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I Play Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

chinalightnovel10-12 minutes 14.06.2022

Yuei Vu fell into a long and strange silence when he looked at the “Dark Magician Girl” he had drawn in his hand.

He wanted to say that the bond with the deck was not enough… but it didn’t seem right.

After all, the deck really “responded” to him, and the only card in the entire deck that had a spirit in it came to his hand.

However, what he wanted was a Mystical Space Typhoon…

“I’m sorry, master!”

The spirit of the Dark Magician Girl appeared beside him, bowed a standard ninety degrees to apologize, and held the staff uneasily in her small hands.

Yuei Vu sighed softly, but he couldn’t blame her for anything.

After all, it wasn’t her own intention to appear at such an unfortunate time, and the Dark Magician Girl who was shuffled to this position during the shuffle was also very helpless.

The one who should be blamed was her master, for not being a “true duelist” and not being able to draw the cards she wanted at a critical time.

And when Yuei Vu looked at her sincere apology and two big white balls under the neckline of her clothes (which were revealed after she bent down), he certainly couldn’t blame her…

….Even if she should be punished, it must wait after we go back.

At most I can only spank her…

Since that’s the case, then Yuei Vu could only use the simplest and most rude method – no matter what kind of trap waiting, just step on it.

“Battle!” Yuei Vu chose to directly enter the Battle Phase, “Dark Magician, attack the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”

The Dark Magician with an attack power of 5300 raised his staff, and the particles of magic seemed to gather from all corners of the air, like iron filings pulled by a magnet.

The pitch-black electric current surrounded the deep black light waves visible to the naked eye and condensed into a sphere on the Dark Magician’s staff, and the fluctuation of magic power surrounded the magician’s body like a whirlwind, like a layer of the dark iris.

As expected, the card in the back row of Kaiba was activated at this moment.

“Open the set card!” Kaiba shouted, “Trap card – Waboku!”

The trap card was flipped, and three benevolent women appeared on the field.

They used their weak bodies to block the front of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, closed their eyes, and prayed softly, and the magic power released from their bodies was linked together and transformed into a transparent spherical barrier, protecting the dragon and its master Kaiba.

The impact of the dark magic hit the transparent barrier and was scattered like a stream of water hitting a stone.

Kaiba chuckled lightly: “In the turn this card is activated, I take no battle damage and my monsters cannot be destroyed by battle.”

Yuei Vu knew this card well.

This trap was also a divine weapon for stall decks produced in Yu-Gi-Oh DM, making the user become almost invincible in one turn.

And unlike Negate Attack, this card didn’t even require the opponent to declare an attack, and could be activated freely at any point during the entire turn.

It seemed that even if Yuei Vu have just drawn Mystical Space Typhoon, Kaiba could still activate this card in response.

No matter what, Yuei Vu won’t be able to defeat Kaiba in this turn.

Unless he had a Night Beam, but that card was not in Yuei Vu’s current card library.

(Night Beam (Spell Card) – Target 1 Set Spell/Trap your opponent controls; destroy that target.

Your opponent cannot activate the targeted card in response to this card’s activation.)

So it seemed that his Dark Magician Girl shouldn’t take the blame…

“I end my turn.”

There was nothing to do, so Yuei Vu directly ended his turn.

“My turn.”

The control power came to Kaiba again, but he did not rush to draw cards but stared at his deck, and his eyes began to heat up.

At this point, he has completely abandoned his previous attitude of contempt and really treated the opponent in front of him with all his strength.

He found that his fingers on the deck were shaking slightly, and every cell in his body seemed to be mobilized.

A frenzy for fighting was surging uncontrollably from the bottom of his heart and rushed to his brain along with the boiling blood in his veins.

Kaiba Seto has not felt this way for a long time.

The last time there was this kind of blood boiling, the fighting spirit of every cell in the body was mobilized to the maximum, this kind of unbearable heat and full of hunger and thirst… it was still when he was fighting against Yugi Muto.

Although the previous battle with Pegasus also made him fight hard, after all, Pegasus used the power of the Millennium Eye to cheat, and he also used the soul of Kaiba’s younger brother Mokuba as a threat, so he did not let him have this kind of feel.

Kaiba once thought that only Yugi Muto in the world could bring him the pleasure of being pushed to the limit and the potential of his whole body being fully exploited.

Now he realized that he seemed to be wrong.

And this time, the opponent was even the controller of the “Dark Magician”, which made him even think for a moment that he has seen the shadow of his old enemy.

Kaiba’s eyes gradually became hot.

This time, if he wanted to do his best, he must defeat the monster in front of him!

…he wanted to draw “that card!”


Kaiba raised his voice, and at the same moment, he drew the top card from the deck.

Then he opened his eyes, and there was an undisguised smug smile on the corner of his mouth as if he was already winning.

“…I activate Spell card – Silent Doom!” Kaiba started the operation, “Target 1 Normal Monster in my GY; Special Summon it in face-up Defense Position, but it cannot attack.

Come on! I’ll resurrect another ‘Blue-Eyes White Dragon’!”

A beam of light rose into the sky, and another white dragon with blue eyes flew out, and its wings were protected like a shield in front of him.

[Blue-Eyes White Dragon, DEF 2500]

Yuei Vu narrowed his eyes: “The second Blue-Eyes White Dragon… Was it discarded from the hand when ‘Cost Reduction’ was activated earlier”

But even if the second Blue-Eyes White Dragon was summoned, the situation on the field wouldn’t change.

Blue Eyes White Dragon couldn’t defeat the Dark Magician with 5300 ATK.

Kaiba himself should be aware of this as well.

“Next up is another Spell card… Foolish Burial!”

Kaiba played another divine card that was famous among Yu-Gi-Oh players.

“Due to the effect of this card, I can choose a monster from the deck and send it to the graveyard.

What I want to choose is…’Peten the Dark Clown’!”

Kaiba selected a monster card with the appearance of a clown from the deck and sent it directly to the cemetery.

“Then I activate Peten the Dark Clown’s effect at this very moment! When this card is sent to the GY: I can banish this card from my GY; Special Summon 1 ‘Peten the Dark Clown’ from my hand or Deck!

I Special Summoned another Peten the Dark Clown from the deck!”

[Peten the Dark Clown, ATK 500]

At this time, there were already three monsters on Kaiba’s field.

Yuei Vu suddenly had an ominous feeling.

Kaiba’s eyes suddenly widened, revealing an almost hideous smile.

“Open your eyes and get a good look… This is God!”

He held up the card in his hand.

“I tribute Peten the Dark Clown and two Blue-Eyes White Dragons on the field… Come on! God of Destruction, Obelisk the Tormentor!!!”

The billowing black clouds covered the sky at some point, and blue thunder tore through the clouds and crashed down.

A dark phantom appeared in the sky as if a huge palm pushed away the clouds.

Scarlet eyes lit up behind the clouds, like a god overlooking the world.

A huge, incomparably large shadow emerged from behind the clouds, accompanied by a rumble of deafening thunder.

The pale lightning that cut through the sky illuminated the huge blue body, and the giant with the power of destruction appeared heavily on the half of the field behind Kaiba.

For such a brief moment, Yuei Vu felt as if his body was locked.

It was an illusion as if the soul was being grabbed, a strong sense of oppression rising from the deepest part of the body.

His hands and feet seemed numb, and his brain refused to think.

It was not until the Dark Magician Girl in the spirit state blocked Yuei Vu with her body and activated a certain ability by waving a small staff, that Yuei Vu felt the pressure in his heart ease a bit.

“Master, are you okay” she hurriedly asked.

“It’s okay, thank you.” Yuei Vu breathed a sigh of relief.

As expected of the God Card, it would be a huge burden for ordinary duelists to fight against the coercion of such a god.

Yuei Vu’s attention returned to the duel.

But even if it was a god, Obelisk the Tormentor’s attack power was only 4000.

According to the rules of the game, it still couldn’t defeat the Dark Magician on Yuei Vu’s side.

Unless Kaiba had another move.

For example, thinking of a way to gather two sacrifices and activate the special effect of Obelisk – destroying all monsters on the opponent’s field, and inflicting 4000 damage to the opponent.

If the president used this skill, then Yuei Vu would accept his defeat, as he really couldn’t handle this trick.

Except for Yugi who, combining with his BISS ability, could forcibly use the Kuriboh to block the damage, who could stand it

However, in such a situation, it should be… impossible to gather two sacrifices, right

Unless the president could print another card for him on the spot…

But it’s a pity that he didn’t seem to be able to see the president’s next move.

Because just a few seconds after Obelisk appeared, the Duel Disk in the hands of President Kaima issued a “zizily” sound.

The three-dimensional images trembled like erratic flames and then disappeared in an instant.

Even the giant soldier that covered the sky flickered for a while and then disappeared as a phantom.

The Duel Disk in President Kaiba’s hand emitted black smoke, accompanied by a faint burnt smell.

This taste was familiar to Yuei Vu.

…that’s the scent of the burning card.

The Duel Disk newly developed by President Kaiba seems to be unable to withstand the pressure of the god’s image being embodied… it burned.


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