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Card of Sanctity (Normal Spell Card) – Each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand.

If it was used in an empty-handed situation, the player could replenish six cards in the hand in an instant, which was equivalent to earning a 5 card advantage.

It was simply a divine weapon with the ability to change fate.

Card of Demise (Normal Spell Card) – Draw cards until you have 5 cards in your hand.

During your 5th Standby Phase after activation, send all cards in your hand to the Graveyard.

Needless to say, this thing was also of the same level as the Card of Sanctity.

This point did not need to be introduced, it was not difficult to see from the duel between Yuei Vu and President Kaiba before.

At that time, Kaiba’s side was empty-handed, his LP was like a candle in the wind, and his field was empty.

According to common sense, ordinary Yu-Gi-Oh players must have already surrendered directly at this time, and it was impossible for this situation to be overturned anyway.

However, the president really almost turned over…

The more cards in hand, the greater the possibility, and it was precisely because of this that the Treasure Cards series with such a terrible card drawing effect was regarded by players as divine cards that brought them back to life.

In the entire DM anime, it seemed that only President Kaiba has used the Card of Demise, so this card might not be easy to get.

On the contrary, the Card of Sanctity has been used by many people including Muto Yugi, Kujaku Mai, Pegasus, Marik, etc.

In theory, it should be a card that was very common to supplement the hand in this world, at best it’s just an R card.

In theory, it should be like this… However, Yuei Vu has already opened more than 170 packs of cards and still hasn’t found one……

Theoretically speaking, it really shouldn’t be possible.

The list of cards in this Booster Pack definitely contained the Card of Sanctity.

Yuei Vu felt that his face was so dark that he could go straight to Africa without needing make-up to blend in with the natives perfectly, but when he thought of his Lucky 20, it didn’t seem surprising…

However, he has made a lot of money recently, thus he didn’t care too much about opening more than 100 packs of cards.

But at this moment, he has already started to consider whether to give up opening the packs and go directly to someone to buy a Card of Sanctity…

Directly spending money to buy a specific card was relatively lossy, because when a specific card was named, even a card with a general value would have a higher market price.

Generally speaking, duelists would spend money to directly acquire only rare cards that have a very low probability of being opened.

Spending money to buy an N card or R card was generally considered to be a cash-throwing behavior.

But Yuei Vu couldn’t do anything about it.

It’s not his fault to have Lucky 20…

Besides, he was not the same as when he first came to this world.

With the amount of money in his pocket, he could naturally be a little arrogant.

In another week, when Open Beta players arrived, he could gain even more money.

Just thinking about this, the store manager, Mr.

Itou Shin, came out: “Yo, are you trying to find a card”

The appearance of the store manager was really cool.

He was wearing a plaid shirt, shorts, and sandals, holding a glass of watermelon juice in his left hand and an open book in his right.

Yuei Vu immediately felt admiration.

As expected of the former card designer of Industrial Illusions, he perfectly interpreted the phrase “you are never too old to learn”…

Taking a closer look, the title on the cover of the book seemed to be… “A Quick Guide to Picking Up Girls”

Yuei Vu: “…”



It’s hard to find a girlfriend these days.

Incels could be found everywhere.

Did this old man still want to grab resources from the young

Didn’t he still have any morality

……Well, of course, Yuei Vu was just feeling sorry for the majority of male compatriots.

As for himself

Handsome people didn’t have such troubles…

The old man leaned forward and glanced at the large pile of packaging bags beside Yuei Vu: “It doesn’t look like you have opened what you want”

“Well, I’m not very lucky.” Yuei Vu shrugged helplessly and turned to ask, “By the way, the store manager, do you have the card ‘Card of Sanctity’”

“…I should have, but I can’t remember clearly.” The old man asked strangely, “Do you want that card”

“Yeah.” Yuei Vu nodded, “If there is, is it convenient to give it to me I just need it, and I can pay at the market price.”

The old man raised his eyebrows and said suspiciously, “Yes, but are you sure you want this If I remember correctly, it’s just an R card, and generally, no one buys a card with a rarity below SR.

“Well, I know.” Yu Yu said confidently, “but I really need this card in my deck construction.”

The old man was very witty, rolled his eyes, and smiled, “I do have this card.

But my ‘Card of Sanctity’ is different from the one outside.

It is made by the president of the Industrial Illusions, ‘Father of Duel Monsters’ Pegasus himself.


So you should be able to understand that the value of my collection card is extraordinary.

If you insist on buying… How about 3000$ ”

The old man gave a wicked smile.

A collection card made by President Pegasus How is this possible That’s all his bull**.

As for the reason, it’s actually a little funny.


Shin came back only a few days ago, but he could already see at a glance that his little granddaughter had impure thoughts about this kid.

In fact, the old man would agree with her.

After all, this kid was really handsome, and even an old man like him found it pleasing to the eye.

…but the irritating thing was that this piece of wood seemed to be completely indifferent to the thoughts of his granddaughter!

3000$ was just what he said casually, just to make things difficult for Yuei Vu.

As for the possibility that the other party would accept this price, he had never considered it at all.

It was a great loss to spend 1000$ to buy an R card.

If anyone spends 3000$ to buy an R card, it must be a rusty brain.


“Okay.” Yuei Vu agreed immediately.


Shin: “”

Did he accept Did this child has a fever

He wouldn’t really believe his “special collector’s edition” nonsense, would he

Of course, Yuei Vu didn’t believe it, but in fact, he didn’t care about the money.

After all, he just an N-card “Chainsaw Insect” produced by the system with the price of 80 million $.

Let alone 3000$, he would not feel a loss even if he used 3 million $ to buy a “Card of Sanctity”.

This month, Yuei Vu has also received a lot of care from Chika-chan in the store.

If he had to buy this card with money, he might as well just buy it from this shop.


Shin frowned and thought for a while, but he felt that it was wrong.

There must be something wrong with this!

So he brazenly changed his words: “No, I just remembered it wrong, 3000$ is for another card.

In the case of ‘Card of Sanctity’, the price of the three cards I have here should be 5000… No, 8000! 8000$ per copy!”

He looked at Yuei Vu triumphantly, with an expression like saying: You can’t possibly want it, right

Yuei Vu was a little speechless, but still nodded: “Okay, eight thousand is eight thousand.”

The old man: “”

8000$ Is it real or fake What’s so special about this card

Or… sell it to him for 8000$

However, selling three R cards for 24000$ was too expensive, making the old guy feel uneasy.

But going against his own words now, it’s like being slapped in the face again…

Fortunately, he won’t need to worry about it any time soon.

His good granddaughter Chika appeared in time to resolve the dilemma for him.

“Here, the card you want.” Chika directly handed the three “Card of Sanctity” to Yuei Vu, “I just found them in his warehouse.”

Apparently, Chika heard their conversation long ago and silently ran to the warehouse to help Yuei Vu find the card.


Shin was shocked: “Oh my good granddaughter, that is a special collection card…”

Chika rolled her eyes at him: “So you just throw your special collection card in such a dirty corner, covered with spider webs”

The old man: “…”

“Okay, thank you very much.” Yuei Vu accepted the three cards and smiled at her, “The money will be sent in a while.”

Looking at him smiling at her, Chika couldn’t help but be startled, and a string of “Favorability 3” appeared on her head.

Yuei Vu speculated that the reason why “Favorability 1” and “Favorability 3” only pop up from time to time in her head recently may be because the favorability level was too high and it was about to overflow…

Chika shook her head: “No.

These cards are actually worthless, and they are just kept in the warehouse to be dusted.

Grandpa must have already forgotten these cards.

It’s useless to keep them if you don’t want them…”

The old man beat his chest in anger.

It’s over, it’s over, I haven’t even talked about marriage, yet my granddaughter has already started to care for this kid more than her own grandpa!


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