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Sure enough, as expected by the onlookers at the time, the dueling video of Yuei Vu VS Ghouls’ female vampire became an explosion instantly.

World Link Online had its own video recording function.

Players could record any video they see in the game in real time as video material.

After recording this video, several people originally planned to post it directly on the player forum, but after thinking about it, they felt that the effect might not be good enough.

After all, they were just passers-by and had a very little reputation among players.

After thinking about it, they still contacted a streamer who has a huge number of fans as a foundation.

It just so happened that the streamer could add sound effects later, and the effect of the video might be better.

This streamer used to be an anime reviewer and especially loved the Yu-Gi-Oh series dramas.

After the launch of World Link Online, he has also undertaken a variety of exciting game materials and produced many high-quality videos.

His ID was Doguma Seto.

This ID was really simple, and it made people know he was President Kaiba’s fan at a glance.

As a streamer who turned into a game commentator, Doguma Seto’s style was naturally influenced by a senior in the same division.

The video started with a direct crit.

“I don’t have time to explain! Today is your favorite Yuei Vu’s turn to play cards!”

The video started directly with Yuei Vu and the vampire Tilla Mook standing on both sides of the street, and the duel has just started.

“I know that this is the most famous NPC these days.

Having a name with the Yu- prefix and a novice shop, being as handsome as this streamer… In fact, I don’t hide from everyone that I’m also his fan.

So this time, let’s see with our own eyes the style of the rumored Yu- prefix character…”

Although the video has only been released for an hour, the number of clicks has already broken through the 1 million mark, and there were also a lot of comments scrolling through the screen.

The video of a famous streamer has this advantage.

Just posted it for 30 to 50 minutes and it might become a trend.

Unlike the poor little streamer, there may only be three comments in the video submitted for more than half a month, and two of them may be spam.

“Okay, the duel has already started, and now the first turn is Yuei Vu’s… Wow, Yuei Vu, you said you’re not the protagonist As we all know, in Yu-Gi-Oh anime, who dares to play first turn has set a foot in the coffin.

Only the protagonist is an exception.

I suspected that this Yuei Vu might know we still doubted his status as the protagonist in the world, so he played first and proved it to us.

And now everyone probably knew that Yuei Vu must be playing a ‘Pure HERO Deck’, so here he first shot a ‘Rapid-Fire Magician’ – this is a Very Pure Hero.

Then he played a ‘Pot of Premium Gold’.

Don’t ask me why it’s a ‘Pot of Premium Gold’.

Players who didn’t understand could log in to the game to find Yuei Vu’s personal store, and took a look at how many zeros in the price of ‘Pot of Greed’.

Then you may be surprised to find out that you may not make as fast as he directly grabs the money, here I can only say that it is really the style of Konami…”


As time goes by, the number of clicks on the video was getting higher and higher, and the comment area was lively.

Of course, such a popular video was also moved to the video submission area of ​​the game forum by the streamer himself.

The discussion thread below was also in full swing.

And the players who happily watched the video may never have imagined…

……The protagonist in the video, the NPC himself also watched the video with them in the forum,

When Yuei Vu saw the opening scene, he nodded slightly, thinking it was quite interesting.

He also remembered that this streamer named Doguma Seto was very popular in the video area even though he wasn’t good at playing cards in general.

And the launch of World Link Online also allowed him to make new content, and his popularity would rise to a higher level later.

If there was a chance, he may train this specially produce videos related to him to attract more viewers’ attention.

Once belonged to the screwball players, he knew very well that the life of traffic fever was very short.

Audiences in the new era were always fond of the new and dislike the old.

If you couldn’t keep finding ways to do things to maintain the popularity, you would soon be forgotten by everyone and gradually become out of breath.

This was why the PR methods must be in place, always became the center of new topics, and keep making big news to attract attention.

To this end, an excellent microphone was definitely necessary.

Anyway, Yuei Vu’s daily EXP was enough for training a spare tire group…


The duel was coming to an end.

When Yuei Vu in the video summoned the legendary monster “Dark Magician”, and the comment panel also entered a wave of climax.

“Shit, there really is a Dark Magician!”

“666, isn’t Yuei Vu really the protagonist of the world having both Elemental HERO and Dark Magicians”

“Boldly predict that in the next version, Yuei Vu will take out Stardust Dragon and come out to scare us…”

“Number 39: Utopia asks to fight!”

“By the way, did anyone notice that this Dark Magician is red, not the same as Yugi’s…”

There was still a lively discussion about the Dark Magician in the barrage, but they didn’t expect another bombshell to follow.

“Spell Card – Bond Between Teacher and Student, Special Summon from the deck…Dark Magician Girl!”

The moment the energetic magic girl appeared on the screen, it was like detonating a depth bomb in the barrage.

A bunch of the original diving party was blown to the surface.

“Waifu! This is my waifu!”

“Waifu, why do you stay in the deck of another man”

“555, I’m so envious, I want to be that NPC…”

“This wand is really big… no, what I want to say is that the card is really round…”

“My friend asked me to ask how much the ‘Dark Magician Girl’ cost.

He said he was going to rob a bank to get money…”


A completely unexpected reaction.

Yuei Vu nodded in satisfaction.

In this way, players’ interest in him would be even higher.

Undoubtedly, there would be a lot of players trying to discover the connection between Yuei Vu and the main timeline of World Link, and find the reason why he has both an Elemental HERO and a Dark Magician.

In this regard, Yuei Vu just wanted to say…

…dig! You can dig!

If you can dig out any clue, count me as a loser!

In fact, these screwball players didn’t know yet, not only did he have a Dark Magician Girl, but it was even a spirit card!

The kind that if necessary, you could also touch, and it could even help you warm the bed!

When the time came to discover this, screwball players would definitely explode on the spot.

However, he did not intend to reveal these to the players for the time being.

after all……

……It’s obvious that it can be done in two installments, so why do you have to finish it all in one go

And now he had something more troublesome and laborious to do.

He wants to write down the IDs of the players who were affectionately called Dark Magician Girl by “waifu” in this pile of comments as much as possible.

These players could enjoy a 13% discount when they come to his store to buy cards in the future.


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