs three sacrifices to be summoned”, Winged Dragon’s strength was simply a big loser.

What they were facing now in this broken warehouse was not Marik himself, but a puppet that Marik remotely controlled by the mind control ability of the Millennium Rod.

As for Marik himself, he wasn’t even in the city at the moment.

“Hello everyone,” Marik said slowly to everyone through the mouth of the bald puppet, “For most of you, I believe it’s the first time we’ve met.”

“Marik.” Nanmoku narrowed his eyes, “What do you want to do”

By this time, everyone should be able to see that their actions have been seen through.

Ghouls had long foreseen that they would come here and had already withdrawn and abandoned this stronghold early, leaving only this puppet to act as Marik’s telephone to talk to them.

“What do I want to do I think you all should know the answer.” Marik said, “This is my war.

My target is only the nameless Pharaoh from beginning to end, and it has nothing to do with you.

If I can, I don’t want to conflict with you, but if you insist, I just hope that you know that Ghouls will not be afraid of challenges.

So today this is just a small warning, and I advise you to stay out of your way.

If you dare to stand in front of me next time, what you will face will be the wrath of God.


“What did you say!”

A group of people was about to have a seizure, but the bald head in front of him slumped, and the person fell off the chair softly, like a doll with a battery pulled out.

Marik was gone, there was only an empty shell left here.

“This guy is too arrogant!” someone in the team said angrily.

“He didn’t take us seriously at all!”

“If you want me to say that we should just go to the old lair of Ghouls, let the stinky boy who guards the tomb know what the never-ending darkness is…”

“Wake up, he has God Cards in his hand.

It is impossible for ordinary duelists to win.”


A group of people was chattering, and Manager Nanmoku frowned and said, “Wait, something is wrong.”

The crowd suddenly quieted down.

Indeed, Yuei Vu has the same view at the moment.

Since Marik saw through their actions in advance, he emptied the entire warehouse, but why did he leave such a puppet here Just to threaten them with empty words

No matter how you think about it, it felt unrealistic.

Marik just mentioned, “this is just a small warning”.

So where exactly was the warning

There was a roar from the outside of the empty warehouse, which sounded like a heavy buzzer.

Light was transmitted through all the windows and gaps, and the entire warehouse was instantly bright as day under the intersecting light.

Walking out of the warehouse, the Shadow Duelists were shocked to find that they had been surrounded at some point.

The black car blocked the only way out like a barricade, and the dazzling white light surrounded the warehouse from all sides like a staggering array of swords.

Behind the car stood a large number of men in black clothes and sunglasses.

They stood straight with their waists upright, and their sturdy bodies together looked like dark walls.

Although no one has the intention of coming up to attack, it is obvious that the person in the middle will not be easily let go.

A turbulent buzzing sound approached from the sky, and a beam of light cut like Huisei’s sword, splitting the dark night in two.

The black helicopter with the KC logo slowly descended to the height, the cabin door was pulled open from the inside, and a slender man in a white windbreaker stepped on the landing pole of the helicopter with one foot.

The black and white windbreaker inside looked like a king.

His cloak fluttered in the wind whipped by the propellers.

That man was a legendary duelist, the man at the top of the world of dueling monsters, Kaiba Seto.

At this time, everyone understood what happened.

Obviously, Marik deliberately let people tip off the Kaiba Corp and deliberately used the Kaiba Corp to fight them.

In fact, it was reasonable to say that Nightcrawler World and Kaiba Corp were the two biggest local forces in Domino City.

Although one was in the light and the other was in the dark, they were both closely related to the game of dueling monsters, thus they had some contact.

After all, according to common sense, such a large company should be more or less related to the local underground forces.

However, the Kaiba Corp was an exception, because its president, Mr.

Kaiba Seto, was extremely disgusted with everything that involved “Shadow Games”.

It’s not that he didn’t believe in the existence of Shadow Games at all, because he has seen it with his own eyes and even became a victim of Shadow Games.

In the Duelist Kingdom arc, his younger brother Mokuba Kaiba was captured by Pegasus, and his soul was sealed in a card.

Kaiba desperately went to the Duelist Kingdom to try to save his brother, but he was no match for the power of the Millennium Eye.

He himself was defeated by Pegasus, and his soul was sealed in a card.

In the end, Yugi Muto defeated Pegasus, and the souls of the two brothers were finally saved.

Because of such unpleasant memories, President Kaiba was quite resistant to things like “Shadow Games”.

Furthermore, he was a staunch scientologist.

He believed that supernatural powers, including “Shadow Games”, were things that can be explained by science, so he always sneered when they mention these things.

Therefore, although Nightcrawler World and the Kaiba Corp have also had contact, the ending was often not very happy.

At this moment, the helicopter was still in the air, but President Kaiba stopped waiting and jumped out of the plane.

The white windbreaker was full of wind and spread out behind him, like spreading wings.

Kaiba landed on the ground, the hem of his clothes fell, and he looked like a superhero in the M studio next door.

The Shadow Duelists looked at each other, and then Manager Nanmoku walked up first.

“President Kaiba, long time no see.”

Kaiba folded his arms and narrowed his eyes, his eyes were as sharp as knives, without any intention of greeting: “What are you doing in a place like this”

“We got information that the Ghouls have a stronghold here, but unfortunately we arrived too late.” Manager Nanmoku explained, “We are on the same front, Mr.

President, as we have said many times before.

“Hmph, I don’t remember when I agreed.”

Kaiba said coldly, raising the duel plate on his arm.

“But since you all claim to be duelists, I’ll give you this chance.” He said in a deep voice, “If you want to pass from here, just use your Shadow Game which you’re proud of.”

TL’s note:


“Resistance” refers to self-protection effects, such as “Cannot be targeted by card effects”, “Cannot be destroyed by card effects”, Unaffected by card effects”,…


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