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“What do you think about the existing Dueling Monster game” Kaiba sat behind his desk, his fingers crossed on his chin.

Yuei Vu entered the door generously, dragged away the chair that was obviously prepared for him in front of the desk, and sat down.

“That’s right,” he said, “I have a little personal opinion on this game.”

“Is it about the flaws in the existing rules I guess,” Kaiba narrowed his eyes.

“You mean, about the availability of Spell Cards…and about the attack limit of fusion monsters, right”

Yuei Vu was a little surprised.

It should be said that he really deserves to be President Kaiba.

If the opposite was Pegasus, Yuei Vu may have begun to doubt whether he used a mind scan on him at this moment.

Seeing his surprised expression, Kaiba was quite satisfied, and couldn’t help humming and smiling: “A first-class duelist only needs one duel to understand the other’s heart.

I have already roughly understood what you want to say through the duel.”

Yuei Vu vaguely felt that he had heard these words somewhere before, and it seemed that a well-known boy in the studio next door also said something similar…

Talking to a smart person saves time and effort.

Kaiba already understood what he meant without him even opening his mouth.

“Tell me what you think, I want to hear from you in detail, and why you think so.” Kaiba leaned back into the seat like an interviewer doing an interview.

Of course, Yuei Vu had already prepared the speech in advance.

He briefly talked about his views on the attack limit of fusion summoning and the timing of the activation of Spell Cards and cited various practical combat cases that had been prepared to demonstrate his views.


He focused this discussion on the usual use of Spell Cards because this was also one of the places he felt most uncomfortable with the existing rules.

According to the current rules, Spell Cards could be activated from the hand, immediately after being overlaid on the field, or activated during the opponent’s turn, and even in the Battle Phase, when the two monsters were already at war.

In this way, the role of Trap Cards was very tasteless.

They could not be used in the turn they were set, and could not be activated directly from the hand.

After being drawn in the hand, it must be delayed for a turn, which made the role of Trap Cards particularly useless.

In fact, Yu-Gi-Oh DM has always been like this in the early days.

Most people used Spell Cards, and the frequency of Trap Cards was far less than that of Spell Cards.

Yuei Vu made his point clearly.

He said that spell and traps should have their own characteristics, and they should be irreplaceable for each other.

The advantage of Spell Cards should be that they could be used from the hand immediately, but they could not be used during the Battle Phase or the opponent’s turn.

Trap Cards could be used during the Battle Phase and at any point during the opponent’s turn, but as a limitation, they could not be activated immediately during the turn they were set, and they must be delayed by one turn to function.

In fact, this is only the most basic.

In Yuei Vu’s opinion, the activation speed of monster effects, spell card and trap card effects, Quick-Play Spell and Counter Trap under the existing rule system was also messed up.

However, the chain processing and timing of effects was the most complicated part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ruling system, and Yuei Vu didn’t expect the rules to be perfected to that level immediately.

After all, most duelists were still worrying about the painful new rule of “advance summons require Tributes”.

It was indeed difficult for them to understand the high-tech concept of timing.

In this part, he didn’t spend much effort to convince Kaiba, because he soon found out that the president seemed to have really reflected on this part of the rules.

However, in some parts, the president still refused to give in completely.

“What you said about spell cards and trap cards needs to be differentiated, and they are not substitutes for each other, which is indeed reasonable.” Kaiba said, “You said that Spell Cards cannot be activated during the opponent’s turn, which is indeed more reasonable.

But you say you can’t even use it in your own Battle Phase, that’s ridiculous.

Yuei Vu raised his eyebrows.

Is it absurd

Why do I think it’s more outrageous for you to open the set card when the opponent declares an attack, revealing a Monster Reborn, and kill the attacking monsters on the opposite side

Then, regarding the “Attack Limit of Fusion Summoning”, Yuei Vu tried his best to change President Kaiba’s mind…

Kaiba’s reason was very simple: “If I can attack in the turn of fusion summoning, then if I fuse and summon the invincible ‘Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon’ in the second turn and attack immediately, wouldn’t the duel be over in an instant

That’s absurd! This kind of thing affects the balance too much, don’t talk about it anymore.

Yuei Vu was speechless.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in the second turn Do you really think everyone was like you, can draw three White Brides and one Polymerization as if they’re glued all together

Moreover… What’s so proud of just changing four cards to a non-Effect monster with an attack power of 4500

Not to mention others, just the one whom you were dueling with the most.

If Yami Yugi set a Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder or something similar, wouldn’t it explode on the spot

However, Yuei Vu couldn’t help but admire Kaiba, at least he seemed to be a conscientious president who was trying to balance the game.

It was the first time he saw someone add restrictions to himself on the grounds that “such rules would make me too strong”, in stark contrast to the company where he traveled through a former game director who could only “So Cooooool” all day long and the game balance was indescribable.


However, Yuei Vu still did not give up.

He tried his best to explain to Kaiba that the method of fusing the “Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon” with his hands requires a lot of cards to be consumed, which was inherently a high-risk behavior, and it should have a high reward.

Or it would be better to say that the player used 4 cards to exchange for an ultimate dragon, yet it was unable to attack this turn and could only wait for the opponent to solve it in the next turn.

That’s called serious imbalance…

In the end, Kaiba rolled his eyes: “Humph! Defeat my ‘Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon’ in one turn That’s impossible!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

“There is no need to continue discussing this point.” Kaiba waved his hand, “If I can attack immediately in the turn of fusion summoning, doesn’t it mean that I can use the three Blue-Eyes White Dragon to attack first, and use Polymerization during the Battle Phase to fuse them into the ultimate dragon and then continue to attack Do you think this is reasonable”

Is it reasonable Certainly not reasonable.

……So you should delete the rule that “spell card can be activated during the Battle Phase” for me!

Yuei Vu found out that even a super genius and top duelist like Kaiba Seto, after all, has long been accustomed to the existing framework of dueling monster rules.

It was not easy for him to listen to other’s opinions and make so many changes.

However, some long-term habitual thinking caused Kaiba to not be on the same channel as Yuei Vu in many parts of his thinking, and it was no use talking to him…

In the end, Yuei Vu put forward the concept of “Battle Replay”.

This concept has indeed attracted the interest of the Kaiba.

“During the battle step, if the number of monsters on both sides changes, can you reconfirm whether to attack or not”

Kaiba held his chin and pondered for a while, his eyes twinkling.

“…Interesting, really interesting.” He nodded and said, “This may indeed be feasible, but if it is actually put into operation, we need to consider more situations and do some tests.”

Yuei Vu nodded in understanding.

For such an important change to go live, testing was definitely necessary.

However, judging from the interesting reaction of Kaiba, he felt that there should be some drama.

However, Yuei Vu immediately thought… after the battle replay was applied, would Kaiba be trapped by himself

For example, the famous anime scene he made up in his mind before…


Yugi: “I will attack the ‘XYZ-Dragon Cannon’ on your field with ‘Osiris the Sky Dragon’! Take it, Super Electrical Conduction Wave!”

Seto Kaiba: “Hahaha, at this moment I opened the set card, ‘Interdimensional Matter Transporter’! I transferred XYZ-Dragon Cannon to another dimension! In this way, Osiris lost his attack target, and this attack is ineffective!”

Yugi: “Kaiba, didn’t you read your own rules carefully The moment you removed the monster, you caused a ‘battle replay’.

I attacked directly with Osiris the Sky Dragon.

Kaiba, YOU LOST!”

Kaiba: “What I forgot! Damn Yugi ah ah ah…”


Hmm… Probably not, right

“A lot of your ideas are very interesting.” Kaiba said, leaning back in the chair, “I can see that your understanding of dueling monster cards is very deep…different from some horse bone duelists who have no talent.”

(Jonouchi: You never miss the chance to mock me, don’t you)

Although Kaiba Seto was very stinky and looked arrogant anytime and anywhere, in fact, he was relatively easy to communicate with people who have gained his approval.

Take, for example, Yugi Muto, whom he considered his number one enemy.

Although Kaiba always liked to be cynical and sarcastic every time he saw Yugi and disdained the friendship that Yugi paid attention to, whenever Yugi encountered any trouble, the president would do anything within his capability, and at the same time, he always liked to say something like “Don’t get me wrong.

It was because of XXX reasons that I did it and didn’t intend to help” and so on.

“Your suggestion has given me a lot of inspiration.

The rules should be adjusted again before the game starts.”

Kaiba said, paused, and a sharp light shot out from his blue eyes.

“…I originally hoped to invite you to work at Kaiba Corp and be in charge of the Dueling Monsters department…but forget it.” He hummed and smiled, “I know that a true duelist like you will neither be moved by money nor want to be tied to the Kaiba.”

Yuei Vu: “”

What Why not

President, you can move me by money! How can you give up without even trying

I’m a true duelist Why don’t I know that

“However,” Kaiba said after changing the conversation, “the rule adjustments you just mentioned will require a lot of testing in the follow-up.

Time is running out, and I can only postpone the Battle City competition for a week at most.

All tests and adjustments must be completed within the remaining time.

So if you’re interested, I hope I can invite you as a special advisor to the Dueling Monsters department to oversee this part of the revision work to ensure that the new rules don’t have any loopholes.

This job does not require you to stay in the Kaiba Corp HQ all the time, nor does it require you to report to work every day.

I just need your opinion and your deep understanding of this game.

I don’t trust so-called professional designers to make a duel monster game what it should be.

I need a real duelist to be in charge of this job.

Yuei Vu probably understood.

In fact, it was Kaiba who hoped that he could make a name for himself in the department and make real-time adjustments to the follow-up rules for dueling monsters.

After all, there would be more and more new cards, the game environment would continue to change, and the rules would need to be adjusted accordingly.

And if he can be named as a consultant, he was equivalent to the communication link between the Nightcrawler World and the Kaiba Corp.

The task given to him by President Kawasawa Gai could be considered complete, killing two birds with one stone…

While thinking about it, Yuei Vu listened to Kaiba and said again: “The salary will naturally be relatively low because it is only a special consultant.

If you have no opinion, the first month’s salary will be this amount…”

The president pushed a cheque that was apparently already prepared down the table.

“No problem!” Yuei Vu glanced at the check hastily and agreed immediately.

Salary Hehe, he didn’t care about this kind of thing at all.

The reason why he accepted this job was to live up to the expectations of the president, and for the future of the card game!

…… But then again, President Kaiba really gave a lot……


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